Nyt The New York Times ran a story on the front page of their newspaper on Nov  4th. It showed a wounded Marine in the street covered with blood which had been hit by sniper fire.

That’s just great. That’s how I would like to find out or possibly see my kid wounded in the streets of Iraq. Here sat a NYT reporter clicking away his camera while the warrior bled in the mud.  The story continued on how the Marine squad was hit by sniper fire and painted a picture of how the Marines were exploited by the sniper. This rates up there with CNN airing the footage of scumbags video of them sniping our men. Criminal! First you’re aiding and abetting the enemy. I’m sure they would argue about the “reporting the news” factor about it. OK, report about the good they are doing. But no, they know the picture will sell papers and they could care less about how affects the Marines family.

The article continues to tell a story about how American fighters fear the snipers. Sure, they fear mortar attacks and the big rats too. However they try to describe how the forces are hindered by the enemy snipers. Wrong. The bad guys have snipers. We have snipers. Our snipers hunt theirs and why don’t we see story’s about that? The enemy snipers are good shooters at best. Although since the technique has been an effective physical and psychological weapon since it was developed it works on both sides of the war. Why doesn’t the NYT interview an insurgent fighter and ask him about our sniper impacts. That would probably put out a different message than they want to push.


  1. I have never understood the NYT’s rabid distain our troops in the field; to the extent that it sees fit to continually publish this type of image.
    Do the Liberal editors at the Old Gray Lady have that much contempt for American Troops and Veterans as to sell papers at their expense? Uh… sorry… Duh! Aparently so.
    I’m assuming that many in the press always had a desire to join the Marines, Navy, Army or Air Force, but were declined for their, Drug Use, Questionable Associations, or the fact that they could not willfully take an oath pledging their allegiance to the United States Constitution (funny how much they depend on it now huh?). They obviously hold a grudge.
    -Just say’n

  2. The neo-libs love this kind of thing. It sells papers. Period. The average liberal hippie cares more about how much this war is costing them in dollars rather than how much it is costing them in sons and daughters. Good on ya. Keep up the good fight.

  3. I have a son in Iraq with the very 2/8 Unit talked about in this story. If people want to keep their heads in the sand and not know what our Marines are facing that is their own problem. As a Marine Mom, I feel nothing is wrong with this story except it’s hard to watch. Just think this Marine is going to be ok and so many Marines aren’t. They didn’t show them dragging a dead Marine to safety but a wounded Marine. Thanks to the New York Times for showing and telling the story like it is!!

  4. Why stop the New York Times from showing and telling the TRUTH!
    Marine Families know the facts, why shouldn’t all of America Know!
    God Bless All Military!

  5. Interesting outlook Wendy. That photo and multimedia online just put your son in more danger. Looks to me like you have some explaining to do but that is between you and your Marine. Propaganda is propaganda and that is how hajji measures victory. They cannot defeat us in any way but by sapping the will of the country to fight an extended war. Photos like this give them that victory. Period!
    I find it interesting that you would laud the NYT for the “truth”. Which truth? Who’s truth? The muj? The Left? Your’s? Just how in the hell did that hajji sniper know how to defeat the LCpl’s body armor? From your heroes at the NYT perhaps? That lovely spread with diagrams showing how to defeat our body armor maybe? But hey, it’s only the “truth” correct? And if that was your son in the photos then what? I know that LCpl, I know what combat looks like, and that did nothing but piss me off.
    It’s all about making us cut and run. End of story. I had the lovely pleasure of having the muj send me a video of a Marine standing next to my son taking a round in the head. Came through the BN fotopage I kept. That would be nothing more than the “truth” too right? Nothing but needing to know the “facts” correct? The two are one and the same. No difference what-so-ever.
    I guess you also felt the airing of the muj snuff video by CNN was also a need to know as well eh? I agree that the NYT’ Chivers at least handled the story with the brevity it deserved but to place a photo of a wounded Marine on the front page is a victory for the muj. Plain and simple. Yes, the story was riveting but people that do not want to see the result of a sniper’s bullet had no choice in whether to view it or not now did they? Including the young LCpl’s family. Thank you for their concern! The NYT may be your heroes but to me they suck. Our BN has paid a heavy price for their sedition. Were it you could see that!
    Everyone knows that combat footage is a part of reporting war. We also know when it is being used as propaganda. I would suspect that Sites’ Pulitzer winning footage of a young Marine doing a double tap was nothing more than the “truth” as well and that is just sad. I guess the study of war reporting throughout our history would turn up hundreds, if not thousands, of propaganda pieces for our enemies. Correct? This war is all about fighting a media campaign!
    BTW, I’ve spoken with my son and a dozen other three and four tour combat Marines. To a man they condemn putting their friend on the front page of the NYT. To say they were ticked would be an understatement. I’ve also heard back from two dozen Marine families and not one was anything but disgusted with this.
    To answer your question; “Why stop the New York Times from showing and telling the TRUTH!”
    Quite simply because it gets Marines killed, creates a win for the muj, and causes an uptick in sniper fire.

