St Patrick’s Day began early with temps of 32 and wind chill creating temps into the high teens and 20s.  But the night before at Walter Reed Hospital, snow covered the ground and Troop supporters out numbered the “Pinkos” 3 to 1 and of course they left early because it was too chilly for their tootsies.

When I arrived at the Viet Nam Memorial at 0930 there was easily 9,000 supporters there and maybe 500 “idiots” milling around. Then one of “them” handed me one of their prefabricated mass produced “traitor” signs as if I wanted to carry the shit stick, I broke it over my knee and threw it to his feet. He got the point.

Although there was no way anyone was getting close to the Wall we had it along with every other monument in the area covered with a squad (10-12) Patriot Guard, etc etc supporters.  You would have thought there was special on prison tattoos from all the ink on the bikers in the crowed and there were at least 10 different sets of motor cycle gang colors in the crowed (glad they were on our side). The Park Rangers had stretchers lined up on the side along with the 40 police cars, 30 horse mounted riot policeman and multiple ambulances. The “traitors” were your average skinny white kid with dread locks………..(WTF??) I don’t get that but only to out do them were the other Barnum Bailey Circus freaks in the crowed. I’m sure they made their Daddy’s real proud today….not. Before the traitors began their sheep herd movement to the Pentagon, another couple busses pulled up bringing their totals to about 10,000. Not bad since they were funded by numerous groups and had a year to plan it.  On the other hand the Gathering of Eagles had less than 6 months to prepare, no funding and totaled 30,000.

It was profound when the Eagles began shouting “Where’s your flag?” to the traitors as they held up a couple hundred American flags and the “traitors held up everything but American flags. They had Iraqi, Kuwait, some sorry excuse of a bed sheet but no American flag. Doest that say it all?

I don’t mind their free speech. They can say whatever they like. Bitch & moan Blab bla bla which is what they pretty much did, but when you threaten to disgrace the memorials of men who have died ensuring you have that right, you are toast. Point blank. I am positive if the wind would have taken one of the traitor’s hats and blown it across the street and they chased it, they would be in serious trouble.   

They day ended as the sheep began migrating to the Pentagon and laid their path to move over Memorial Bridge in DC. They were channelized and were faced with an unexpected hazing from the 30,000 as no one took the lead and they slowly grazed on.

Thank you to all of you bloggers who got the word out, Gathering of Eagles, Patriot Guard Riders from all over the States, Veterans and the thousands of supporters of all ages that came out to make a difference, you saved the monuments and the dignity of the men they represent.

(pics from  MarkLevin

Special hat tip goes out to GunnNutt, The Bells, Leta, Sammy D, Michelle Malkin and the Swift Boat Veterans who traveled far and near to make it personal!


  1. Well, my chuckles have left and in place is a proud smile. OOH RAH Major B and to the rest of you glorious supporters!

  2. Looks like Billy and Spencer took a little buck shot to the butt from Major Pain. Guess we shouldn’t be seeing them here again soon. OooRah Major!

  3. Great post Major. Time for some humor. I remember you talking about mortar rounds falling when you would head for the john. I was talking to this Army Veteran the other day and he told of a buddy being in the port-a-can when it took a mortar round. Blew the thing over. The guy was some shook up, but he was not harmed. Now the funny part is that they put a brand new port-a-can in the exact same spot.

  4. Haha! I do believe Billy boy has punked himself.
    To Maj. Pain and the others who were able to be physically present to support our armed forces when I was unable, thank you!
    I sponsor soldiers and send care packages, but that isn’t the same as a physical presence at events such as this. So I tip my hat in gratitude to ya for doing what I was unable to do – just as our armed forces do for me ’round the clock.
    I’m forever in your, and their, debt.

  5. Some idiot spewing crap on the Free Republic blog dosen’t count as a real threat. It could very well been a right-wing provacture trying to get fools like you riled up.
    I guess the Washington Post is such a commie paper in your view that it just made all that stuff up about Walter Reed. I think if George Bush and Fox News told you the sky was green you would scream and huff and puff that anyone who said the sky was blue was a traitor.
    We are a Republic. That means there are different opinions Americans can express. Sometimes America has gone to war for good reasons with good leadership. Sometimes it hasn’t. We are not infaliable. The Founding Fathers were an amazing bunch of folks not because they were god-like and perfect and thought that our government could never do wrong but because they gave a way to change course peacefully when our leaders took us astray. You have my opinion, you have yours and I will use my ability to change our government to get us out of this war.
    Support the Iraq war and George Bush all you like. Its your right and I defend it. But when you scream that any one who disagrees with you is a traitor you are corroding our democratic system. Are John Murtha and Jim Webb rotten commie traitors too?
    The problem with Vietnam was that politicians knew it was unwinnable. They just didn’t want to be called “traitors” and “soft”. We could have saved a lot of our soilders if Johnson had showed more courage and just got out earlier.

