1. I voted, MP !!
    Please let your supporters know the Gathering of Eagles event for 3/17 is picking up steam. They need financial donations to help with logistics of handling expected crowds (there is no free pee; and porta-potties cost $$) Can you periodically post the GOE website again so folks can click on their donate button? Thanks!!

  2. Who says there’s no such thing as a FreePee? It is the recipient of a ‘FReep’.
    Normally, something like being the daddy of Anna Nichole Smith’s baby would help in launching a popularity contest, but not this year? Looks like your flying pal is gonna take top honors this time!!!

  3. MP, you have created a Taco milblog monster! Congrats to both of you for a fine showing this year. Taco does have funnier stories, though (at least the ones that he he willing to share).

  4. Congrats to the Tacoinator! If you havent heard he has won the Milbloggies award in the Marine Corps section. One Team, One Fight!!

  5. Hey
    Her right name is Iris Bazzanella.(But she use names like Leyla or Hatice or abdullah )
    In her hate she was so stupid to wrote her right name and adress in Duisburg on Capt B side( !! in Archive in january 07.or you can read that about google !! Give her name to the google side and google show you the right article !!!
    She has really a dangerous contact to the Iraqi resistance about her boyfriend(He is a Iraqi Resistance Fighter ) !!! Don´t forget that !!!They are really dangerous .
    The CIA is looking afther her !!!
    A Friend of America and the free west !!!Good luck my friend !!!
    And god bless you and your family !!Sorry but I can´t give you my E Mail adress !!I hope you understand !!It is too dangerous for me !!

  6. Is it just me or does Iris, abdullah and now this great friend all seem to write in a very similar manner? I think I need to go get a scooby snack for figuring that out, Shaggy here I come!
    (I left off my email address to because, well, it is so dangerous!)

  7. a friend,
    An Iraqi Freedom Fighter is just another name for a coward hiding behind civilians. Some of them even wear Burkas. I wonder if they wear thong panties and heels?
    Congrats to the Major and Taco.
    Hey Abdulla,
    Are you a Sunni? Your Shia pals will stick a power drill to your head as soon as we leave Iraq. Okay by me tough guy. When Al Sadr puts a torch to your nuts you will understand man made Glo Bull warming. If you are a Shia send your wife to market but tell her to watch out for those nasty car bombs.

  8. a friend,
    Dear friend. I was not taking issue with you. I was taking issue with those who seek to undermine the efforts of Free Iraqis to have a choice about their country. As an American, I thank you for sharing information about Iris,etc…
    I would be interested in helping you if I can. If you need a sponsor to get out of harm’s way, I would like to talk to you about options. If you are worried about your email address then get a free one from Yahoo or MSN. Do not give personal info.
    I would like to be your friend. Any poster here can tell you I am legitimate. If you feel like you can talk to me via email you can email me at I do not know your situation. I am just willing to give you options.

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