Any Marines in here? As I knocked on the special room where Taylor was staying. No answer until a small girls head peaked around the door. I then asked, do you have any idea who I am? She said nope. I asked if she ever heard of Capt B or Maj Pain? (being that she has followed my tribulations through my deployments on AnySoldier she knew those names) she said yes, Ive heard of him, then I said, that’s me!

You might have as well lit a firecracker under her as she gave out a big wow and then followed it up with a strong hug around my neck.  Hanging out with Taylor was like talking to an old friend as she eyeballed my Service Alpha uniform with ribbons and badges on it. We talked about her day and how cheesburgers are her favorite food and who makes the best French fries.  Although me being an Avalanche hockey fan and her a Red Wing Fan we laughed and talked how things have been and are going to be.
As I watched this 24 year old woman trapped in a little girl’s body I continued to be amazed at the strength, courage and maturity of such a young warrior. Her love for the Marines was great and the thought of this knuckle dragger coming to see her helped make things better. We continued to laugh about her dog and brothers she has. He brave mom stood strong next to us as we all discussed her recent visit to
Bethesda Hospital where she visited some torn up wounded Marines. Unfazed by their wounds she made each of them feel like they were in the spot light.
I asked if there were any nurses she wanted me to yell at, but she said there wasn’t any.. She just sat on her bed and kept telling me she couldn’t believe that I was there with a big grin on her face, and in turn I too said the same about her. 
Her mom remaining strong and solid as I know her and her husband have to be. I told Taylor when things get tuff ( as I undid a Majors Maple Leaf rank from my uniform) you think of me and know Maj Pain has your back and gave her the leaf to let her know she will never be alone in her fight.
Figuring I totally messed up their normal routine and schedule, it was time for me to get out of there (before something got into my eye) so I thought I should go. As I told her to be tuff her mom gave me a big bear hug and a thank you. But it was me that was the thankful one. Walking out the door, young and determined Taylor concentrated on a perfect and correct salute to me………………………………….respectfully I joined my heels together and professionally saluted her back and told her “Thanks Marine”.
What a way to end the day.
(Thanks to all who have helped make Taylor ’s visit a great one. From the Patriot Guard to the all of the staff at Bethesda , well done)

From: Cathy B
To: Maj Pain
Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 8:35:58 PM
Subject: Taylor’s Visit
Dear Major B.
I just got off the phone with Cathy and Taylor and heard all about your visit today.  Thank You so very much.  I can’t tell you the excitement that I heard in
Taylor ‘s voice about your very presence.   Cathy said that you are the epitome of what an American Marine would look like.  Your class of taking the time to spend with my daughter will be more than I can ever be able to repay you or ever say the proper Thank You for!!
Between your visit, and going to the Naval Hosp. will be a day that will be etched into their memories forever.  We will grow as no family ever will with this once in a lifetime event that has occurred. 
Taylor will have a fighting attitude and courage that her mom or I would never be able to teach her thanks to American Heroes like you.  This week alone will give Taylor the foundation that any parent could only dream of steering down the right path for our Country.  I honestly know that Taylor would serve her Country as a Marine if it weren’t for her medical condition.  But don’t count her out in serving in some capacity that hopefully someday will touch the life or lives like you have done today.
Thank You so Very Much Major B.
—– Forwarded Message —-
From: Maj Pain <>
To: Cathy B
Sent: Wednesday, October 18, 2006 9:18:34 PM
Subject: Re: Taylor ‘s Visit
When I see little girls and boys suffering in Afghanistan and Iraq I often thought of American boys and girls back home and while I was there  young Taylor was supporting me through AnySoldier and then again in Iraq. A simple email, gift package or thank you made me and other fighting Americans regain our strength during the long deployments and dish out the American spirit against the enemy.
Taylor is a 24 year old trapped in a little girl. Smart, strong and more brave than one would ever expect from such a small girl.  You don’t have to worry or think if someday she will change someone’s life because she already has, mine!
It was my pleasure and I want to express my pride in knowing PFC Taylor! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I know you both are very proud of her, as I am as well.
The girls have my cell phone number if you need anything from me, I have your back. Semper Fi my friend, Maj Pain.


  1. *sniff* i am so touched by her story and what an awesome gift you gave her Maj B! I hope she serves as an inspiration to many. God bless Taylor and Maj B!

