• "We keep peace, provide aide, defend freedom and fight our country’s wars without hesitation.  We are called devil dogs, leathernecks and jarheads but above all we are worldly known, as Marines."

  • "I’ve composed the TOP TEN things you can send us in


    list. 10. A melted 10 day old boxed melted Easter Bunny (please no)."

  • "To the bad guys reading this (and I know they do) you can’t have anything from our care packages unless you come get them from a Marine. We would love to meet you."

  • "Iraqi Hot – when temps exceed 110 "Oh for the love of God its Iraqi hot!  (usually the same time Elvis shows up)

  • "If you never met a Marine, sit down we can be overwhelming and a bit extreme, deal with it."

  • "We have been busier than a bum on a bologna sandwich!"

  • "I’ve said it once and I’ll say again, give war a chance."

  • "I say firing squad FOR THEM ALL or flame thrower…………….their choice, Im in a good mood!"

  • "…there’s no such thing as a fair fight and its OK to go big and ugly early."

  • " There is a strange phenomenon in this area where loud speakers seem to attract 5.56 size bullet holes, especially in the Fallujah area, we can’t figure out how it happens…"

  • "


    maintains a strong military force always ready to monkey stomp someone’s ass when needed, regardless of when."

  • "Im pretty certain the enemy has someone watching me with Binos as they once again have dropped incoming when I’m in the head!!!!(restroom) Its gotten to the point now of when I go to the head people might want to run for cover. "

  • "Thanksgiving came and went. We had a beautiful, fresh, hot lunch for the holiday………………………………….ok, it was kinda fresh, well ok it was luke warm BUT it was turkey………….I think."

  • "For all of you sneaky jokers out there who like to put glitter/confetti in your cards so when Capt B opens them, they explode all over his (would be clean office)…….Im sending you all camel dung and sand to explode all over your houses. Creative, but for the love of god I’m still finding glitter everywhere. It’s kinda hard to be a big bad Marine with pink fufu glitter all over me……….."Tada here I am sporting the fall pink fashions and ammo pouches, elbow elbow hand, hand, wave!"

  • "Must eat more M&Ms……..they are like crack! I cant stop."

  • "Whatever you decide to make as your New Years resolution, keep in mind to never spit into the wind, one person can make a difference and always wear clean underwear! "

  • "Time for a cigar, the leftist stench is growing again"

  • "This isn’t the first time a dress wearing, twinkie eating, zit face bag of bones piece of crap decided to imitate one of our finest. "

  • "After the small fight I went inside and heard a large thump on my rooftop. Thinking it might have been a dud mortar round hitting I second guessed as there were more. Many more like footsteps. As I stepped outside I saw the one and only the "Iraqi Santa Clause". His Harley parked about 10 feet away with a red headlight. (Rudolph tactical infrared guidance radar system). I said halt what’s the pass word? He replied, ah ahhhh you got to have suspicious minds! I said it is you and he handed me your gifts. Before he rode off I said thanks and he looked at me and said No, Thank you! Thanknyouverymuch! "

  • "OK all you girlie men out there!!! Get of yer butts, walk over to your check books and break it out. Bottom line up front. AnySoldier is a charity organization and hey there brainiacks, they need your finical support. Let your mutt eat mediocre dog food next week, toss your cat out the window"

  • "There is a new phenomenon around the area of


    . No its not the freaky chicken bird disease that’s spreading through Europe, not new sightings of Elvis (but he could be apart of it) it’s the magnetic unexplainable out of body experience of the enemy knowing when I use the head (aka bathroom) or take a shower. Yes, that’s right, it’s a strong terrorist technique developed by Zarqawi terrorists who have developed this from Russian scientists and now exactly when I could use about 10 minutes to myself. Then they fire a barrage of mortar rounds that land close enough to me to expedite the process and giving me a heart attack. Nothing like birds chirping a nice breeze then all heck breaking loose and me trying to dive for cover. Boy oh boy am I gonna miss this when I get home!! "

  • "Got a large inheritance from that smelly uncle you never liked? Give until it hurts gents!!"


  • IM HOME!


    , this place is awesome and now I see fist hand what we have!

Very Loosely Based on Bob Hope’s Thanks for the Memories!
Thanks for the memory
Of dodging that last round,
sleeping on the ground
The infantry, the sandbox
And thoughts on life profound
How lovely it was!

Thanks for the memory
Of packages sent to the “Stan”,

Motor rounds near the can
And flags flown “over there”
And then sent home again
How caring it was!