  6. We should make it a point to find out who advertises in NYT and boycott them and let them know why. Ms. Kellum, please listen to these Marines, they know what they are talking about, and I’m guessing your son would side with them, not the NYT. I’m in contact with guys in Marines and Army and they all feel that kind of publicity puts them in more danger as does the marches against the war. The left wing media are a great help to the people who plan to take over the US and the rest of the world by terror methods. Please, don’t you help them too.

  7. “Here sat a NYT reporter clicking away his camera while the warrior bled in the mud…. Criminal!”
    Yeah, I agree!! That’s the part that really ticks me off.
    If a sniper picked off one of the NYT journalists, how would the NYT like it if one of the Marines took his picture and submitted it to major newspapers?
    Just because something is the truth doesn’t mean it has to be graphically broadcast for everyone to gape at, especially when it doesn’t serve any real purpose other than to shock people. We all know Marines get shot by snipers; do we really need a picture of it? Unless that Marine gave his consent to have that published (which I doubt!) it’s apparent the NYT has once again shown no respect and no class.

  8. I agree with Navygirl-I know it happens. I don’t need to see it to believe it. And I don’t need these rat bastards putting my friends and all other service men and women over there in even more danger than they already are. Along with printing the “truth” comes discretion, something they either don’t know or don’t care about. (I’m leaning towards the “don’t care” part.) I swear if I lived where that rag was all I had to read for my news, I’d be on their front steps every day with a lot of hard questions for them to answer.

  9. The GOOD news is that the circulation for these scumbag newspapers continue to decline.
    The NYT’s declined 3.5% from March-September of this year. The LATimes declined 8%.
    The evening news keeps declining too………
    Remember next to a teaching degree, a journalism degree is the easiest degree to get in college.
    Too bad someone over in Iraq doesn’t mistake these yahoos from the NYT’s et al for the enemy and just shoot them…………..
    Ohhhhhhh wait a minute……..They ARE the enemy……….Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……..I guess I am not too Politically Correct………Well, one can dream……..right????????

  10. I have a family member currently serving in Iraq with the 2/8. BELIEVE ME – when I received an email yesterday with the story as well as the opportunity to see a photo video presentation of the event I was AND STILL AM so ticked off I’ll have restrain my words. I actually wanted to type a comment here yesterday and was too angry to do so.
    I cannot tell you how many times yesterday and today I’ve wished the sniper had hit the reporter and not the Marine. May be wrong of me to wish that but it was WRONG of the NYT to post that photo and story. WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.
    I can only imagine how much the insurgents are celebrating that story. Holy $hit it makes me angry!
    I could NOT be MORE thankful that our Marine survived the shot. And, BELIEVE ME I’m thankful it was NOT my family member in that photo. Why the heck (wanted to use a different word) can’t/WON’T the NYT and MSM show photos of our men and women depicting the POSITIVE things they are accomplishing and NOT publish information that can very well cause more HARM to our military?
    I have PLENTY more I’d love to say but I think you all know what it would be. Much of is was pointed out by JarheadDad and others.

  11. Has anyone considered that by permitting NY Times photographers/reporters to tag along with our Marines, it actually increases mortal danger to our warriors, by encouraging terrorists to attack while these “reporters” are nearby? Why does our military still allow these traitors to travel with our Marines, when it increases the danger level?

  12. Anon, I still believe the embedded reporter program is the most brilliant scheme to come out of the Pentagon in a long time. Were it not for these folks we’d have had even worse news coming out of Iraq. I know the numbers of reporters has dropped to near nothing, but having even a few there is betther than nothing.
    Like everything else in life, you have to weigh the total good against the often minescule bad. For the most part, reporters do a fair job (not great by any means!!! They NEVER report the good stuff). If they weren’t allowed to tag along, they’d have to depend 100% on terrorists stringers for AP and Reuters, plus just making stuff up on their own.
    Unfortunately, CNN and NYT have tested the waters and come up smelling roses with this new, exciting “Let’s show the good guys getting whacked” reporting. There will be much more of it in the near future, not less. There isn’t enough of a public outcry against it.
    Too bad we, as Americans, can’t see past the titilation and into the dark recesses of the evil that’s intent on killing us.

