My name is SSG Michael L.Muir U.S.ARMY  as i just wanted to tell my story.Im in B/Co 2-6INF out of Baumbolder Germany as was delpoyed over in Iraq for a second tour as on July 18th of 2006 was doing are everyday patrol and my job or my Mos is 11B.We had gone into alot of house that day in Ramadi,Iraq and were doing alot of meet and greets and getting to know some people as we were doing that for about 3-4 weeks.

I was a Squad Leader as i had sent one team into a bldg by the water tower there in Ramadi close to are base as we had to check for possible IED making material.I stayed outside with the other team with are LT,along with the terp.I was watching a road as telling cars to back up and take another road.I was up against a shop,like a brick wall trying to get cover when i heard a shot and seen that i was hit in the left legs above the knee.I grabed my leg and dropped to the ground as i really didnt know if it went thru both,but my medic told me to stay ther as a firfight was underway.I started to crawl and my Lt called up and said SGT Muir is hit.The Bradley fighting vechicles and a humveee came as i was put into a hummer.My medic SPC Anderson was my hero as he patched me up and the bullet went throught but upper thighs as was in the hospital here at WRAMC for 1 month,with the use of wheelchairs,cructches,and a can im recovering as still have alot of nerve damage from the right knee up to my midsection.Im doing alot better and just wanted to share my story.Thanks.SSG Michael Muir…


  1. SSgt Muir,
    I honor and thank you for your service to our country and pray for your continued healing. Big hugs for both you and SPC Anderson. Thanking you just isn’t quite enough,so I make you this promise..I will never, ever,take my freedoms for granted ever again…the price paid in blood,sweat and tears is too high and this gift of freedom should not only be treasured,but respected.

  2. SSG Muir and SPC Anderson, thankyou so much for your service to our country. God Bless you both and all our troops and veterans.SSG Muir thank you also for sharing your story. We must never forget that behind each casualty figure there is an important person, family, and story. I’m glad you are feeling better and hope that your nerve damage continues to recover.

  3. Dear SSgt Muir, thank you for your service to our country. May God bless you as you recover from your wounds. We enjoy the peace and tranquility that are only possible because you stand up to the bullies of the world and stop them. As you recover,you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Your courage is a testimony to the bravery of our troops. Take care, brave warrior.

  4. Dear SSgt Muir, thank you for your service, Brave Warrior.
    As I sit peacefully in my home, I consider to be surrounded in concentric circles by brave warriors like yourself out there on the line defending this peace and Liberty I enjoy and am thankful, again and again, that my sheepdogs do such an excellent job in their own individual, brave and noble way, each one of them, and together form a mesh, which keeps me safe.
    Even though I may be of little worth to any one else, my sheepdogs don’t mind whether I am worth little or a lot; without fear or favour, they do their job in the most proffesional way they can and know how, and for that too I am grateful.
    So my wounded sheepdog, my warrior, Brave, Dear SSgt Muir, my best wishes are with you, I am thankful the wound was not worse, and wish you and a speedy recovery to be the best you are able to be again.
    Those other sheepdogs are also on my mind as I apppreciate every link in that mesh of safety that allows me the sheep to go about my unremarkable life in safety and peace.
    So from this sheep, a worry and unhappiness to hear, you, dear SSgt Muir, were injured and hopes and wishes, you will recover well and soon and the nerve damage in your leg will heal well.
    With gratitude and thanks to the good family and loved ones who raised, care for and love this warrior my best wishes too.
    Get better soon to do the things you want.

  5. SSG Muir, I’m glad you were able to write and tell us of your experience and that you are doing better. I pray for our Military every night, and our Wounded Warriors as well. You will continue to be in my thoughts and hope you might update us in the future as to how you are doing.
    We in the US owe you so very much. God bless you, SPC Anderson and our Military everywhere. Take good care of yourself and continue to heal.

  6. SSgt Muir,
    God bless you. Thank you for telling us this personal information. We love you and are so grateful to all of you for your service. You are amazing men, and we owe you so much. Take care. Heal. America needs you.
    Semper gratus.

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