Just a heads up. Anarchist and communist groups plan to spray paint the Vietnam wall and the Pentagon.

From a far left website:

"Anti-authoritarian bloc on the 17th? Author: A Date Created: 06 Mar 2007

About the demo on March 17th:

People who are planning a black bloc, youth bloc, SDS bloc or something like that should announce it so more than 10 people can join in and make it worthwhile.

Comments Re: Anti-authoritarian bloc on the 17th? 06 Mar 2007 by DAAWN

Come to NCOR there should be folks getting together there to plan stuff! It will be announced we just need to plan stuff!

Re: Anti-authoritarian bloc on the 17th? 06 Mar 2007 by dylan

bring some paint so we can spray the wall. "


OUR RESPONSE…….Hope they have good medical care……………

Feel free to take the code for this video and put it on your BLOG!




  1. Hey; I found your website kinda by accident, and I’ve got to say I’m pretty freaked out. Isn’t free speech what you’re meant to be defending, not condemning? And whats with the crappy video? A dull rock song with loads of dull old black and white photo’s: What the hell’s THAT meant to prove?
    GOD BLESS AMERICA. Except for Republicans and those who watch Fox News. Fair and balanced my big white ass.

  2. Life didn’t begin with color photography on one’s pretencious cell phone. The History slide is not ancient, but scarcely one generation (as is the technology oh-so-ignorant-one) with those compelled to participate and if returned, may yet walking among us. Something plenty wrong with that big white ass (his words) who doesn’t recognize. Live in a vacuum? Perhaps from another planet? Or so egregiously self-absorbed, couldn’t be bothered to learn or appreciate anything? [Sorry Major… the profunctaty just puts me over the edge] I’ll head back to work now.

  3. A lot of good pics on this one,i can relate to most fo them.
    hey nick i will bet that the only action you ever saw was a drug deal going down, i would love to kick your white ASS.
    Major P, we have to forgive some morons,for they do not know what they say or do.


  5. Hey – at least I can work the “caps lock” button. It’s the one above “shift”. Try turning it off sometime. Big Bro Jim is right – I have seen drug deals go down. I’m not proud of it, but for a time in my life it was the only way to make money (I lived in a small town with no car and no jobs going). He’s also right that I like liberty and democracy: what’s so bad about that? It’s got to beat living your life following orders, ain’t it?
    Look – I respect the Army, understand? You guys do a job I am not mentally fit to do. I’m not a total coward – I’ve been in six serious fights in my life and won five. I can handle myself unarmed. But I couldn’t bring myself to crawl out of a trench when I can hear the bullets whizzing overhead. That’s your forte, and I respect the fact you’ve got the balls to do it. But remember – you’re meant to be defending the American people – even the ones you don’t like. That includes hippies, liberals, and (god forbid) Anarchists. Oh and Red – I appreciate lots of stuff: especially the human capacity for ideas, reason, and debate. If you can come up with a decent reason why Anarchists should not express their views, then say it: Music videos aren’t a great response to an argument, is what I’m saying.

  6. Hi Major,
    The caravan has started, and it seems a lot of really nice people will be back there to join you at the Wall. I pray it will be a great day, and hopefully even people like “Nick” above will learn something. I must confess, I do not understand “Anarchists” in the USA at all. The freedom to be an anarchist in the US is only made possible by the things they are riled against. Not very bright.
    Nick, one observation: It is time for you to start taking responsibility for your actions and grow up. I don’t know your age, but statements like; “I’m not proud of it, but for a time in my life it was the only way to make money” shows that you still blame others for your shortcomings. Drug use stunts maturity. Fact. You are still dealing with life as a child does. Do you see yourself? >> I like liberty, but I want to be an anarchist. (The only liberty in true anarchy are the strongest ones at the top. So, if we are plunged into anarchy, you see yourself as being at the top? Not.These military guys would do way better than you would Nick.) You sold/did drugs because you were too… lazy/scared/self-centered/etc. (feel free to add) to do anything else. You. Only you Nick. Blaming others shows a real lack of maturity.
    Don’t be fretting about “CAPS LOCKS”. Get help Nick, or you will continue bumping into the same trees over and over, in that forest you are lost in. Take care.

  7. With you in spirit, Eagle, thanks for your service past & present, there are billions who have greater freedoms because of you.

  8. Donna,
    Thank you; you’ve actually written an insightful response. But let me clarify: I don’t want anarchy, but I want the right to discuss it in public to be protected, because although it doesn’t provide all the answers, it raises legitimate concerns about our current system. Same with communist groups, free market promoters, and far-right groups. Their right to speak and protest freely must be protected.
    As for your opinions on me; I’m slightly taken aback, because you’re right: I am pretty immature and irresponsible for a 25 year old (now you know) but I never blamed anyone but me for my history with drugs. Laziness was certainly a factor, though.
    Anyhow – I’m off to rethink my life. Thankz.

  9. You know “Nick”, my first thought was to post a supportive comment on this blog and ignore your presence. But after watching the video that you don’t “get” I decided that the most poignant support I could offer was a response to you. I don’t blame you for not understanding the video because it’s not terribly MTV, so let me explain. Those young heroes in that vid are the fathers of my freinds and some of yours. They’re the fathers of the gulf vets and grandfathers ,in some cases, of the troops in Iraq. Now they are old men but they still have within them that spark that made them so maginificient in the service of their country. It’s that spark that drives those old men to get between your freinds the protesters and their freinds who are present in spirit at the wall. Those men in the video beleived in honor. I know you have probably not heard that word often and that is to the everlasting discredit of our society. Anyway, if you spend some time meditating on that which drives a person to do good, you may find that honor has a certain appeal to you. It is the recognition of honor in someone else that commands respect , Nick.
    And that respect for their fallen brothers is what drives those old men now , not to silence the rants of your compatriots, but to see to it that they do not dishonor the memorial too theirs.
    Oh and one more thing Nick, they are angry. They are angry because they see that the only true similarity between their war and this (it’s a quagmire!) is the fools who undermined both.
    As to you ,Eagles, I will stand with you on the 17th if you will have me.

  10. I don’t believe Nick knows what respect is (nor couth). It’s not comic book stuff: not a matter of convenience, not singular, not isolated, and not one-sided. Lack of appreciation for the era and for people, real and actual people, still stands.

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