  13. Sounds like a good plan to get the Reporters away from active military while they are preforming their duty.
    I’d be the first to sign a Petition to keep the Media away from the Front lines endangering our military.
    I like to know what kind of “Person ” just stands there taking pictures not stopping to help ?
    The NY Times is good for new Puppy training and that’s all.

  14. I don’t recall any pictures of the enemy cutting off the heads of captives – isn’t that the truth. Oh, I forgot, that would show the real enemy and we wouldn’t want to remind people what we are really fighting.

  15. There is a strong and unyielding consistency running through the entirety of human history that directly addresses this issue.
    Treason is a blood dept and by blood must be repaid.
    There is a real and growing anger that is already bordering on rage that is seething just below the surface in our society.
    Those that have indulged in these trendy treason should beware. Tolerance is growing lesser by the day/event.
    And, sadly, once a population is sufficiently enraged to motivate into action, reason, pity, compassion and justice are replaced by vengeance, blood lust and merciless vendetta.
    It has always been so. It will always be so. It is human nature to obliterate those among the community that grow so weak and feckless as to support those that wish the community destroyed or subjugated.
    I do not say this as a threat, but as a warning of easily predictable things to come. Just read some history.

  16. I have read everyone’s comments and viewed the NY Time’s story,and find myself somewhere in the middle on this with mixed feelings. I have to say I honestly felt, after reading/viewing the story, that our Marines are heroes. I have a greater appreciation for what they are doing. I’m not sure how this story could “help” our enemies.
    At the same time, because I am a housewife and not a Marine, I feel I should defer to what our men and women in uniform think. If they see these type stories as dangerous or derogatory, I would defer to their judgment. If it is hurtful to their families, the newspapers need to give that consideration. However, since we have freedom of speech in this country, I don’t think anyone can stop these stories.
    As for myself, I will put my energies into what I am certain about, and over which I have no conflicted feelings: finding a Marine from this company on anysoldier and sending a box of support. No political commentary from me, just a letter of support and love with some things they could use and some things that might give them a little enjoyment. And I will pray for their safety and their families peace of mind. God bless these heroes.

  17. Too many good post to comment on all. I received the following in an email.
    Here is what one mother had to say “PRAYER CHAIN FOR CHAD FIELD (From his mother) Please don’t break this prayer chain. My son has been shot in Falujah. I wanted to get everyone to pray for my son Chad . Today, Sunday, I got a call from the Army that my son had been shot in the head. I am asking for all your prayers. He was in a
    Humvee going through Falujah fighting and a gang of militia fighters fired on the Humvee and hit Chad in the head. The driver got him out of the city and took him to Baghdad . He was in fatal condition, but now has been upgraded to stable critical. His dad and I are on standby to fly to Washington then on to Germany as soon as the military calls us to go. The Army is trying to stabilize him enough to fly to Germany and at that time we will leave. Please pray that my son will not have brain damage and that he will be restored and healed by the blood of Jesus, and the grace of God. I ask for you to pass this prayer request on so there will be many prayer warriors praying for him. Thank you so much and I will try to keep you updated on his condition.
    God Bless,
    Vicky Field”
    Please add this family to your prayers for our troops.

  18. Could all these injured Marines and their families sue the NY Times because of the role the newspaper played in their injuries? There must be limitations on the First Amendment when what a reporter writes results in a physical injury to another person. Would the NY Times want a jury to consider what what they did and render a verdict on it?

  19. http://grimbeorn.blogspot.com/
    “The Times on Snipers:
    You have probably seen the New York Times / International Herald Tribune story on the problem of snipers. I’ve been trying to figure out what to say about it.
    The worst thing I can say about it is to point out an omission in it. C. J. Chivers, the author, writes:
    Most of the time, the marines said, the snipers aim for the troops’ heads, necks and armpits, displaying knowledge of gaps in their protective gear.
    “Displaying knowledge of gaps in their protective gear.” And where did that knowledge come from?
    Perhaps from the fact that the New York Times published a diagram of our body armor, helpfully showing where it was vulnerable?”
    More at link above.
    The NYT published diagrams that showed where the body armor was most easily penetrated. Snipers have, since then, begun targeting those areas specifically.
    There can be no clearer case for treason. Active aid to an enemy during a time of war.

  20. This situation disgusts me. The NYT knows full well what it is doing when it prints stuff like this.
    My prayers are with the Marine and his Brothers…

  21. I look to the day when I can raise a glass to celebrate the final demise of the NYT. God willing it will be soon. I like the idea about boycotting advertisers – DO IT!!

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