1. So.
    Where’s the doc… I’m ready for my test results. I have to say though, that’s the first time I’ve been tested for “depth of field”.

  2. AFSister, You were not tested by the doctor. That was Concerned Grunt disquised as the doc.He said you passed the test with flying colors. Don’t be mad at him. He really likes you.

  3. Karen are you saying this is about MP needing priority tape yet AGAIN to hold his Kevlar err… ummm…. UP??
    Under the conditions you’ve mentioned I don’t think he can give anybody the prize.

  4. Attention, troop supporters,athletic supporters, and the press assembled here this evening.My medical colleagues and I have working day and night to solve some dilemmas in regards to beginning a Marine football team and the feasibility of certain Marines to participate which led to questions about appropriate elligility criteria above and beyond playing football since all the Marines would qualify if football criteria were the only criteria used. Of course, not all the Marines can be on the team due to the need to limit the number of players as per the rules of the game. As most of you know, the physical criteria has to do with Helmuts and Harddrives.All who had appointments today passed these tests except there were some problems with some of the officers. But first a note of interest to the grunts who wanted to tape sensitive areas to the Kevlar. This was not allowed today and will not be allowed in the future as per my consult with dermatologist Dr. Niles, well-known in these parts. He indicated that removing the tape would hurt our Marines in ways that would be difficult to imagine.Dr. Barnes,the famous author psychiatrist indicated that he was not concerned with the mental health of these same said Marines.However, he has had some experience with formerly deployed Majors having trouble with their harddrives and some Veteran Majors having trouble with their software.He immediately said that the Church Ladies and the other females on this bog were completely innocent of any connection with these afore mentioned problems, as they always are. The harddrive problem is an intermittent problem preciptated by stress hormones acting on the toxins in the system caused by the microbes in ceegar smoke interacting with the enzymes in the fake beer officers drink in Iraq.This stays in the system for a couple years and there is only one antedote which needs to be taken regulary for the entire two year period.This would be something called the Taco cocktail. One Major has had the antedote; the other has not. One retired Major had a bit of trouble with his photographic software, but that was simply his delusion in regards to the eyesight of the Church ladies, not due to the ingestion of the above toxic substances.I hope this answers some of the concerns and that our work here today contributes positively to the start of our Winning Marine Football Team.(I’m sorry we can’t take any questions this evening. I know you understand.)

  5. “Helmuts and Harddrives”
    If these two Major Marines ever open a bar, you may have just named it! It can be their answer every time someone asks what they’re best known for;)

  6. Yeah yeah yeah, doc – cut the medical jumbo and get to the sweet stuff. ARE THE MARINES ON THE TEAM ABLE TO MAKE PASSES?

  7. Ms B’having, Gunn Nutt is busy sorting and shipping t shirts so I’ll selflessly take this project over for her! Just trying to help “support” the team you know! 🙂

  8. to concerned grunt: it is tough to get anything done at work when this blog takes off with a mind of it’s own when the Major doesn’t post. Thank goodness it is a slow time at my work.
    to the church ladies: AWESOME! Great group of gals. I have to bite my tongue or else I am going to embarrass my son.

  9. Awww c’mon Laura!! If you can’t embarrass your son, who can?? Well, besides the Church ladies….they really ARE equal opportunity. The Majors just get extra attention cuz they give us sooooo much to work with:-) See, it’s all THEIR fault!

  10. Gotta love squids giving each other hand jobs. You want to know why poolies don’t have a football team? Cause when they lose their ego can’t take the hit. There’s a reason we call you sandbags.

  11. Hello Everyone,
    I know it has been awhile, but I don’t think there will ever be a Christmas when we don’t think of all of you and remember how thoughtful and kind you were when you helped Bryan especially when he was able to give his kids that wonderful Christmas. Once again we say thank you and God Bless you today, throughout the holidays and the coming year.
    Bryan and the kids are doing great. The kids are all busy with school and just being kids again. They have moved and he is back in the military and as they themselves say ….the kids are happy to be “army brats” again. They love seeing dad in his uniform everyday!
    We truly appreciated everything that was done a few years ago… and wanted to take a few moments to wish all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HOLIDAY SEASON and a BLESSED AND HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    You all hold a very special place in our hearts during this time of year and always!
    The Fluharty Family

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