1. I got a new grill for Fathers Day. Glad I got it early cause it will take me till Fathers Day to put it together. Come on down Major. We can enjoy some steaks and cigars.

  2. Those amazing guys at motomail have done it again. Not only do they manage to deliver mail to the Bravest guys in the world under stressful and dangerous conditions, but they’ve added a photo attachment. OOH-RAH Motomail. Happy Father’s Day, Major Pain and all who are standing watch today.

  3. They need one that says Lt. Colonel now. What about captain, just cuz you’re a Major now? What about one that says Navy Baker on a ship? Happy Father’s Day to all the men on this blog and those serving our country, including stepfathers, grandfathers, Godfathers, and anyone who acts like a decent father. I salute you.

  4. Linda R. I love motomail. But it does not reach all. I still have families asking how to contact their Marine. Until every Mom and Dad of a Marine gets to hear from them then we are not doing it right. I have email from a Marine Mom who sent Motomail several times to her son. She never heard back. He was on the Rushmore. I support our troops. Got several in theatre. I give my International spawar phone card for kids to use. Motomail is needing to do better on ships and land. AT&T cards from ship to shore at 50 cents a minute is discusting. Our troops and their families are being raped. Spawar is 4 cents a minute from Iraq. Any one care to comment? Our troops are deserving the best. They are not getting the best.

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