1. I loved this story!!!!!! What a great bunch of patriots!! Watching one of our heroes break down just brought makes you want to jump through the screen and hug him!!

  2. OK MAJ P – you made me blubber on this one. I’ve known about, read about and heard about this group many times before but seeing this was FANTASTIC. Makes the “greeters” at the ATL airport PALE in comparison.
    My thanks to the greeters at DFW for making our returning Warriors experience a proper welcome home and thanks!

  3. I also saw this when it aired. What an awsome group of people!! If everyone would give just a portion of what this man gives, our warriors would never doubt how much they mean to us!

  4. Is there a group like this for each major airport? I live Kansas City, MO and would love to do this at KCI. Maybe there is already one….does anyone know if there is a website or something? Thanks

  5. What an awesome video — Kudos to the folks at DFW for showing their respect and appreciation!!
    Now excuse me while I go fix this mist in my eyes…

  6. My son went thru this reception line, twice. Once in October 2004 coming home for 2 weeks R&R, and once in April 2005, coming home, to stay. He described it just like that…. he said, at first it was overwhelming – he was stunned, and confused. “What in the world were they doing?” Then, as his Sergeant, and then me, explained that it was because of the way soldiers had been treated coming home from VietNam, etc., then he got irritated, and said, “I don’t want to be part of someone’s political agenda, or to help anyone Prove anything – I’m just here to serve my country!” I had to wait a while, after he came home, and then walk him through the airport, and get him to fell what it would have been like to have that line of people spitting on you, and calling you “baby murderer” instead of “Thank you for your service”.. He agreed that would have totally sucked, the big one. And I asked him, what would you do to protect your battle-buddies from ever having to go through that… now that you knew what was in the future for them….
    “Ah, yeah, good point, mom” he said. He understood that those Veterans were there, to make sure that their younger battle-buddies did NOT encounter any land-mines on their trip through the airport, to home.
    He got it, and he appreciated it. Me, I’d sure like to organize a volunteer group like this, too…. BUT, we only have them coming home in 2’s and 3’s, once a week or so – and the military cannot notify us in advance..NO WAY – NO EXCEPTIONS. Those DFW people just go and hang out and wait… ready, just in case. That’s part of what’s so special about what they do… but, they are one of the main hubs – they have soldiers coming and going every day…..
    I’m sad that we can’t, here in Alaska, but I’m SO GRATEFUL that the Dallas people do…
    Becky Krizan: Army mom, Marine Aunt, Navy daughter, and AirForce Wife.

  7. I was there this last saturday. I was there with another former soldier to show grattitude and thanks for fellow brothers/sisters. This was my very first time doing this, and it was a random date we selected, so I didn’t expect to meet a fellow soldier among them. (I’m retired now) I could not, nor could he, believe it. He was halfway on his stop to return to his family. I loaned him my cell to call his wife. This was an incredible experience I will never forget. And I’m going back. God Bless ya, SSG V…

  8. I salute you! You are brave, awesome and continue to give the supreme sacrifice for your country and countrymen!
    My husband (a former Army Specialist) pray for you and all the soldiers and coasties around the world!
    This was a story that has impacted me and as I reflect on our soldiers – almost daily – I would like to get something like this started at the Columbus, OH airport.

  9. I am a female paratrooper vet and today I went to DFW to welcome home our HEROES. This was the best thing that I have ever experienced in my life. I was nervous my body was shaking just like it did when I did my cherry jump. I wore an old 82nd PT T-shirt. As I was standing there clapping and cheering our soldiers home one paratrooper walked by and said Airborne! That word means the world to me as a vet. I am so proud of every soldier out there that is giving their life to make the world a better place. Tired soldiers came through the reception dismay and overwhelmed but all of them had a huge smile on their face. Because they now know how proud strangers are of them, our HEROES, that will never be forgotten. God Bless every serviceman and servicewoman placing themselves in harms way for what America stands for.


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