Why do you murder in the name of George Bush? What
motivates you to kill people in their lands as an
unwanted invader? Is there any order you wouldn’t
Probably not. After all, that’s what you trained
killers are meant to do.
I won’t spend any time trying to convince you of the
evil you do in Bush’s name. Only you can decide that
killing is wrong.
I am simply writing to let you know there are many of
us who don’t support you, in fact despise you and your
murderous brothers. You do not fight for me. You are
not protecting me. You are making the world a more
dangerous place not a safer one.
You, Sir, are a war criminal and I hope your "murder
blog" serves to help convict you at some future date.
Rick Brest

Rick ( as I know you don’t rate to be called Sir)

Usually I don’t answer these whack job emails I get from complete insane egocentric people as your self but hey you caught me in a good mood and I thought oh what the hell, I needed a good laugh and we just got out of the holiday season. If you would like to look at the below definition of “murder” you would see you have a few confusions:

Law. the killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law. In the U.S., special statutory definitions include murder committed with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation or premeditation or occurring during the commission of another serious crime, as robbery or arson (first-degree murder), and murder by intent but without deliberation or premeditation (second-degree murder).
As US marines we aren’t fighting in the name of  the honorable Mr Bush, no ricky, we are fighting upholding the constitution (its linked so you can go read it) and are sworn to god to defend it, both forign and domestic. Because you see ricky, I prefer to take the fight to the enemy and protect this great country and I guess for some as you note in your letter, Im sure I am a unwelcome invader. The presence of US Marines tends to put a damper on terrorist activities, beheadings and the like. Its ok, if you don’t support me Ricky, Im not a US Marine for popularity contests, Im a US marine because I want to make a difference and serve our great country (something I bet you haven’t done) and you are correct, I’m not fighting for you. Firstly I fight for the brave son of bitch next to me who is helping me rid the earth of scum and the country that is going to assist me and supply me with the means to rid the earth of scum. But I’m sure you don’t understand that as you think you service members aren’t protecting you from people who would love to see you bleed in the street. You should thank your service members as they are the sole reason you have a right to even speak you voice freely, but if you see that as bad and us not making the world better than perhaps you should move. I understand Russia has plenty of real-estate available. Ricky, they day your service members are convicted of what you call “murder” is a day when you had better run for a very dark cave and hide because the world will be going to hell in a hand bag. But then again you probably aren’t even American are you Ricky? You are probably from some third world country that has an American data drop and you took the liberty to use it. Its ok that you have tasted freedom. We in America have a shit ton of freedom and perhaps if you can make your way into the country, you too can have a bigger taste. Until then Ricky, keep eating what your dishing out my friend, plain old worthless shit. Season Greetings and thanks for the email! 🙂


  1. Oh, you were much nicer than me. Of course, I linked a picture of my semi-naked ass for MY troll, so maybe I’m the nicer one. I did accuse him of peeing sitting down and having cooties though. I think we might have to call it a tie between you and me.
    It’s so much fun to mock the stupid, isn’t it?


  3. Major, through the chuckles I have gotten from these whack jobs, your response to the last one….well it brought me to tears in a few spots. Tears of pride and tears of love for the US and for our military. I myself if I could, would pay for these people to head off to another country for awhile, say oh…Iraq. Let them live the lifestyle over there, let them live in fear for ONE week and I can bet their sweet asses would be begging to come back to the good ole US and get on their knees and thank God for our military and our very way of life. Just how do they think we got it so good here? Simply amazing the blind eye people have. Just know this Major, for every dipshit out there, there are thousands of intelligent people. OOH RAH to all past, present and future Marines. OOH RAH to all past, present and future military!!!

  4. Rick,
    I am not as polite as Major Pain, choosing instead to be respectful of those deserving respect. You do not fit that category. To call Major Pain names, is to call me names; because while we are of different branches of the finest military on the planet, we are brothers in arms. My age prevents me from being a front line warrior doing what needs done, but does not prevent me from being the Sheepdog that I am. The sheeple of this country,( including the cowards like you, as well as the plain old good citizens who support our military effort), will have the benefit of we Sheepdogs, whether they like our presence or not.
    If you are of the mindset that Iraq Moslems haven’t done anything to us, you are a selfish useless humanoid. Every time a radical Moslem kills an innocent child, or lops the labia of a young virgin, or does any of their other so-called religious ritual against youth, they are attacking ME, a citizen of the planet. Every time one of their sick minded sorts puts on a vest and blows himself and innocent people up, he has attacked ME, and you just don’t get it.
    If these Moslem radicals hit yer street and tell your wife to put on her bhurka and veil, you will just stand there shaking and piss yourself. Your rhetoric shows that you would not have the spine to lay down your life for your family, let alone your country, or the citizens of another country. Call me a killer for my Commander-In_Chief? When your sort does nothing and the radical Moslems continue to kill innocents, you are the killer.
    And, Major Pain is right: You don’t deserve to be called “Sir”, that is a title to address the noble citizen.
    nuf sed,
    Frankie Cee
    “Frankly Opinionated”

  5. Elvis doesn’t like you Iris and Rick. I’ve got it on good authority that he visited with American troops in Iraq last year having served himself earlier in his career. I hope he doesn’t read Rick’s remarks on his birthday. Happy Birthday, Elvis!

  6. Meet the New Left, same as the Old Left.
    You’d think they could come up with stuff more creative to say, but I think all that pachoulli and pot has burned so many of their brain cells, it’s like a vacuous black hole in their heads.
    Drive on, Major.

