Troops1_1  After looking back at the events again of Sept 11th, the Marine Corps Birthday ( had a blast), Veterans Day, the Marine Corps Museum opening and then looking ahead at Thanksgiving Day approaching, we need to keep one simple thing in mind. 

We need to be thankful for living in the greatest country in the world! It’s this time of year that many of us sit around for the holiday season and reflect back at the ups and downs, during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah but many of us forget that we have the very  privilege to celebrate these holidays freely and as we wish.

The ability to choose who we want to vote for, the ability to agree or disagree, unlike in Afghanistan or Iraq, where voicing out could cost you your life. Americans of all races and colors truly cherish their freedom and I know will do what is right in the future to protect these cherished freedoms.

Be it a family gathering at grandmothers for a table wide spread of food, or a simple diner for two in your house or a luke warm mystery meat dinner with some kind of nasty side dish in a bunker in Iraq or Afghanistan, know that Americans around the world are thankful for every freedom we love. Just make sure those who are thousands of miles away from their families this holiday season know you cherish them like the rights and freedoms we all love and they protect.

Semper Fidelis and Happy Holidays
Time for a C-Gar!
Maj P


  1. Just spent the afternoon packing up more boxes, sent 32 Friday, those Marines will definitely know they are loved and appreciated, and other platoons are being looked after by some other groups of people in our town. We absolutely want those serving to know how grateful we are for their sacrifices. And we can NEVER do enough to repay them or their families. That goes for you too Major P. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. I had a blast Saturday taking part with about 120-150 other volunteers in packing up around 7000 stockings (in 5 hours) for the troops. The terrific folks at Operation Support our Troops received donations of money for postage, and stockings, candy, cards, socks and other treats were gathered assembly line style and boxed for mailing. Woot! (Of course, I have a few guys I’m sending goodies to directly, but the impact of that session still stuns me!)
    I am also looking forward to meeting two new faces this Thanksgiving – a buddy who has friends at Ft. Lewis is hooking up soldiers who would otherwise spend the day alone with families who have room at their tables. We’re looking forward to it 🙂

  3. “make sure those who are thousands of miles away from their families this holiday season know you cherish them”
    We’re trying our best MP!

  4. I remember how different last Thanksgiving was because my son was in Iraq. This year he will be home for Thanksgiving & what a good feeling it is. I will see all of my family & yes we do live in the greatest country. I will set a place at the table in honor of all away home at this time and we do support you.
    Another good program is Operation P.A.L. through the marines parents website. These injured marines need your cards & letters.
    Have a blessed Thanksgiving and may God watch over our troops!

  5. Well said Maj as always. As a civilian I can’t say enough about how thankful I am you all are there, and how thankful I am to the families of these men and woman, they are the glue that holds it together for them and they’re support first and foremost allows the guys to do what they do.
    Thank you
    for everything you all do.

  6. Well…this year my daughter is home from Kuwait and my son-in-law is home from Baghdad. They will be off with other family this Thanksgiving and not with us. But, they are home.
    Now, I know I don’t have to say this here, but I will anyway:Remember to say a prayer of Thanksgiving, and safety, for those who aren’t home yet. And say a prayer of remembrance and Thanksgiving for those who won’t be coming home, and especially their families.

  7. This year, the Marine!Goth will be home, but next year – not (and you all know why). So Casa Threads will have a bittersweet holiday this year. Any of his buddies are welcome for either (any) holiday.
    Our office holiday charity is a troop support care package project. And of course, I have those that I send stuff to individually, too.

  8. Aye Major, boxes posted and special message(s) to (my) group of hearty ones on second go around, then those late night writings… secret appreciations of my heart… to AnySoldiers; grateful sir, yes I am.

  9. You expressed so eloquently exactly how I feel about Thanksgiving and all of our gals/guys serving. Am doing my humble best to send love and cheer overseas during this Holiday Season..

  10. Just sent out a Christmas box to my adopted soldier in Iraq and I’m also sending out my Christmas cards/letters to the troops. It’s not much, but it’s the best I can do. My adopted soldier also has a standing invitation to join my family at Thanksgiving one year.

  11. Every time we (my boys included)write a letter to our troops, we always let them know how appreciative and thankful we are for them and what they do. My boys have also come to be more appreciative of the simple things in life that we all tend to take for granted. They understand that not everyone has the rights and freedoms that we do, much less a warm bed, a warm shower or electricity.
    As for you MP, I’m glad you’re here at home this year. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Thank you for all that you do!

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