11320201132020sunset20marine Hey, what do ya know, we have passed 300,000 and taking care of one scumbag at a time. Who says Blogs don’t get read? Thanks to all who stop by and especially those of you who are making a difference-Semper Fi-Maj Pain……….Time for a C-Gar!


  1. Sir,
    With all due respects, I think you have it exactly “ass backwards”. I believe we should be saying to you, “Thank you, for all that you are doing!”

  2. Congratulations on the 300,000. That is quite an accomplishment, especially since my professional recommendation not to smoke accounted for nearly 4 of the comments.Ceegars are the root of all evil for Marines who want to fill their kilts appropriately.

  3. Sir,I got a few pictures of my nephew and his brother marines in fallujah with some big “O” fat iraqi cigars,right after they kicked a few thousand scumbag asses in phantom fury.But,I got a problem ,my nephew and his brothers made a promise to one another,after their second tour, they said if one goes back we all go back!Most have gone on married,college etc.My sister calls last week and says one of his brothers called and is thinking very strongly about reuping!Now my sister is extremly upset,what the hell do I say!Now he’s gotten married and he’s in college,, but he has told me he will stop and drop and rock and roll again!I understand,but what do you tell a mother who has had to live through those two bloody tours?I’m at a loss!HHHmmmm!!!!!!!Congrads Sir! Semper Fi

  4. Referman, I do not know if there is anything you can say to your sister if she doesn’t believe that her son is doing the honorable, courageous and right thing to reenlist. I can share my philosophy, however. When my son, a Marine Reservist, volunteered for duty in Iraq while leaving a wife and two small children behind, members of my family insisted that I should tell him that he couldn’t go!! Me tell my adult son that he couldn’t go?? Absolutely not. That was a decision between him and his wife, and if she supported him, then we supported him. End of story. There are a lot of factors that go into my belief system–primary among them is my life as a military wife of 43 years whose husband served two tours in Nam and the fact that we had a daughter killed at 19 which taught me that no matter what we wish in this life, sometimes things are out of our control and when it is our time to go, it’s our time. That carries over into what I believe about Iraq. Our military are volunteers who joined because they wanted to serve their country, and if they are killed in action, it would be because they are doing what they wanted to do. They could just as soon get killed crossing the street in front of their homes.
    My heart goes out to all military mothers, for it is stressful to imagine how their sons and daughters were in harm’s way. Last night my husband and I volunteered at Mologne House at Walter Reed Hospital and talked to a young tanker whose leg was shattered in an IED explosion and he told me how much he wanted to return to Iraq. I hear that from almost every wounded warrior I meet. I don’t know if any of this would help your sister, but I sincerely wish her the best and pray that she will support the decision of her adult son. He needs all the support the family can give him. I apologize for the long post.

    A man will do what he has to do.There is no answer, i have done some whacky things in my life but we survived.I gave up the family business under the growls of the rest of the family too go back to NAM, AND I WOULD DO IT AGAIN.You are the only one in your head. Don’t let anyone get in there to mess it up.

  6. A THANK YOU out to all who are serving this great country.Because of the sacrafises you and your families have endured, we here at home can enjoy this memorial day.I spend this day remmembering our brave soldiers,and when I here taps and as the gates of heaven open to except our fallen, I shall give thanks for such brave warriors.Semper Fi

  7. Just found your blog site. Congrats!! Of course you can count, Volunteers are some of the best educated people in this country. Now, I wish to thank you and all of those who have and are serving for being the ones with the will, determination and courage to “Stand on the wall and yell in the enemy’s face — NOT IN MY BACKYARD YOU ‘Son of a B__ch'”. Semper Fidelis, Fraters Infintas. Mother of a Devil Dog.

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