Gfighters_1  What do I get a warrior for Christmas??

Sorry gang, talking Elmo isn’t the thing for this bear.  Nor are the white tube socks with stripes at the top……….(dang, just dated myself!) No, your warriors could get a special sumtin sumtim from you this year that they could REALLY use.

A nice Camelback, knife or flashlight would do the trick!!  Many units wont ask for this kind of stuff although if you had the thought of getting your AnySoldier a special something from Christmas this year, you can by going HERE and get them not only the best gear in town, but the right gear!!

Also, check out the website on the far left…………… might recognize it!!!



  1. You mean I can’t send them my battery-dead chicken dance Elmo from a couple of years ago? He doesn’t have too many coffee stains. Jim B., leave your junk drawer alone!

  2. Thanks for the “heads up” MAJ P! Darn you guys – I ask and ask and ask what you’d REALLY like to have an no one EVER really tells me. This info is a HUGE help!

  3. “sumtin sumtim”???
    Geez, a few weeks in DC and it has already started. DO NOT accept a long tour there!!!
    So the folks know, and are working towards one heck of an alliance. is soon to have THE easiest way to respond to the troops requests of anywhere else in the world. Stay tuned, but in the meantime, visit

  4. Thanks for the great link – wish I could afford to send everything they need!! Workin on 170 for Xmas but maybe later, one at a time.
    I can’t find the post from the person who quoted a paragraph we can use on the custom forms in lieu of listing all contents. Would you contact me please, our Post Office doesn’t think we can use that. Thanks

  5. Looks like GunnNutt trumped my junk drawer. You know that junk drawer thing that hangs around my neck like an albatross?
    Okay I only send good stuff from now on …. No really!

  6. Anita,
    I would like the info about the paragraph also. I have sent a lot of packages and have never included all the contents on the form.

  7. jim b – I would NEVER besmirch your gifts!!!! You know a heckuva lot more than I do about what these guys need/want, and you probably have most of it in your junk drawer 😉
    I was referring to the knives advertised on I’m always leary of “commemorative” stuff. I sent Lcpl Pete a rather expensive knife (that he selected) and he broke the tip off within a month.

  8. Need some advice, folks. As some of you know, the Marine!Goth is ramping up. Since this is his first time to the dance, he can’t really tell me what he’ll need.
    I’d love some suggestions as to what to get now and send with him and what to get for immediate shippment. Of course, I can’t post a lot of details (not that I actually KNOW any details LOL), but general ideas welcome.

  9. Karla,
    I would not send anything for your Marine to have to carry with him. He will be loaded down already. My opinion. It is coming on to winter so we need to think that direction. Send the best over the calf socks you can afford. Reinforced with heel. No tube socks. Send a multi-tool. A pair of desert camo insulated gloves is good. Chemical hand warmers are good. Writing paper and envelopes is a must. If you want to hear from your Marine go to SPAWAR and get an international phone account. It is a better option to phone cards. You can give him the info before he deploys. I am going to include links to sites that will help you. or is where I found these list. I am providing as reference only. These sites will give you an idea. Only you know your trooper. I will be glad to help anyone with ideas on sending care packages. Others may have better ideas and I welcome that.
    My email is I will provide other ideas or links to anyone needing help. I do not want to use the Majors bandwith overly much.
    I would repost to more current post from the major.

  10. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee…. and coffee filters. Drawings from schoolkids and pictures of yourselves and friends/family. A personal letter – tell a holiday tradition or something that happened to you in high school or any anecdote about your life. Give them a moment or two somewhere besides the sandbox. Give them “time” and “images” rather than “stuff”.

  11. thanks guys. I’m in ‘scout’ mode. He’ll be home for Christmas, and I’m going to give him a ‘shopping list’ LOL.
    It’s not been that long since boot, so the letter/photo thing will be familiar. Thanks for the info on the international phone account!
    Karla (MoM – and damn proud of it)

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