  2. Pretty special Sir! Thanks for the visit and for your gift of yourself and a special gold maple leaf for a young fighter. Bet you will never forget that salute smartly given and smartly returned. OOH RAH! and Semper Fi,

  3. Little PFC Taylor is already a leader. I think she rates a promotion to Lcpl at least! Thank you so much for bringing us with you to get to know this wonderful girl and her special parents.
    You’re pretty special yourself!! *sniff*
    Semper Gratus!

  4. Well, something’s in MY eyes and I can’t make it go away. Yep, what a way to end a day. You never stop amazing me MAJ. Thank you, not only for telling us about PFC Taylor but for sharing your visit with us. I could go on and on and on but surely by now you know how much so many of us love and respect and THANK you for the human you are.
    And Taylor, keep the faith. So many of us are behind you and rooting for you with our thoughts and prayers!

  5. Thank You Major Pain for all that you do! What an incredible story and experience, thank you for sharing it.
    Semper Fi!
    Tigs Mom (Karen)
    Proud Marine Mom

  6. There is most definitely something in my eyes and I am pretty sure they are tears! Major Pain, a huge thank you to you for sharing this story and taking time to visit this very special little girl. You both are true inspirations! A very big OOH RAH and Semper Fi to both of you!

  7. What a wonderful way to end your day. Thank you for being such a wonderful man and Marine! It is Marines like you that make us feel so very proud to be here in America. Thank you so much for caring so much about your country and the people in it.

  8. You are everything a Marine should be and more. Well done.
    Thank you for everything you do, and continue to from a civilian you keep safe.

  9. Thank You….
    Two simple words that mean SO much. The incredible class and compassion you show continues to amaze me.
    So here goes:
    Thank You.

  10. What a wonderful experience this visit must have been, for both of you. Now she knows how very special you are. Thank you for sharing your visit with us. You are still in our prayers. We all added Taylor and her folks to our prayers as well. Now everyone knows how special you are to all of us. Thank you again!

  11. Maj Pain – you are an amazing and classy guy, and prove once again how big your heart is. Thank you for sharing Taylor with all of us, she is one special person!

  12. Everyone has already said what I could or would say.
    Thanx to all of you for keeping this country alive and full of spirit!
    Too bad this story couldn’t get on 60 min. eh? The REAL story, the REAL AMERICA.
    God bless to all who made this happen….and, it started in the heart of a child….AMAZING!!!

  13. What an amazing story. You are an incredible man and Taylor is an incredible girl.
    Def. tears in my eyes reading this.
    I’m not sure who is smiling bigger in that picture, Major Pain or Taylor? :o)

  14. AWESOME! I’ve always known you are a very special man…. However, I am at a loss for words….. Your heart felt love, compassion, support, and the hope you have given Taylor is above and beyond the call of duty… But that is YOU… you always go that extra mile and reach out to those in need.. Taylor will feel that love and your hug forever…God Bless!

  15. Major Pain, you are an amazing Man and Marine. Thanks for the recap of your visit with PFC Taylor. I need to go find a hankie…
    Semper Gratus!

  16. Thank you…Taylor has already made a huge impact on many lives. Thank YOU for making a HUGE impact in hers! God bless you…

  17. Thanks Major Pain…
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We of Michigan PGR sent our little patriot Taylor to DC and she’s coming back quite a bit taller!
    The time you spent with Taylor will be a part of her forever!

  18. The Little Marine Meets Her Men

    We have all been inspired by Taylors story. Her struggle, her strength and her love of the Marines. While she was in Bethesda for further medical attention, she received a wonderful gift! She had a visit from some very special young men. (Her s…

  19. MamaTod sent me over to the picture and post on diddymou and it is wonderful.
    Taylor has been and inspiration and you all have been angels!
    Semper Gratus!

  20. Major Pain thank you for being the person you are.
    PFC Taylor Holds a special place in this ole Marines Heart .
    I was present the while PFC Taylor took her Oath she is a true marine
    Larry Helser Ret. USMC Mgysgt

  21. Sir,
    As a member of the US Air Force I am proud of my fellow service members. You have shown a special little girl what it means to serve just as she has shown you.
    If I could, I would salute you. Not because I have to, but because you have exemplified a true American soldier.

  22. AWESOME MAJOR!! I definitely had tears rolling down my face. Thank for sharing your experience with us and for showing this little Marine how much she means not only to you, but to us as well.

  23. “In Country” or at Home, you Marines make me proud to be an American. And you make me ashamed at how little this country supports its own.
    GOD Bless you and yours!

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