  7. You know what truely amuses me is that most of the Moonbats feel just like Rick and Iris. The hate the military. They totally ran amok during Vietnam.
    Blogs like this one however, and Drudge, Malkin etc. have pushed them into a very interesting position. By keeping constant pressure on them, they cannot say in public that they hate the troops and the military. They have been shoehorned into saying things like …. “We support the Troops, We hate the War.” “Support the Troops, Bring them Home”.
    Rick blurted the way liberals really feel about the military. Blogs like this keep most of the politicians and the moonbats in check. Which helps limit their attacks and gives them a unique form of Moonbat constipation.
    Trust me it makes them angry and stifled.
    I love it.
    Thanks for all you folks and all that you do.
    Semper Fi
    Oh and Rick .. .happy ulsers.

  8. Thank God for our soldiers and please, if you don’t like living in the land of the free, take your worthless rear-end somewhere else!
    Never-ending supply of scum, Major P! Consider the source.

  9. I am writing to say that I support and love you and your brothers and sisters who serve this country. “Rick” and his kind only serve to motivate me to keep writing the troops and to keep sending goodies.
    Semper fidelis!

  10. I”M SO GLAD YOU’RE ON OUR SIDE MAJOR P! You can kick butt even from a distance. LOL
    I think I actually feel more sad than angry for people like Rick/Iris.

  11. There are very few places on Earth today where Liberty resides, there is a whole world outside thE USA, Australia & UK where you, Rick have the choice of living and getting the hippies there to defend you from the barbarians, try it and see if you like it better, perhaps you will, then maybe freedom and Liberty mean nothing to you anyway, you would just prefer to live tyrannised, billions do, but not many out of choice. Swap places, see how you like the knock on the door in the middle of the night, perhaps,a Chi-com slave camp, how about if you are nice and healthy as you may be, some one justly charges you with a captal crime and harvests your liver and kidneys, the list of these lovely places are just waiting to embrace you are most of the world, try and be brave Rick, even a little adventureous, leave America to the people who Love their Freedom and Liberty, and are willing to defend it and have been defending it since 1776, I am sure they won’t mind your abscence…

  12. Not much more can be said since you all did so quite nicely. What concerns me is people like Rick, while in the minority, speak for the majority. We seem to have absolutely no say when it comes to protecting our great country, protecting our wonderful warriors, and protecting ourselves. I know damn well cowards such as Rick will never defend us should be be attacked. And attacked we would have been had not for our president sending our trops to stamp out terrorism. Should those bastards ever invade us, I will protect my home and fight for my country. I will not, however, protect any sorry assed liberal. You cowards are on your own.

  13. Always wonder… when committment, tenacity, loyalty, even volunteerism is attacked – just who that person plans on calling when they (finally) recognize trouble? Yes, suppose some of the caustic posting is just external spam, but have also witnessed (normally cognoscent) individuals spout emotional, loosely informed drivel re: policy (okay, their/our right), turning a vicious tongue on those who serve (not okay and not right). I don’t often argue with the already hysterical, just tend to my own service, a quiet (yet) participatory one, but I know I am not alone. Strongly feel those without respect for the intelligence and sacrifice of ours-that-serve are so greatly foolish. Even in my own locale, I’m sure to receive an onslaught of huff-huff-huffiness for daring to so comment, and for completely assuming that those wishing to subdue testosterone wholesale (even my itty bit) have just never had a true challenge in their luxuriously insulated (armchair) lives. Just wonder… when they finally do, who they gonna call? kudos Major.

  14. Hi there, my name is Julianne and I am a Malaysian. Despite that, I am pro USMC and have always been into the US military. Even I, as a Malaysian, know how important your job is and even *I* respect your servicemen very much. I am shocked to read of your very own citizen mocking what you have done for them. It’s sad how some people can be so unappreciative of your sacrifices.
    Fyi, my bf happens to be a USMC vet and I am very proud of him for serving in the 1st Gulf War and for being one of those who protected America.

  15. Major and Frankie,
    I have to say steel on steel!
    Sadly the point is going to be lost on ricky because he’s the product of years of indoctrination, and I doubt that he’ll ever be capable of facing the reality of the threat that we all face

  16. Am I too late to pile on this Rick bastard? You know something? The so called “progressives” of America, the “liberals” who whine about this war strike me as among the shallowist of intellect. And I got news for Rick, the situation in Iraq is immensly more complicated than your meth potted pea brain is capable of comprehending. But you don’t want to go there eh Ricky boy? You might actually have to give our courageous troops some credit. Ricky is one of those MSM sponges who laps up every last drop of propaganda from the liberal news outlets. Bush this, Bush that! I’m not going to dignify Ricky boy’s remarks with a reasoned explanation of why our troops fight and what they are fighting for, I’m not going to spoonfeed Ricky boy like the MSM. I’m going to challenge that nitwit to do some research, some reading and honest analysis, that is, as soon as his brain is THC free. Ricky my boy, there are radical assed muslims out there who right now, if they could would flip a switch that would kill every man, woman and child in America and celebrate it. Don’t forget that Ricky my boy. You might not like the military but thats okay, we don’t like spineless wimps like you either. If you can’t give us any support then just shut the fuck up.

  17. “Swap places, see how you like the knock on the door in the middle of the night, perhaps,a Chi-com slave camp”
    In my personal experience (yes, I have known a lot of leftists) people like Ricky don’t worry about that because they see themselves as being the ones in charge.

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