Thanks for the memory
Of interrupts you dread,

While visiting the head
Of diving for the deck
In shower shoes or from your bed
How frightful it was!
Thanks for the memories
For Cee Gars smoked in groups
Of well deserving troops
For Keep Attacking and Heroes Calls
A grateful national does thank you all
Our support will NEVER end.
Thanks for the memories
For “F” bombs fired at will
For stories that sent a chill
For reality checks and facts that stick
Your blog was always my first pick
We thank you so much!
Thanks for the memories
For not suffering any fools
For breaking all the right rules
And identifying those without conscience
While you fought right on with a vengeance
Your courage means so much.
Thanks for the memories
Reading your emails was a trial
All our attempts to make you smile
The pictures you can paint
Could leave one feeling faint
Of warriors in kilts
Skipping across the desert silt
The winds had started blowin’
I knew where this was goin’
Your words were such a hoot
The visuals a beautJ
Oh how twisted it was!
A major pain in the ass
But a Captain still, alas
Oh wait, there was good news
Some friends had left us clues
Your name was on the list
Capt B, he will be missed
The oak leaves have been pinned
Let the name change begin
Major thank you, so much……
Thanks for the memories
Taking care of all our Grunts
Tales of daring and thrilling hunts
Honor, God, Country, & Corps
Told in a way that makes hearts soar
Stories gallantly told of the latest Ops
That in my book would make you Tops
But then that would make it all lethargic
‘cause we’d have to “promote” you to MGySgt!
😮  😮  😮  😮  😮  😮  😮  😮  😮  😮  😮
Thanks for the memories
While Pepsi’s not my choice
My eyes were very moist
A little girl-a big brave man
Share a single soft drink sitting in the sand
Compassion is a gift!
Thanks for the memories
Of AnyMarines and Military Blogs
The care of others you give so free
You make us all the best that we can be!
Thanks for the memories
Of a Hard Drive gone Floppy
Virus’s tend to make them sloppy
Joysticks are replaceable
But you’re not expendable
So, Be safe…..and thanks….for the memories!
Thanks for the memory
Of chemlights in the dark,
Hearing they were attached to nipples
Hit me like a spark!
Thanks for the memory
Of Assholes at Thanksgiving
Knowing you were far from home
What a way to make a living!
You gave us laughs
You gave us hope
We felt your pride and anger
We hoped that you would
ALWAYS know we were
Right there when you faced danger!
Thanks for the memories
Of Marines cringing in terror
What? Is that an error?
Not so funny— when attacked
By Monster, Melted, Easter Bunny!
Thanks for the memories
Your dedication near and far
Make YOU a real big star
When you’re deployed or just annoyed
A point you make, for the sake
Of all who fight the fight.
Thanks for the memories
For stories that made us laugh
For new people that we’ve met
That we never will forget
And for the new friends yet to come!
Thanks for the memories
Of playing nice with us
While telling CodePink ‘You Suck!’
For helping SMASH with his hippy bash
And cheering the soldiers up
How thankful we are!
Saved letters in the night
With scents both sad and bright
And though you roam
They bring you home
And make you feel alright!
Oh the pinkos you will see
Moonbats in every tree
We know that you don’t play well
So you can tell them to go to h…
The Left, the Right
It’s one big fight
Enjoy working in DC!
Thanks for the memories
You have our gratitude Big Marine
And the places you have seen
And through it all you’ve stood tall
And kept that Honor clean
We thank you so much!
Many’s the time that we feasted (on your words!)
And many’s the time that we fasted (waiting, waiting, surely he has nothing better to do?)
Oh, well it was swell while it lasted (well really it isn’t over is it??? Is it?…More VIEW!)
We did have fun and even learned some!

Thanks for the packages

the love wrapped tight and bound

it’s thoughts from the sender

says please return home.

A tear forms on the cheek,

as they read the message

that is loud and clear…



Semper Fi,



  1. You already know I like ya…but do not expect me to be this nice all the time, it’s not my nature:) That’s just part of your blogiversary present….now back to normal razzing! lol

  2. Thanks for posting our “contributions” to your celebration. A few of us were concerned you might not want to do that. You sure made it easy for us because it just would NOT have been pretty if we’d had to come and arm wrestle (or worse) with you to force the issue!
    Thanks a million for all of the great information, insight, reality, laughs, etc. etc. etc. but ESPECIALLY for your service, sacrifice and dedication.
    Don’t stop now!

  3. Weeks and weeks with no word from Da Grunt. Outposts. No comm. No chow. No nothin’. OPTEMPO sky high. The BN piling up casualties, not even your BN. Every day it seems news of another Lost. How is he? Is his strength holding out? Concentration still sharp? No sleep, Mom destroyed, everyone worried. Then this Cpt B Marine rides off into the Iraqi sunrise and just “happens” to have to overlap AOs. A word back home as he sees Da Grunt.
    “Stand Tall Jarheaddad, your son is Semper Fi. He’s strong, healthy, and kickin’ butt.” A little thing eh? Just a few words that captured the gratitude of an entire family. You own a piece of a Mom’s and Little Sis’ heart and soul. No big deal, all in a days work for a Marine, just doing your job. Uh, OK, doing your job my ass. You were a lifesaver throwing a personal flotation device to a drowning family! For that you will always have my gratitude and respect. It’s the little things that matter!
    Your Marines would follow you to Hell with squirt guns Major. I can think of no finer tribute!
    Your reward is DC? Heh! Sometimes life can be so cruel! 😉

  4. We missed a verse from Gypsy!
    Thanks for the memories
    Your great NSN reports
    And your wonderful retorts
    The laughs, and even some tears
    Our Marines disolving all our fears
    How lovely it was!

  5. Jeez I am glad Bridget decided to have all us write verses instead of producing a musical variety show (ala USO) on stage.
    If that’s the plan for next year I want to tell you right now I ain’t wearing a tutu, and I don’t dance.
    And afer reading the song Bridget says is big enough to eat Manhattan, I suggest none of us quit our day jobs. We need to keep working so we have the money to support the guys and girls who are hanging it out for us anyway.

  6. And Taco is heard from….
    (and remember his blogiversary is coming up in Jan!–dust off that tutu Jim!)
    Thanks for the packages
    the love wrapped tight and bound
    it’s thoughts from the sender
    says please return home.
    A tear forms on the cheek,
    as they read the message
    that is loud and clear…
    Semper Fi.

  7. Bridget, thank you!
    BTW, I happen to know Jim b does a great soft shoe and tap routine:) Now that y’all know he’s a dancer, what color tutu should we order for him?

  8. FYI Jim B confided in me that he found 2 – count ’em 2 – tutus in his junk drawer. One’s in the mail to Maj P with the rest of Jim’s junk, but he held onto the other one “for sentimental reasons” Mmmmm Hmmmm

  9. LOL these are all so great! Thanks Bridget for including me.
    And Major Pain…THANK YOU. I think it’s safe to say we all love you!
    Semper Gratus.

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