Dday_2  Next Wednesday, June 6th, XM will air a unique special that re-creates the radio coverage of D-Day, with archival reports from NBC’s original radio news bulletins of the invasion. (This would be a great "In School" project for any teacher) Thanks Wolf!

This incredible broadcast will air, in real-time, starting at 12:41am ET (which was the time of the first airing) and will end June 7th, at 5:45pm ET on The ’40s (ch 4). The special will be based on the original NBC radio news reports of the invasion (currently housed in the National Archives) exactly as it was heard almost 63 years ago.

The marathon will also feature music of the era and archival reports from radio commentators of the day, including H. V. Kaltenborn, Merrill Mueller, and the other members of NBC’s news staff.

"Once we discovered that this material existed, we felt we had an obligation to bring it to XM listeners," said Program Director Marlin Taylor. "No one else would undertake such an endeavor and it is our role to keep the music and history of this era alive and available to those living in the 21st century."


  1. I don’t have XM but I sure wish I did! Can you record this? It’s so important to remember history. If we forget, that’s when we repeat and never learn.

  2. Thanks for the heads up! I’m definitely going to listen and think of my cousin who was KIA at Normandy.

  3. Too bad I don’t have access to XM. This would be fabulous for my dad, who teaches US history at a local high school (also too bad school is out for the summer, since before Memorial Day, here).

  4. What a great thing!!! I wish I had XM radio. But, since I don’t, I may just dig out Saving Private Ryan and watch that. We do need to remember…always. There are so few WWII vets left…we lost another one on Memorial Day when my uncle died. He was a B-17 pilot during the war…but I won’t soon forget him. My Memorial Day post was about him and my dad and other brother…all three WWII vets…and now there is one.

  5. Chaplain Linda L. Zoerhof, BA
    Lakeshore Military Family Support Group
    Marine Corps League, Det. 1047
    Dear Major!!!
    Please know that you are backed by those who understand and act on their
    understanding!! My father-in-law DAD who is now in Heaven was a WWII Army
    Vet who EARNED his Purple Heart in France. My husband served in the Army in
    Germany during the Viet Nam era, and now, one of my sons is a Sgt. with our
    beloved Corps!!!
    Please write back with your snail mail addy.. I promise you, we will send
    letters and care packages… WHY??? We love and support you and all our
    brave men and women in uniform!!!
    Chapy/Mom Z

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