1. Dear Major: Viewing all the photographs should be mandatory for anyone who voices anything other than unwavering support for all the Troops. That is one Canadian’s opinion. However, I also reside in a city that makes each year’s pot-hole-fixing season start front-page news.

  2. About the best definition of “perspective” I’ve seen. Should be mandatory viewing for everyone!! Thanks, Major P, for continuing to post such interesting things.

  3. Thank you for sharing that! You were right, Major, my son-in-law came home safe and sound a couple of weeks ago. My daughter got her “wedding” last Saturday where I got to meet a whole lot of young Marines that I’d be proud to have as sons.

  4. Tolerant? Very little intolerance toward vets these days. Lots of Ignore and avoid, but thats ok right? Glad you agree.

  5. That covered everything I feel about returning home and I was just a civilian convoy commander over there for a couple of years. I wish you the best and a will keep you in my prayers.
    I hope you don’t mind, but I am going add a link to this on my blog. I agree that everyone should see it.

  6. Excellent Post Major!
    Something for more folks to remember it often doesn’t end when a soldier/sailor/airman/Marine gets on the plane coming home!

  7. Maj. Pain, thanks for this. I plan to display the photos on a poster at our neighborhood July 4th party. We’re also printing out a photocopy of the Declaration of Independence and having all the kids sign it.

  8. Still catching up on my reading, can’t believe I missed this one. Thanks for the link, Maj Pain. I would love to wave those images in the face of every selfish, whiny, clueless dimwit who thinks they know what Sacrifice is.

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