I was out at Arlington cemetery for a funeral yesterday and many of these were already in place. What an unselfish act for one company to do to show their respect. Just another example how one person can make a difference! Note: I haven’t seen any thing in the news about today’s (Dec 14) wreath laying at Arlington cemetery…………..figures.


  1. Just saw this highlighted on Fox cable. Thanks Major P for sharing this awesome video and for your attendance today. We will never forget!
    Semper Fi,

  2. you must have just missed it MP…saw very nice coverage tonight on ABC…shock!!…and on Fox. What a great thing to do.
    Now and always, remember!

  3. They came through our small CT town escorted by the Patriot riders, what a humbling site, even had it on our local news stations.
    Thank you for Your attendance for those of us afar.

  4. This generous man and his wreath donations was featured in our Denver paper last week. I was very touched by his deep feelings of honor and gratitude. I am sure the reverence of Arlington is magnified this time of year, and our prayers are with all the families who have laid their loved ones in that hallowed ground.

  5. Saw it on our local broadcast TV, with just part of the story; but, was heartened with some street interviews with kids (I mean teens) who seemed to recognize, had serious faces and said, “my brothers”.

  6. I’ve read about the project before, but I’ve never seen that video or heard the song. It’s amazingly emotional, even without seeing it in person.
    Sorry to hear you had funeral to attend, Major. They’re never easy, but somehow the Arlington ones seem so much harder than the rest.

  7. http://www.timesonline.co.uk/article/0,,61-2504964,00.html
    Thought you might like to know that amongst the awards for Iraq and Afghanistan (including a VC our equivalent of the CMoH) three members of the US Forces were awarded British Gallantry medals
    Queen’s Commendation for Bravery in the Air: Senior Airman Jason Broline, United States Air Force; Staff Sergeant Cameron Hystad, United States Air Force.
    Distinguished Flying Cross: Major William David Chesarek, United States Marine Corps.
    You only get the DFC (the top award for airmen) for flying in the teeth of horrendous enemy fire or saving lots of people etc
    Thanks to our colleagues from the former colonies!

  8. I haven’t seen the news for I don’t know how many days, so I didn’t know anything about the wreath project until I saw it here. The wreaths are beautiful. What an amazing company!
    A friend laid flowers for quite a few at Arlington the the other day. She shared her pictures with me, since I am so far away and couldn’t go. You could read the details on many of the headstones that were around her. AF Sister is right…it doesn’t take a personal visit for one to be deeply and emotionally touched by Arlington.

  9. actually saw this today featured FRONT PAGE on USA today ( i’m from San Diego and we were walking back from visiting the Zoo)…big shocker. I’m glad that this is getting picked up hopefully open up some peoples eyes and hearts :-)..Happy Holidays everyone!

  10. Just saw the ARLINGTON video,you sure know how to make an old MARINE drop a tear or two.My best friend Steve is there and i dont get down to see him as much as i would like to.you see we joined the corps together,but didn’t come home together.

  11. Worcester Wreaths president started the Arlington Wreath Project 15 years ago. Just this year Wreaths Across America was established. See: http://wreathsacrossamerica.org Six wreaths were donated to 230 state & national veteran cemeteries. I attended in Wisconsin. The six wreaths were placed upon graves of veterans of the U.S. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard and the MIA monument. At 12 Noon each site across the country observed a moment of silence. A ROTC student played taps. Media coverage was minimal prior to the event which probably accounts for the limited attendance. This will not douse the enthusiasm of volunteers and hopefully next year the project can be expanded. When I left the ceremony an elder veteran approached me and asked why I was there taking me aback for a minute before I honestly answered. I was a rebellious teen the Nam war. My now departed father volunteered for 3 tours and I resented it. At the time I didn’t show him the respect nor the honor he deserved. Before he died, I promised to never forget nor take for granted his actions and those of each and every service member who serves to ensure our freedom. Be it attending a ceremony, sending a box of goodies or cards or just shaking a stranger in uniform’s hand and saying thanks – such a small gesture for a huge gift. Hope everyone keeps this event in mind for next year. JH

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