Ch53 With December being the month that Afghanistan was invaded by Russia, a interesting story comes to mind from my tracks through the war torn region and interface with the old Muj who fought the Russians.

It was about half way through our operations in Afghanistan when we had a mission to conduct blocking and searching operations outside Tarin Kowt. We arrived in 3 waves of 4 CH 53 helos that could be mistaken for Russian HIND helos I guess if you haven’t seen that many helos before.  As we began to flase and land we could see numerous people running from the area that we were landing in. Men, women children dropped what they had and began to run in to the local mountain foot hills and depart their compounds. We established security and began conducting sporadic car searches on the main road. I came across a man in his 70s, worn and torn but through my interpreter (terp) we got to know him as one of the Mujahadeen who was in the area back in the days of fighting with the Russians. He continued to tell us how they defeated the Russians and the techniques they used.

A small mud hut was near by our check point and one of my Gunnery Sergeants recommended that we post the American flag. I agreed and within a couple hours of doing this we were flooded with friendly welcomes and began treating wounded and sick village people from the area.

Our Muj friend told us they thought you were the Russians coming to attack us again until we saw your colorful flag, it wasn’t a Russian flag.


  1. The greatest symbol of the true American spirit – honor, pride, and of great good and freedom from opression. Wherever she flies internationally, people know they will find assistance, compassion and safe haven. What other flag speaks so clearly? We honor our military that flys her so proudly in so many far away places.

  2. It’s a grand ol’ flag… yet people within our own country continue to burn it in protest of the war. I have to wonder… what in the HELL are they protesting? Making friends with people in the Middle East? Helping secure freedom around the world? Providing S&R missions during natural disasters in our own country and foreign countries? Ridding the world of evil, sadistic men like Saddam?
    Yeah. That’s really worth protesting over… if you’re a terrorist.
    People protesting the war and burning our flad just don’t f’ing get it, Major. I’d like to beat them over the head with a clue bat, ya know?

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