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Marines gracious for community donations

Wade Coggeshall

An event staged to collect goods for troops serving overseas fulfilled its purpose.

Becky Porter has the photograph to prove it.

Porter, a Crawfordsville native who lives in Danville, Ind., books standup comic shows through her Elite Comedy business. Last month she organized a benefit at the Crawfordsville Holiday Inn where admission was donated goods. Porter worked through the nonprofit Any Soldier organization.

On Thanksgiving she received a photo via e-mail from a group of Marines stationed in Al Asad, Iraq, holding the items collected from the Crawfordsville show. Conveniently, they received the care package the day before Thanksgiving, but chose to wait until the holiday to open it.

"Some might think that little things that most take for granted are no big deal," said Marine Staff Sgt. Paul DeBord in an e-mail. "But (it’s important) for someone that is over here in Iraq right now and the little store we have doesn’t even have shampoo because the amount of supplies we get are not enough for the amount of people here. For anyone to just pick a name off the Internet like and send out some of the items that we all ask for, or just a letter to tell us that America supports us, is worth every minute away from my wife and kids that are at home right now wishing that I was there with them for the holidays. Some of the Marines and soldiers out here give the ultimate price for all of our freedom and that is what each and every one of us will do if need be. For all of you to thank us, I say no. Thank you for helping us get through these hard times by sending out the packages, cards and letters. You are the ones who help us keep up the fight for the freedoms that all of us want for our children in the future."

"Seeing the photo on Thanksgiving day, I saw how truly thankful (the soldiers) were," Porter said. "I was reminded of what I should truly be thankful for on that day, and that’s all the service members everywhere who are standing up and fighting for my very freedom to enjoy that day here at home. On a day when many of us are gathered with our families, they are away from theirs on foreign soil. And while we or they might not all agree with why they are there, they still stand proud of the fact they are serving our country."

Porter encourages citizens to continue giving and supporting our military, particularly during the holiday season, when so many are away from their families and homes.

"Every card or letter with kind, encouraging words or care package containing a snack or needed hygiene item is appreciated and brightens the day of these service members more than any of us here at home could ever fathom," she said. "These are our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives and family members. They need to know we appreciate them, support them and they are on our minds."

Besides Any Soldier there’s organizations such as Soldiers Angels, Operation AC, Inc. and Support A Soldier that citizens can donate to. Those without Internet access can call Porter at 317-745-0914 to get names of troops and units for donations.

"Let’s please continue to support our troops overseas no matter where they may be serving, not only during the holidays, but always," Porter said. "We can all make small sacrifices on our part here at home in appreciation for the ultimate sacrifices they are making for us each and every day."

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