Hey Gang, just finished smoking a nice cigar and thought about our recent couple AnySoldier Combined Federal Campaign Charity drives we did recently. It was a good time but one thing began to burn my butt. The amount of ignorance I was met with because of the many people that don’t know about AnySoldier.com or for that fact any troop support sites at all.

Kinda pissed me off. With the dog butt CNN (Communist News Network) putting footage of scumbags sniping our joes  all over their site I couldn’t figure out why we would put that kind of dog shit on American news and not some sort of advertisement for the support sites for our freaking troops in harms way!

I guess what Im saying is that the scumbags aka CNN have just been fingered……(take that however you want) and Taco Bell and I are looking to get some pay back. Not only for all of the BS media lies we had to endure while deployed, kicking ass for this country but because its time we put AnySoldier in high gear and do some Monkey Stomping in their media ass for a change.

So here is the deal. Im putting in on the street to all of you. Anyone that knows, thinks they know or has a brother who knows anyone in the media or talk show world needs to email me and get us lined up. If you have a suggestion of talk radio, TV or any other media contacts that you think might be interested in hearing what AnySoldier is about and having a couple Marines talk about it then you need to let us know!

We are looking to spread the word about AnySoldier.com. How the site was established, why its important and how the American people can help. It’s a cold day in hell when you are deployed, getting shot at cant find a few luxuries to make life a bit easier. Its even worse when your deployed, getting shot at and you have news networks running enemy propaganda within your own country.

If you know the people we need to talk to and give a crap about what we are trying to do, get moving and contact us. Put this on your blog and let’s make this happen!


  1. Major Pain,
    There are many support groups out there. And many people who want to help. I have tried to get talk show host and other conservative news media involved. They have their own agenda based on ratings and ego. Many do not know someone in the service and do not know how to help. We will have to make our own grassroots effort to teach people about the need of our troops. We need a site to print posters from to place in local business windows with all the different help efforts. MSM is not going to help us. The political parties are not going to give us anything but lip service. I have used up my list of politicans, TV, and talk radio people. I have emailed and sent letters to all and have heard nothing. From DC and the media I got only silence. Well, you threw down the gauntlet, let’s see where it goes. I would like to be a part of whatever coalition we can put together. I am going to talk to an old freind from AT&T disaster recovery and see if he has any ideas. Did you know only 1 out of 10 Americans know a soldier?

  2. I’ll try and get you some names/numbers for a cpl talk radio stations here in Oregon. One is pretty much local, the other isn’t. Right now I’m working on Op Santa thru MarineCorpsFamilyFoundation but the rest of the year I use anysoldier for names. When I write thank you ltrs this year to groups, churches, etc. that are helping I’ll suggest they continue thru the rest of the year with anysoldier. I tell people all the time, but it seems they are just so self absorbed and act like we’re not even at war. Burns my butt too!!
    You’re an awesome man Maj P, your story about Taylor proves that!

  3. I am involved with the volunteer organization Operation Gratitude. I too have found it difficult to get coverage but, I did recently have an idea. Michelle Malkin does a daily V-blog on her Hot Air site. On a few occasions recently, her format was much like the TV show “The View”, a few people sitting around discussing things. I emailed her that it would be a great idea to get spokespeople from a few charities that are helping our troops to come on and discuss.
    I note that these V-blogs are catching on. Town Hall just innagurated “Ham Nation” and there is the ever lovely Bethany at Real Verse.
    Granted, this is not FOX news but, it’s a start.
    BTW, I have written to this site, Blackfive, twice in the last few weeks asking if you would support Opgratitude.com with a post and have not heard back!

  4. Just a thought…for anybody who loves Anysoldier.com, you can order some of their business cards and hand them out when you talk to people about them.

  5. I would highly recommend contacting the John and Ken Show here in Southern California. I know that they are strong supporters of the military and have supported many worthwhile fundraisers in the past.
    They are the number one talk radio show in LA and claim to be the number one drive time show in the nation.
    They are on the radio at KFI A.M. 640, http://www.kfi640.com/ or visit their website at http://www.johnandkenshow.com for contact information.
    Keep up the great work!
    Semper Fi.
    D Snider
    USMC 1984 – 1990

  6. I’m emailing you a few radio contacts that I have done interviews with for The Blog of War — all are HUGE troop supporters. And I would highly recommend Phoenix Fox Affiliate and their Arizona Morning show (FOX10 AZ AM) — I did the show for TBoW they are also extremely pro-troops.

  7. Kit and Heidi at Euphoric Reality now do a radio show, and I’m positive they’d love to interview the 2 Maj’s about the calendar as well as post a plug on their blogsite. Give ’em a shout, Maj.

  8. What cnn did on tape and television is nothing short of treason to the United States of America.
    The regulators and controlers of the communications industry must acr against cnn! this treasonous activity must be punished. I do not understand why the Department of Defense does not take action against the owners and commentators of cnn.
    During ww11 this would not be allowed. American tv people working with terrorists and televiewing the sniper shooter of American GI’s. I personally would like to confront the people who were immediately responsibile for this. I am 70 yeaers old and an ex 101st airborne trooper from Korea. I’d go one on one with them and then let cnn bury them!
    Crotchety old vet,
    Bob Hemmerle

  9. It is late, but the dillo never sleeps when soldiers are at risk. You should have mail. Just trying to do my part. I chose to email instead of post. You will understand when you check dillo mail.

  10. Major Pain, got just the contact for you and Taco. You have incomming.
    As for CNN…I can’t type what I want to say. It’s disgusting, despicable and an aid to the enemy.

  11. deja vu
    Wow, do I hear an echo? What I got when we tried in vain to find a publisher:
    “You should…”
    “I suggest you…”
    “Why don’t you…”
    “You might try…”
    We have made numerous contacts all over. Proof is on our “Success Stories” page. Examples of hundreds of folks contacting Oprah, but not even an acknowledgement. Jay Leno, super troop supporter, not a word. Many, many others.
    The point here is action. Maybe that ‘other voice’ will work…maybe that is YOUR voice. Or you know that foot in the door that does have the ‘other voice’.
    Suggestions are good, actions are everything. After you tried something, let us know what worked, and what didn’t.
    That you are even reading this indicates you are involved, and we thank you for that.

  12. Major Pain
    For the record I think it should be said that CNN did do a nice piece on Any Soldier. There main human interest lady Beth Nessen narrated it. Your rarely see her but you have heard her voice. It was done while you were overseas. As I recall it aired on Newsnight with Aaron Brown (used to be Mon-Fri at 10pm I liked that program) and CNN did it before Fox News news picked up on Any Soldier.
    Again just for the record – i am surprised no one else has pointed this out.
    Uncle Pot Belly

  13. Uncle Pott Belly,
    You are absolutely right. Beth spent the entire day at my home in Maryland. But here is ‘the rest of the story’…
    We were supposed to air the week before, and run the entire 30 minutes. However, a far more important news items appeared and we were bounced off by the find of the world’s oldest lobster. Yup. We were also edited down to 4 minutes.
    Beth did a great job, we stay in contact some. Shortly after airing our story, Aaron Brown was fired and the entire crew shook up. Hope it wasn’t because of running a good story.
    Beth now works for PBS…
    The CNN video is on our site, go to the “Success Stories” page, and click on the 2005 News…

  14. OOH RAH Major B. It is dog poo!!!! I’m a kid and I know about anysoldier!!! I don’t know why more people don’t do their part, it isn’t that hard. I love my country. I love anysoldier. Comeon people lets do it!
    Semper Fi,
    PFC Taylor Batten

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