1. Beautiful humidors!! Since I already bought 2 LARGE humidors for one of my Baby Marines in Iraq, I won’t be needing one soon, but I’ll keep this site in mind cuz I always want to help anysoldier in any way possible.

  2. Cheryl – what ARE we Church Ladies gonna do with the MAJ??? I almost feel like he’s got the gun to our heads on this one, don’t you? I mean heck – we all love him, Any Soldier benefits, it’d be useful for him. Guess we’re “committed” to this one – like we don’t need to be COMMITTED for many other things.
    OK Maj – let’s talk design and size! I need to find out how many bottles of Scotch I’ve got to do without to pay my part.

  3. and my part, Leta. Some of us churchladies are as poor as churchmice after sending our care packages.I know the Major deserves it, but I heard Marines make do with little so can we skip the box and get him little cigars?A doctor acquaitance of mine objects to ceegars for all humans on health grounds. Or were talking design and size of something else? I thought Leta was Army Strong!?!Or do you just like to TALK design and size? In that case, so do I.

  4. Ladies, with great regret I must inform you that they don’t have a box entitled “the Major”(I clicked on the link this time).They do have something called “the short round”. That would be insulting to the Major’s hard drive. So I guess we gotta check out Wal-mart or Walgreens….that’s all we’ve got around here — a couple towns away. If you want me to take care of it let me know.

  5. Hey Leta, send MAJOR P.the scotch and send me the ceegars and i will make sure the troops get some of them.

  6. One word for you all, in answer to MP’s “SIZE MATTERS” comment….
    Yes, my friends… GIRTH. GIRTH MATTERS. Trust me on this one.

  7. How long does it take for an old stogie to get stale (wasn’t refering to any of the Majors)?
    Seriously, if we do our Christmas shopping now wouldn’t they be stale by then?Or do they improve with age?

  8. Ladies: glad to see all of you are still alive & kickin’. What a way to start a Monday. If cigars & booze are going to solve the world’s problems we better get a boat load on order for Iraq. Maybe that would calm things down a bit. (smile)

  9. I can’t wait for the next anysoldier calendar where a dedicated board member would be obliged to flaunt it.
    Suggestion for your friends-Have a Major box.

  10. Ladies…Marine Mom was glad to see us…but now I’m not so sure…I thought she liked us, she reeeeeeeeally reeeeeeeeeally liked us!

  11. Kilo Alpha – me ‘n the boys are real concerned ‘cuz we heard Maj P asked you to send us some plaid skirts for Christmas or somethin’ like that. Holy BatShit. No disrespect to the Major ‘n all, but what he did over here in a skirt is HIS business; me ‘n the boys aren’t havin’ no part of that finger flittin’ activity. Please, for Pete’s sake, no plaid or pleats, we’re beggin’ ya.

  12. Sorry boys, thats why Karen I’s in sewing class. After the class is done making coolties, they are graduating to something called kilts. Once they get it figured out they should be able to make enough kilts for everybody.Yes you’ll have to wear them,Majors’ orders and what you’ll have to do in them is what they did in them. Now about the girth-I mean scotch, you’ll have to make dew with the near beer under there. I could elaborate but then one of the Majors would have to kill me.

  13. Major P, what I had to type at your main post to get my comment posted today was a complete disgrace, especially given the subject matter, which is why I’m complaining about it here. Please do something about this immediately, and I do mean a complete disgrace.

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