I was fortunate to get an advanced viewing of the movie 300 tonight. The movie follows the book “The Gates of Fire” and walks the history of the Spartans and their values. Its kind of a mix of the movie gladiator, Brave Heart and a soft porn. There is a lot of “skin” in it than advertised for the guys and the ladies AND lots O killing. I couldn’t help but see ties of the Spartans and current American forces deployed in Iraq. As the Spartans, there was no surrender and they used their discipline and skill to beat the enemy.  A council (Congress) who wouldn’t send all of their troops to do the job correctly watched as a smaller force (300 Spartans……..ahem Marines) led by their king as a Super Power, go kick the crap out every thug thrown at them.  As a king, leader and a free man, he chose to take the fight to the enemy even when it wasn’t popular………….sounds familiar……..and kicked ass. Good action and chicks!!! (I give it 5 Tactical Nukes) Squeemish stay at home and watch Oprah!


  1. I would have loved to be in the seat behind you during 300. Might have been as entertaining as the movie. ROTFLMAO. I definately have to go see a movie that rates 5 Tactical Nukes. Good post and commentary Major.

  2. I did go to see the movie 300 over the weekend. I enjoyed every minute of it. What surprises me is that women tend to give the movie high marks. They say it is the fact that there is a strong woman figure in the film, but my money is on the 300 six-pack abs running around in leather thongs.

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