Fightingfor_life_3  I was recently invited to attend the primer showing of “Fighting For Life”. A great documentary that every American needs to see. What every American needs to know, not only about the dedication of the people that are fighting but those who are saving them. I would tell my Marines, we are attacking and they would be encouraged that they would survive because of the greatest medical teams standing by to treat them if they were injured. Read more HERE.


  1. YOU want to know about medical attention?Lets start with the CORPS MAN that is buy your side treating you like a mother putting a bandage on a scraped knee with rounds flying over their heads Then help carry you to an evac chopper,then go back to tend to others.
    The NAVY CORPSMAN.our forgotten,unsung heroes.

  2. While checking out the credit, the full list, I noticed a familar name. Col Rhonda Cornum. She was the MEDEVAC medical specialist that was shot down in the First Gulf War and held prisoner by the Iraqis. I heard she was the commander of Landstuhl Medical Center. May the circle be unbroken.

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  4. Question ????
    How did the ad for dating/sexual experiences get on the page that speaks of the hero that works to save the fallen warrior ?????

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