Elizabeth H sends this about those Baptist Church jerks from Topeka, Kansas, that hang around Walter Reed Hospital and picket military funerals.  The Snyder family got $3,000 for this picketing of their  Marine son’s funeral.  This happened in York, PA, just 40 minutes from Gettysburg.  What a country!
Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of L/Cpl Snyder.

BALTIMORE (AP) — A federal judge in Baltimore is ordering Topeka’s Westboro Baptist Church to pay more than $3,000 in costs related to the funeral of a Marine the group picketed.
Albert Snyder of York, Pennsylvania, is suing because church members demonstrated at the funeral of his son, Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder. Church members also posted pictures of the protest on their Web site.
Corporal Snyder was killed in Iraq in March.
The lawsuit was filed in June. It says church members violated the family’s right to privacy and defamed the Marine and his family at the funeral and on the church’s Web site.
Court documents say the church has 30 days to make the payment to Snyder.


  1. That’s the way to fight back! They do this, in part, in hopes of provoking a confrontation and then being able to sue for damages. Nice to see someone turn the tables on them!

  2. I wish it would’ve been more but its a good start. My heart and thanks go out to Lance Corporal Matthew Snyder and his family.

  3. Good for the Snyder family!! I hope the Westboro Baptist Church gets the message — “you reap what you sow”.

  4. I am always gratified to hear of Americans standing up for what is right and good. I am so sorry for the family that lost their brave warrior. However, the whole family are warriors! Honor belongs to them and all the rest who fight back! I hope they win this fight. It will surely send a clear message to others who think they can stomp on the sacred graves of our fallen that we will NOT accept it!

  5. A church? with such lack of couth? And they traveled so far from their own stomping grounds to act out with such blatent, horrid behavior? $3,000 didn’t hurt them enough, but it’s a start.

  6. Making the Phelps pay damages is brilliant.
    Having said that, they are all lawyers and will no doubt be lodging an appeal.
    If the family have the energy to fight such an appeal and win, I think the Phelps’s days would be numbered: with all the funerals they’ve picketed (falling in the statute of limitations) the Phelps could soon find themselves bankrupt…
    And oh how we would all laugh!

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