1. GI’s and kids. The wars change but the pictures stay the same. I was surprised that I didn’t see someone forcing tooth decay upon an Iraqi child with a candy bar. HORRORS!

  2. OMG!!!!!!!!! What will the Communist News Network make of this? Or was it snuck by them? OMG!!!!!!!!!!
    But seriously- I don’t believe in forced indoctrination, but such as this sure helps make the case that America at Large should be made to see some of this. Damned Bushitler making our fine troops do such things to those children. I bet he won’t get re-elected in 2008.
    nuf sed

  3. Shocking, just shocking! I can’t even believe what I just saw! How DARE those troops make those children smile?! How DARE they try to help?! How DARE they make a difference?! (wink)
    Our media today, that is what is sickening….

  4. What a great way to snag the attention of the … shall we say “uninformed”? … to whom I will mail this? I love it, Major P! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. I’m going to need to see more of these MAJ P. I just KNEW after sending all of those boxes to the troops for the holidays that I had made a HUGE mistake. These photos confirm that. PLEASE post more of these so I will be FORCED to view them and continue to flog myself for caring about those heathens I’ve been supporting.

  6. Troops in Action

    Major Pain tracked down a set of pictures of our forces in action among the Iraqis. These pictures arent of raiding parties busting down the bad guys doors, but of smiling, happy people (hey, isnt that an REM song?). The captions a…

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