Marine20and20flag_0 As Memorial Day approaches, don’t look back on Tuesday and go “I wish I would have done this or that”. Do something special this Memorial Day that recognizes those who have gone before us to make a difference. Don’t look at it as a chance to have a three day weekend to go camping but a special day to acknowledge those who help America what it is today. Below is a post I wrote a time back. Hope you enjoy it and especially this Memorial Day. Semper Fidelis and God Bless America!

This Memorial Day is the first one I have been home at since I deployed to Afghanistan for 8 mos, then Iraq for a year. A lot has happened in that time, to me, my family and my fellow Marines but I haven’t forgotten.

I think about the warriors from past battles Inchon, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima and wonder if they felt the same as us during this Memorial holiday. A time you let the faces of the warriors past stay a little longer in your immediate memory and stare at them and remember them. Here one minute and then gone so quickly the next, its incredible that they are gone. They were just here. America doesn’t forget.
Your thoughts and grief follow through to their children and families who will be getting the word way to soon that their warrior has been killed in action. The knots in the stomach of the service members who are about to inform the families of their loss are no comparison to the pain the family is about to endure as their lives are changed forever. America does not forget.
Our American warriors did not fight for glory, but to fulfill a duty. They did not want to be heroes, they wanted to see mom and dad again and to hold their sweethearts and to watch their sons and daughters grow. They desired the daily miracle of freedom in America, yet they gave all that up and gave life itself for the sake of others.
You cannot ever let those warriors down by not continuing to raise their honor for what they have done for this country. Grieve if required but continue to honor them in a way that if they were here it would bring a smile to their face. That’s all they would have wanted. To be appreciated for what they have done and for you to be proud of them. To thank their fellow warriors who might need to hear it now and then, to raise the flag if it isn’t already posted on your porch and to tell their loved ones that they didn’t get to meet because they were off fighting when they were born, what they were like and how brave they were. We owe this to them, America doesn’t forget.
For those that did go fight and are here now, be glad that you are home. Cherish it. Be glad you have someone thanking you and perhaps think of it this way, everything you do from now on, being fun, tuff or whatever the emotion, you do it for those that have paid the price in the past and cannot be here to feel it with you. That is one way to honor those who have fallen for us. America doesn’t forget.


  1. Never forget..and you know where I’ll be MP…
    I gotta stop reading this stuff at work.
    Everyone keeps asking if I’m OK.
    I simply direct them to this page, and then they know.

  2. Hey concretebob,
    I agree about not looking here at work, but I will anyway. We will never forget. Thank Major.

  3. Maj. P….Thanks for a GREAT posting…
    Also, please let’s not forget to visit the Vets and say Thanks…Stop by your local Veterans Hospital…It will be a lasting memory and warm your heart for for making the visit… Maybe pickup a small American flag for their bedside… I know they will appreciate the thought along with your visit. Here in Orange County I’ll be visiting the spinal ward at the Long Beach Veterans Hospital….It makes for a very special Memorial Day..Come along with me!

  4. Peggy K . I go to our Veterans home every thursday or friday and bring them cookies, candy, and my home made JUNGLE JIMS JERKY.This will be another special holiday with our forgotten.
    By all means people,get off your asses and go visit a VET.
    Go to the rec room and shoot some pool,play some cards, let them know YOU care.

  5. hey Capt B!
    (i know, i know…MAJ Pain)
    i hope you dont mind, i borrowed this essay, and posted it on my blog. i dont think i could say anything better about remembering our military men and women than this…and i like that one of our own has written this.
    thanks for doing what you do, and being who you are – we love you!!!

  6. A THANK YOU out to all who are serving this great country.Because of the sacrafices you and your families have endured,we here at home can enjoy this memorial day.I spend this day remembering our brave soldiers,and when I hear taps and the gates of heaven open to except our fallen,I shall give thanks for such brave warriors. Semper Fi

  7. I will never forget Memorial Day and what it means. This year it meant even more, but I won’t go into that here. All I will say is, God bless all our vets!! Thank a vet while you can…they won’t be around forever. If you’d like, you can read about it at my blogsite.

  8. THANK YOU MAJOR PAIN!!! Whether you and your Marines intended to be heroes or not, you certainly ended up that way.
    America will not forget the brave souls who didn’t make it home.
    Semper Gratus!

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