I was contacted by a great band called “Citizen Reign” they wrote the below:

We wrote "Fight for Me" as a tribute to the troops. Because the song
had such a powerful message, we decided to create a music video. Many
civilians, troops, and families have already seen it, but if you
haven’t, we respectfully invite you to do so.

This is something you wont hear on the nightly news……………..Maj Pain


  1. End of Mission! Its all coming to an end. We are pulling out. Its time to celebrate, not be cynical. No more bloodbath crap, no more big booms. Happy days are coming soon!

  2. Very moving, especially the accompanying photos. Second only to “On My Watch Tonight” by Maj. Mike Corrado(USMC), at least in this Canadian’s opinion, eh.

  3. Thank you! It made me proud of my son and all the others who pay the price for our freedom and the freedom and safety of others. Thank you for expressing the feelings of others in such a heartfelt way.

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