Shk TIKRIT — Key tribal leaders from the Ubaidi and Anbakia tribes signed a peace agreement July 10 during a meeting at the Baqubah Government Center to end tribal conflicts that have been occurring for decades and stand together against al-Qaida and other terrorist organizations.

“The strength of the tribes comes from the sheiks’ courage,” said Col. David W. Sutherland, commander, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division.

Sheik Hamed Hazber Hasan Abdal al-Anbak, paramount sheik for the Anbakia tribe, and a key tribal leader from the Ubaidi tribe, have been meeting for the past several months to discuss and work through grievances between their respective tribes.

By signing the peace agreement, the tribes agreed to “swear by God and his holy book Quran that we will unite in fighting terrorism in our areas.”

“The commitment of the tribes to sign this treaty signifies that the people of Diyala continue to feel disdain toward the hatred of al-Qaida and other terrorist groups throughout the province,” said Sutherland. “Just as the people of Buhriz, Tahrir, Mufrik and Khatoon have done, the Ubaidi and Anbakia tribes will show the terrorists that the people control the area because of their strength through unity.”

Key promises of the agreement include ending tribal infighting and kidnappings; providing names of tribal members operating against the people; fighting al-Qaida within Diyala; cooperating and working with the Iraqi security forces to assist in discovering improvised explosive devices and locating corrupt individuals within the government and security forces; honoring the law; solving agricultural disputes within tribes and assist in returning displaced families to their homes.

After signing the agreement, both tribal leaders placed their hand on the Quran to signify their commitment to the stipulations of the agreement.


  1. Good News, Thanks for informing Us,Guess this will not make the nightly world news with Ms Kattie.

  2. Beautiful,beautiful stuff!!Wonder where the today show was,or nbc nitely,cnn,c-span,and where the hell was joe scarborough from msncb?Must of been an honest oversight?As usual,they sliced it in the water again!!Good thing the Major’s shooting straight!! Semper Fi

  3. What a wonderful turn of events. I could’t read this without thinking of all of the hard work, frustration, exhaustion, tenacity, sacrifice and committment our amazing military endured ~ never thinking to “give up” ~ in order to make something like this happen. Granted it was the Shieks who had to finally come together but it was our military who laid the ground work and paid such a high price for even that to happen.

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