Have you heard about the Baker & Hamilton report? If not then allow me to give you a quick snap shot. What is it? It’s a strategy for success in Iraq. To pull out and leave now would be a disaster and this plan is against that.

For many months the US has been helping Iraq and training them until we lean over and whisper in their ear to ask us to leave. We’ll we just leaned over and told them. Read the whole report here if you wish!



  1. Thank you for posting the report.
    I have not yet read all of it, but I hope to complete it this week. When you say that we whispered in their ear to ask us to leave, does that mean that we are trying to impose our own deadline? I am so distressed over the rhetoric we get from Washington.
    I pray for a successful outcome for all of our brave women and men serving to preserve our freedom. We can never adequately express our gratitude to men like you and to all of our troops.
    On the homefront- please, everybody, don’t forget our wounded veterans. Give whatever support you can.

  2. The news from Washington – oh, hell, from the dimwits/Democrats -is distressing. I pray we will see this through and stop terrorism there rather than here.
    Kathy, I just visited with our wounded veterans yesterday at two VA hospitals. Going next Saturday to another! Our wounded cannot be forgotten by America.

  3. Indeed.
    All this time and trouble to come up with the ISG report. And they essentially present what I would call the “Rodney King Plan.”
    We tell the Iraqis that they “Need to just get along.”
    If they don’t, we will “Just get along” out of their country.
    The Iranians and Syrians will “Just get along” with their plans to become the dominant forces in the region.
    The Hezbollah and Hamas will “Just get along” with usurping power in Lebanon.
    Israel will “Just get along” on their own.
    And Al-Qaeda will “Just get along” with future plans of international jihad.
    Back home, we will all stand in a big circle holding hands chanting, “Can’t we all just get along?”
    Great plan.

  4. I am prould to see the quality of posters here. Informed and supporting our troops. Great post 1,2,and 3. Grunts on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan are pissed. I hear from several nearly daily. Some stateside, some at war. The message I hear is “turn us loose” and “let us win”. The surrender Monkeys in DC got to go. Have we learned nothing from 1500 years of Islam by the sword? An unholy alliance of nations seeks to take us down. China, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, and everything ending in Stan. Wake up America. For the UN lovers please move to France and take the UN with you. Why do we continue to fund such a useless world body? On a positive note I am glad Major Pain keeps us informed on things we can do to help the troops. Semper Fi. I earned the right to say that. All three of my kids could be in Iraq or Stan by fall. But I do know I never have the right to touch a Marine’s cover. Tradition is very important to those who serve as Marines. Learning their ways is equally important if you are a Marine parent. Marines have a second family after boot camp. Marines are a brotherhood. They must be because of the mission they are asked to do. To charge beaches with machine guns aimed at them takes a heroic kind of mentality. To go for your buddy who is wounded takes a special kind of guy. Again and again we see Marines give up life to support their pals. Falling on a grenade is the ultimate sacrifice. I support Major Pain as the parent of a Anbar Marine who has been there once and is likely to be there again. I am not taking anything away from other branches of the military. Having buried a Korea and Nam vet father from the Air Force and having seen my Aunt, Uncle, and all four of their kids serve as Army I salute them all. We must all keep getting the word out about our warriors. Mainstream media is more worried about some guy in India getting his tool reattached. Shit. Support our troops. I spent 300 bucks on sending packages to a female trooper in Iraq. Sent it through anysoldier with my email. Do not need to hear from the recepient but would like to know she got it. Any advice?

  5. All posts are great & I agree with you totally texasdillo. Cut them loose, this is what they trained for and they know what they are doing. I too have a Marine son that will be going back to Iraq in early 2007. I pray for all of their safety. As for getting a response to your package–maybe try putting an addressed envelope in the package & postage is free. Then you would know if the package reached its destination it they get the time to get it mailed back.

  6. Laura & Texasdillo – THANK YOU!!! Not just for producing and raising such wonderful kids, but for extending your love and support to so many other fine young warriors.
    ISG: Ignorant Seniors Geezing

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