  6. The major wrote (You think there were no WMD??).
    So you think there is still WMD’s in Iraq. Do you belive in UFOs and Santa Clause too? Hey I got a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn pal.

  7. Bill, the Vietnam war wasn’t lost by the troops, it was lost in the media and political world that didn’t let the troops fight to win.
    Same as now, you can’t be PC and win a war against people with no compunctions on who and how they kill.
    I’ll keep listening to how the troops feel that are actually there or have been there, and yes many of them, especially the Marines, feel Murtha is a traitor.

  8. “Bill, the Vietnam war wasn’t lost by the troops, it was lost in the media and political world that didn’t let the troops fight to win.”
    Bullshit Antia, total bullshit. The NLF was a seasoned guerilla army that that large segments of popular support. The French couldn’t beat them and we couldn’t either unless you suggest that we dropped a nuclear bomb and wipe out most Vietnamese. Name one way America could have “won” in Vietnam. We shouldn’t been there in the first place. Just how did the media “hold back” America in Vietnam. By admiting publicly that we weren’t winning anymore. By mentioning that we were illegally bombing Cambodia and Laos. Do you think politicians should do whatever they want without anyone crticizing them, I can find some country’s where the media gave nothing but glowing reports of the nation’s military action even when they were losing. Russians never heard a bad thing about their troops in Afghanistan and the they still lost.
    I’m supporting our troops(besides sending care packages to my cousin in Afghanistan) by backing candidates who support more money for veterans and troops and wants us to get out of Iraq. No more waste of lives.
    If that is all your Marine buddies can do is to call anyone who critizes Bush a traitor then go move to another country. How about North Korea, they shoot people who criticize their rulers. You guys can’t handle real American freedom.

    Would this qualify as WMD???”
    Look knuckle head, when Bush was talking about WMD’s he claimed that Hussein had nuclear weapons. You know the kind that can kill millions of people with one blast. Any idiot can eaily make chorline gas, and if you look at the body count of this particular attach it hardly counts as “mass destruction.” I’m sorry but the Presiddet can’t just make shit up just for an excuse to go to war.

  10. The war in Vietnam was lost by the protestors, negative newsies, and a Democtat Congress that defunded the war effort. The leadership of North Vietnam was ready to sue for peace as they saw they were loosing. They readily admit today that they were loosing. We did not loose in Vietnam. The crats just made us leave. Fast forward 30 years and another crat controlled Congress is going to loose another War. But unlike Vietnam where they just wanted us gone, the Jihadist wish us all dead and our way of life exterminated. Coming to a Mall near you-Jihad!

  11. Hey Maj Pain,
    Great job last weekend and to the boy wonder who wrote the first post, all I can say is “Do you kiss your Momma with that mouth?”
    What a loser.
    Semper Fi,

  12. Oh, I am a knuckle head now? Well let me do my very best Curly shuffle for you……
    Glad to read you think that it is OK to harm hundreds of people at a time with one bomb, let alone children. But as long as it wasn’t millions, Bill says it is OK.

  13. “Glad to read you think that it is OK to harm hundreds of people at a time with one bomb, let alone children. But as long as it wasn’t millions, Bill says it is OK.”
    Right, that’s exactly what I said. You are truly such a knucklehead that you need a Moe to slap some sense into you before you show some comprehension.
    As for you Tex. No, no and no. First off Vietnam was started by the Democrats, 2nd there is no evidence that the Vietnamese were ever planning of sueing for peace short of the unification of Vietnam under the Hanoi’s leadership. I’m curious how it was the protestors and the media’s fault. Maybye there were so many protestors because we were losing in war that we really shoudn’t have been in the first place? If everyone stayed home and and the media was state controlled we could of won? Let me hear your revionist history?
    The only coherent book that tried to prove we could have won basicly argued that if Vietnamization had been tried earlier, the south could have held out longer. Of course that still meant withdrawing most of our troops so I’m sure you reject that as “pro-commie”.
    On IRaq. If we withdraw with Iraqis start swimming over to get us. You know there weren’t any Al-Qaeda people in Iraq before this war, but most insurgents are part of Shite or Sunni militas that will start going after each other(they already are) once we are gone.

