Mfamily Being married to a Marine is said to be the toughest job in the Corps. To help meet the demands of the challenging lifestyle that our families experience everyday, there are several programs that offer a variety of programs that help build strong families.

MCFTB provides educational resources and services to foster personal growth and enhance the readiness of Marine Corps families. MCFTB is comprised of the following:

What is a Family Readiness Officer (FRO)?  A portion of the FRO’s responsibilities include:

  • Actively manage, coordinate and promote all matters pertaining to unit family readiness.
  • Serve as the military point of contact concerning unit family readiness issues.
  • Serve as the military protocol subject matter expert for family readiness events and for the KVN.
  • Be familiar with MCO 1754.6A and NAVMC 1754.6A.
  • Learn about all available resources to promote family readiness.
  • Be thoroughly familiar with all MCFTB programs.
  • Arrange for all appropriate KVN administrative and logistical support.
  • Ensure command policy regarding information flow to families of single Marines is established and supported.

For a more complete listing of the FRO’s responsibilities, click here.


  1. Cudos for supporting the families of these young marines. However, where is the support for the young women who are girlfriends and/or fiances of these deployed soldiers? No where that I could find. It is no wonder that these young people are making the decision to marry before a deployment rather than wait. I can’t help but think that this contributes to the high divorce rate among young marines. I love your website. It helped keep me sane through the first deployment. Thank you.

  2. Mary-
    Thanks for checking the site out. Yes, I remember you and thank you for continuing to serve :). Surprisingly the Marines does have a large number of divorce but it also does a great job as do commanders that take Family Readiness to heart. Almost all of the bases have support structure up and in full stride. Perhaps we need to combine forces and make a single sprt group for all branches??

  3. You have confused me with someone else that you know. My daughter is engaged to a young marine who will be deploying again in a few months.

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