Memorial_day Just when we have atrocities committed against our warriors here in the states on Memorial Day, this Soldier feels the true meaning and has a young member demonstrate his thankfulness. They say we aren’t making a difference……
An Iraqi boy hides behind a U.S. soldier on Monday amid gunfire after a car bomb in Central Baghdad killed 24 people.


  1. No, no, no it’s obvious to me that this little boy is trying to push the Marine toward the gunfire because he “hates us so much” 🙂
    The look of shear terror on his face in the top picture is just a ruse. Clever little bastard!

  2. Also note the direction our soldier is headed and which direction the crowd is headed. Where do we find such fine men?

  3. I’m sorry that I wasn’t around to comment on the topic of our leaving Iraq. I don’t consider myself conservative or liberal. I want the truth. Now I’ve been watching all the news that I could find and to be honest, it made my head hurt. So much spin, so little time! With all of that said, I’ve come to this conclusion. We will be there for at least another 5 years or more, unless we’re asked to leave by the Iraqi government. It’s common sense actually. Iraq is like an abandoned house. It might be in ruins now, but thats when the wild animals and the bum’s move in and set up house. If we were to up and leave right now, if Al Queda didn’t have a base there, they would set up a real camp overnight! More importantly, we’re having trouble over there because our boys need help. I usually don’t agree with Bush but, we do need more troops over there. That will be needed to protect the new Iraqi police force/ army until they’re strong enough to take care of themselves. Whether any of us agreed with the initial reasons why we went over there, the fact is that terrorists are there, Al Queda has taken responsibility for killing our boys and there is a REAL reason to be there and to fight. Leaving now would not only give those bastards a fighting chance, it would be saying that the blood of our fallen was shed for nothing and that is unacceptable. If I could sign up for the military right now, I wouldn’t sign up out of shear patriotism or to help rebuild Iraq. I would sign up because our boys need help and shouldn’t be abandoned by our fellow Americans and by government boobs trying to cut their financial legs out from under them.

  4. A picture IS worth a thousand words.
    This photo touched me more then I can say.
    This should of been plastered all over MSM, but of course it wasn’t and sadly never will be.
    Is there any way I can buy a copy of this photo so our children can have a reminder of the bigger part of what their daddy does over there?

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