1. This person is a real good guy, Hope to see more people do something like this for our Military members and families.

  2. I’ve been having a “love affair” with Ben Stein for a few years now. He’s the bees knees for sure when it comes to reality, patriotism and support of our military.

  3. I’m Australian and my Brother in-law died in Iraq when i heard what they got payed i couldn’t believe it. Stein is right they should all get $200,000.

  4. Not ashamed to give credit where credit is due. This is a real man, secure. A rarity in Hollywood for sure.

  5. Ben Stein is a great guy – he knows who the real heroes are. I looked at the bookstore today and couldn’t find his book. I’m going to give the store some slack and assume they don’t have it out yet. If they don’t have it on the shelf next week, I’m gonna raise a ruckus!!

  6. Went to B & N to get the book….Not able to “find” it..
    So I said sorry… you just lost a sale…
    I’ll go to… I did, I bought it and it arrived today.
    Thank you to Ben and a thank you Maj. P for making it known to us… You’re AWESOME Cowboy!!!
    What a comeback!!

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