Non Commissioned Officer, Commissioned Officer, Sergeant Major, Warrior, Rifleman. These are all terms that describe Marines and women Marines as well. I took the opportunity to correct a couple gentlemen engaged in a conversation about women fighting in Iraq and around the world these days. 

It may be easy for some over weight draft dodger who never served a day in the US military nor wanted to, to sit their big ass in a chair, with his redneck cap on sipping the cheapest beer at the local bar at night and complain how women aren’t pulling their weight in the military. Well I have some news for you. Besides the fact that you have shown your complete ignorance about what is going on in the events our country is involved in or who is fighting in them, let me take you for a short journey regarding women supporting this country. In the early 40s, Americas manpower and population in the military was dwindling. As noticeable numbers decreased the push to incorporate women into the military was needed.  Almost 400,000 women served in and with the armed forces—a number that exceeded total male troop strength in 1939. Today although the numbers aren’t as drastic as back during WWII, women are fulfilling crucial roles in the military especially in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Afghanistan, women played a vital role in searching female Afghanis to reduce the amount of conflict of it being done by a male Marine. When Marines were attacked in Afghanistan, no one paid any attention if they were men or women wearing the eagle globe and anchor, they all got shot at. Wwiiusmcrecruitposter

In Iraq, women are no longer “sitting the side lines” as some think like the days of the past. Today women maintain crucial billets during crucial times as they did back in WWII and some have paid the ultimate price.

“STARS AND STRIPES — Female Marines are being used closer to the front lines during missions in Iraq, in a dramatic change from the regular roles, reports the Stars and Stripes. Women Marines of the 3rd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, took part in raids looking for high-value targets”

“Eight female Marines from different units within 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing volunteered for the Lioness Program and will conduct security searches of women crossing into Iraq.”

So now if you hear talk of women not pulling their weight in the war against terrorism, you should ask them who exactly then were the WASPs, WAVs , WACs and the Lioness who made a differenc in our countrys battles. I would bet the first thing they ask you is “What?”

One Team One Fight
Semper Fi
Maj Pain


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