Blackmark Another group of fighters supporting our warriors.  Back on a hill top in Afghanistan at 12,000 feet I enjoyed a nice cigar from a fellow warrior, a special warrior, a Doc. Out of the service now but still taking the fight to the enemy he sent me a couple boxes of cigars. These weren’t your average cigars because they had a picture of us on the bands of the cigars. These were one of a kind and we ”dirt people” were the hit of Kandahar. Now “Black Mark” has taken another leap forward in fighting and promoting the Battle of Brooklyn. Ladies, check these guys out! The best part is look on their web pages, they have “AnyMarine” links all over the place!!!   Thanks brother for continuing the fight & Support!!

Maj P


  1. On this day :
    1776 Hessians capture Fort Washington, Manhattan
    Ft. Washington was located near the present day east anchorage of the G.W. bridge. General Washington stood on the west anchorage in New Jersey, and watched as the Hessians massacred many of their American POW’s, under what was known as the ” Right of Quarter”.
    Seeing this, the General gave orders that from that point on, prisoners in American custody were not to be harmed.
    5 weeks later, when the Hessians awoke to the Americans in the streets of Trenton, no one was executed. Thus our policy of treatment of prisoners was set for this country.
    230 years ago.

  2. Pain-fully HARD to watch such pretty boys … doing whatever all those things are they’re doing.
    Mrs. Diva made me post this.

  3. You couldn’t see me in the middle of all that but I was learning alot of defense moves and I felt hugged all over. The only reason I was there is that they support our troops!BTW it wasn’t MP on top.

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