The_wall_at_sunrise1 The Wall

(to Demonstrators)

How much more do you want of us? We wait here in dismay as you plan to disrupt our serenity, your placards screaming of ‘Peace’. Don’t you know there is no war here – only blessed release from the pain and agony of our journey to this hallowed place? Don’t sully it with your anger – do not demean it with your slogans. Here, there is commiseration, not turmoil, solace, not confrontation. Take your anger to those who caused it.

There is no place for it here. We have endured enough. Leave us to commune in harmony with our comrades on both sides of our Wall – those who have passed through, and those who wait to complete the journey. Please do not misunderstand; we may have arrived here as the result of war and violence, but we have transformed this Wall into a place of eternal love. Let our repose remain inviolate for as long as this nation endures. Grant us the peace

you demand.


  1. Now you’ve made me cry again. Anyone reading that should be moved, unfortunately the people that most need to see it won’t.
    Thanks Major, for everything!

  2. The demonstration that will be at the ‘Wall’ on Friday will stir anger, hatred, and the same sickness that we felt during that war. This is exactly what these terrorists want. Doubt ourselves, our government, our resolve, and they win. They will do all they can, wearing their masks and hiding their identity, to get just one of use to do what we really want to, get caught on the news, and they win. The only way we can win is if they do their demonstration and nobody pays attention to them. They are worse then the grade school bully, they are the terrorists that can and will cause our loss of freedom. Give them the hatred and confrontation they feed on and they win. They must be destroyed. How to do that at the Wall will take a lot of smarts on our side.

  3. With you all in spirit!
    Do what the PGR does…be a presence…a SRONG presence…but ignore the madness,be above it!, don’t let the moonbats pull you down to their level.

  4. Beautifully said, Major Pain. And the photo is awesome. The way to combat them is with silence. I can just picture us standing there in silence–just watching. I know I won’t be able to keep myself from smiling and that will make them really angry!
    The Gathering of Eagles website has been hacked seriously which shows the intent of these people.
    We need every vet and every vet’s family to come out on Saturday to silently protect all of our military monuments. Code Pink is going to be at the WWII Monument and that is really frightening.

  5. Went to the wall many times.I try to go on ROLLING THUNDER RIDES but getting a tad too old for that ride from Ct. to D.C.So i just trailer the HOG down there and hook up with my BROS.
    Half of my squad is on that WALL most off all STEPHEN JAMES LUKASIEWSKI, who was a childhood friend and we joined the corps together,boot camp together,NAM together,but he beat me home.
    He is on panel 4e row 24.
    Hey folks all we wanted to do was to go home and go fishing,not to be, GOD has other plans for us.
    Support our TROOPS they support you.

  6. The thought that anyone would be so heartless as to defame a memorial of any kind – sickens me.
    However, my kids age 9, 15 and 17 feel the pain too. And, that is a great thing to know – that some of the next generation get it without rationalization. That they understand the reason why those who did what they did – died. And, that they died real heroes. Every darn one.

  7. Sorry to see that the Caravan is not coming up near the Northern States to pass on an American Flag to be at the Wall for Sat.
    My Support in Spirit to everyone who will be there.
    Many of us have Grand parents or parents that were in WWII.

  8. Thanks, MP. You said it all for me, brother. There’s only one thing left to do. I will be in Maryland Friday afternoon, and I, my Marine buddy and his wife will be standing guard at the wall on Saturday. It’s the least I can do for my cousin, Donald, who is on the other side.
    Semper Fi, my friend.

  9. Excellent post, Major Pain. Let’s pray the patriots and vets come out in force. It’s time we show these people they do not speak for us.
    The Wall and other memorials deserve respect and honor. It’s a shame these a$$holes don’t understand the concept.

  10. Where will the police be in case anyone would vandalize any of the memorials? Hopefully in eyeshot to witness if need be so they can arrest anyone that would do that. Their names should also be put in the paper so their church people and employers can see what they do. Small town papers do it for alot less.

  11. Your message from the wall is perfect. Just like “The Wall” it leaves one speechless. I just had to share it with everyone.
    Thank you

  12. When I had Taylor in Washington in Oct, we visited the Wall. We reached out and touched the Wall, and a warmth from deep within reached out and touched us back. We stood there in awe, through tears over the sheer beauty of it, over the pure pain of why it is there. I watched as Taylor talked with an old vet, as she saluted him, he grabbed ahold of her and sobbed. There stood a 12 year old warrior embraced by an older generation warrior, both having fought their own battles in different ways, both so grateful for each other. He told us he always cried at the Wall, and this year, his tears were still there, but because of Taylor’s presense, those tears were of joy instead of pain.
    This place is for healing, it is for saying goodbye, and even saying hello, it is a place for the soul of those who fought there to be able to be with their brothers once again. It is a place for those like myself and my daughter, to come and give thanks for those names on there, to give thanks to those that fought before, and are fighting now. It is a place for us all to reflect on just what we have lost as a Nation, a place for us to give thanks for what we have gained as a Nation. All this is done silently. There is NO room for hatred. There is NO room for the betrayal of those whose names are etched into that warm beautiful stone. For one to think they may, can and will march there in protest against everything that Wall stands for, shame on them. Where is their dignity? Where is their faith? Where is their compassion? I thank God every day for our Partiots and will continue to do so in a RESPECTFUL manner. Major B, hold Taylor on your shoulder for us, as she will be standing right along side you in spirit.

  13. I just went and watched these so called ‘peaceful’protesting pieces of crap on Semper Gratus, the thought of these people going and breaking the respectful silence at our War Memorials almost makes me sick to my stomach. May the Lord have mercy on those poor ignorant people, for they are going to have to deal with a whole lot of pissed off TRUE AMERICAN HEROES whose names are etched in stone, who have fought for with blood and their very own lives for these ignorant pieces of crap to stand there and yell such arrogance. WHO do these people think they are? I do not see them protesting anything, I see hatred. I see UGLY. I see idiots. How proud they all must be, what a legacy they are leaving for their families to view later on. I wonder to myself, what have ANY of them done to make not just America but the WORLD a better place? Right now, they are a waste of space and a waste of good oxygen.

  14. I have never been to the Vietnam Memorial even though I have visited DC. It is for me like the Arizona is to it’s survivors. Not all casualties of war are Veterans. Some of us are family members of Vets. Our war memorials mean a great deal to Veterans and their families. God bless all who can be in DC on the 17th to protect our honored dead. Great post Major.

  15. Though I won’t be there physically I will be there in my heart. Stand tall and proud, all you who shall stand guard at The Wall. And watch your backs…
    Semper Gratus.

  16. “you have never lived until you almost died,
    and for those that protect them, life has a flavour
    that the protected will never know.”
    from highways to a war by chris Koch.
    just a msg from the godson of an aussie NAM war vet who will be standing beside you in spirit,
    remain strong and bless you all

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