Warrior_2  How do you know your making a difference? Michael Reagan, who does portraits of famous people began having the movie stars sign blank canvas and then he would re draw their pictures and auction them off. Not until he was approached by a spouse of a fallen warrior did he get his calling.  Now Mr. Regan does portraits of fallen warriors for free. Its not for fame, its not for publicity, its for the love of one warrior to another.  See him in a meeting where he spells it all out then got to his web site and help him out with a donation, unless you can draw, give until it hurts!   

See the video here


  1. Read about this remarkable man today. Actually just looked at the gallery of heroes he’s completed. What a great American. Thanks for getting the word out.

  2. I got to meet Mike last fall, he is an Angel for sure. He’s also a Vietnam vet who cares absolutely nothing about politics, and everything about the fallen and their families. I’m honored to have met him.

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