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HUSAYBA, Iraq  – Pencils are always the "write" gift to give to Iraqi children.

Marines and a sailor assigned to K Company, 3rd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment found that out when they passed out pencils with plastic sharpeners to the school-aged kids here Oct. 19.

"I think it’s good and educational," said Pfc. Robert A. Chapin, a rifleman assigned to K Company. "Not only are we making a presence, but we’re showing that we care about their education."

The 22-year-old from Columbus , Miss. , said it also shows that the Marines care about the future of Iraq .

"They don’t have many writing materials; they’re poor people," Chapin said.
The group was patrolling through the area when they were approach by the Iraqi children

"They know what we carry (pencils) or candy," said Lance Cpl. Robert A. Montgomery, a squad leader with K Company.


  1. Major,
    You are THE BEST! Thank you so much for the plug for Operation Dreamseed. Our web address is http://www.operationdreamseed.org and we’ve just begun to spread from Afghanistan to Iraq!
    It was great to see you this weekend at the Marathon… and your Marines were awesome!! Every time I needed something, all I had to do was say “Major B said…” and I had what I needed in seconds! I felt like I had real authority throwing your name out like that!! Thanks a million!

  2. I was interviewed by OfficeMax for their company magazine about school supplies I purchased and sent to Iraqi through AnyMarine.com. I did refer to Operation Dreamseed as another worthy cause, and I’m hoping that it will get an honorable mention in the article.
    OfficeMax has been a huge supporter of these types of efforts and this is why they get my businesses.

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