  14. Hey Bill,
    Let’s try this again without the politics. Our Soldiers volunteer to serve. They go where they are told to. I thank you for sending care packages to your cousin. This is Major Pain’s website so I will not speak for him or any poster here. We are a family here. We are about supporting our kids, family members, and friends in harm’s way. Most of the time we do not address the politics of war. Instead We try to concentrate on supporting our troops and each other. We do a lot of good. Most of us are middle class working stiffs or Military. We do not like to be side tracked by post that take away from our common interest. Major Pain has provided information that many of us can’t find anywhere else. He has been our lifeline to our loved ones at war. CNN and even Fox do not tell the story we hear from our troops. We love our Major. And our troops. We get riled when people talk about defacing our war memorials or spit on a disabled vet. So for the sake of common decency, I ask you to move on to other boards that enjoy political debate. If you wish to support the troops and not the war, then please go to and donate to our troops. Ask your friends to do the same. Most of us have enough stress waiting for 2 spiffy Marines to knock on our door. Please go away.

  15. Pay no attention to Bill. He’s a moron.
    Maj, I wish I’d known you were there. I would have shook your hand and introduced you to my friend, John, a former Marine. I was proud to stand with my veteran brothers and show the commie bastards that not all Americans have lost their minds.
    This was just the beginning. There will be more Gatherings of Eagles. You can count on that.


  17. “When people see a strong horse and a weak horse, by nature they will like the strong horse.”
    Osama Bin Laden, Kandahar, November 2001

  18. Were the demonstrators going to deface the Wall?
    For the huge majority, and the demonstration’s leaders, almost certainly not — the Left has learned some smarter tactics since Vietnam, and many of them are now pretending to be pro-soldier, which means, making the military ineffective by trying to bring it within the crybaby, victim culture they cultivate for everyone else.
    However, it is notable that when the crazier elements at an anti-war gathering do something like burn the flag, the others do not intervene.
    They don’t like the flag much, as a senior editor of the Nation magazine admitted after 9/11.
    I think the real “threat” to the Wall from the Left, was that they would go there in large numbers,”take over” the area, and symbolically incorporate it into their protest, to try to strengthen the “Vietnam = Iraq” equation with a powerful image linking the Wall to Iraq withdrawal.
    As for whether Vietnam could have been won. Bill says there is only one coherent book that tries to prove this. Not so. If anyone wants a reading list on this I will be happy to supply one.
    It is a debatable question, but the really interesting question is: if we could have won it, should we have?
    The real difference between liberals and conservatives is that even if Vietnam could have been won, liberals and the Left would have been against winning anyway.
    From the point of view of the Left, the right side won in Vietnam.

  19. Texasdillo
    I appreciate your respectful tone and if the point of this site is to just support the troops as opposed to supporting George Bush and neo-con foreign policy thats fine and this is my last post. But “Gathering of Eagles” was very far from being “non-political” as are those on list who thing the John Murthas are nothing but traitors. In opinion you can be for this war and support the troops and you can be against this war and still support the troops. You can also support this war and not give a rats ass abotu those fighting it.
    signing out

  20. Regarding the Vietnam War, before Pres. Johnson,another pres. from texas, lied about the Gulf of Tonkin attack, we only had a few hundred men in S. Vietnam to train the army.Pres. Nixon started the heavy bombing,but we couldn’t bomb Haiphong harbor, because Russian ships were there, bringing war supplies of course. But we trained the S. Vietnamese army for 10 or 12 years, left them with helicopter gunships and other weapons. And THEY still lost the war, WE DIDN’T!! Johnson should never had gotten us into that war, But Pres. Nixon should have let us invade N. Vietnam, and let us bomb the hell out of those Russian ships. Unfortunately we’re fighting this Iraqi war the same way, fight in one city and drive them out, then go to another city and do the same thing. Then leave and go some where else and do the same thing,and the insurgents keep moving around ahead of us.And like the new General says, we can not have a military victory there.

  21. Whether educated or not, Americans generaly have a serious problem with honesty. Do you not think it was shady for the Bush Administration to allow the American public to think the war in Iraq was about terrorism? It is obvious that the United States has oil interests in Iraq, especially since its allies depend on oil exports from the Middle East. Although I cannot speak for our “highly esteemed” leaders, I can express that it was pretty smart to use the state of confussion after 911 to make the United State’s top priority military spending. Whether United States involvement in war can be validated or not, the truth is that the United States economy is dependant on war. If the war were to end now, the question would be which country will be next?
    -Also, something to ponder:
    why did the US not place trade restrictions on Iraq like it is doing with North Korea?
    It’s working with North Korea so far, so why not?

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