Gang. Its been a year. Yes a year since I started this blog in


. Wow, have we seen some things huh? What started or I should say was pushed by you the readers of AnySoldier, I began this beast and now after over 200,000 hits we are just getting started. It has taught me a lot by doing this blog and in a large sense has helped me a shit ton to relax and deal with the multiple deployments to


and Afghanistan. Its allowed me to tell you, what your warriors are doing and fighting for. Thank you for the encouragement, help and support through the deployments, mortar attacks and promotions to develop One Marine’s View!. Thanks for making a difference! Semper Fi and yes, its time for a cigar!

Maj Pain.


  1. Congratulations on a job well done Major Pain! Thank you for your service to this great nation and for enduring the sacrifices that involves. Thanks too to your family. God bless you, God bless America and God bless our military!

  2. No, THANK YOU MP. You’ve given us a rare glimpse of what really takes place in Iraq. Not a pretty picture, but war never is. I wish every single person in the US read your blog and learned more about the truly gallant heroes you’ve shown us, including yourself.
    May God richly bless all of you and your families.

  3. Happy Aniversary! It was fun when you were deployed wondering what your messages were going to say for any holiday out there including the Navy’s birthday, I could always count on some good old fashioned filabustering and feelings of pride sometimes with tears. That’s why you were encourage to have a blog……and a book. Where is the book? Thanks again for everything.

  4. This is your doctor speaking. You have been having too many cigars lately. You survived at least two wars that I know of and there is nothing to do in a Muslim country but smoke C-gars. But several months later, you are still smoking C-gars. You will make me look bad if you die from oral cancer even if you don’t inhale. You should drink but not drive instead. You can drink in the good old USA and you are not in a dry county. I want you to make it to another anniversary. So don’t smoke cigars or C-gars. They are both very bad. Take two asprin and call me in the morning.

  5. We do want you to be around for many more years! I’ll always remember how much trouble you had getting a shower in Iraq!

  6. Hey doc,
    Don’t bother the Major about the cigar. Things are more lethal in his line of work. The thing that will help him most is for our country to support him in his quest to bring the real news from the wars against terror. I just wish he could be less restrained in what he says. Major Pain was in some of the worst fighting in Iraq. What he says here does not show all of the hell that went on in Ramadi or other places in Iraq. I support the Major because he is right. He and officers like him will lead for the next generation to train young Marines. Our country is at risk. Because we are weak in our support of our country, men like this will be called upon to fight another war which will cost many more lives. Men like the Major understand this and want to end conflicts now. The picture of him coming home and hugging his daughters should be on every milblog and conservative website. Instead we get fed a steady diet of crap for news. Keep up the good work Major. If the libs give our country away I will be in the hills fighting with you to the last man. I want to see Hillary Clinton, Barbara Boxer, and Nancy Pelosi in Burkas. That will not happen in our country if we are over run by Islam. They will be killed first. Our constitution is not a suicide pact. We must protect ourselves. Liberal right to be stupid end at my conservative right to keep my kids free. Keep up the good work Major. I got other warriors in Iraq. Semper Fi.

  7. I commend the Major for his support of anysoldier. It is a great way to support troops. If you have a trooper in Iraq you can set up an international phone account under spawar. It works in stan I think also. I have used this for several Marines and Soldiers. Many have no money or means to call home. I have let many use my international account through Spawar. They only need the pin number. It reminds me of SGT York calling home. Alvin, is that you son? My Marine sent an email to me from Haditha saying his card ran out. It did not run out but the military changed card providers. I moved heaven and earth to get him a new account. Spawar is what he said to use. He called me 2 days later and wanted to know if I minded his pals using the account. I put 100 dollars up front and a credit card to keep the card in minutes. There is no greater gift than giving a soldier the means to call home. Hey, mom or dad it is me. The lift to the trooper and family is not measurable. Give until it hurts. The rewards are great. Here is the link to Spawar.
    If you need help send me an email at will help you if I can. “Hey, Dad. It is me”. Nuff said.

  8. MP, congratulations on this landmark. We believe more great things are in store for you and our nation. Thanks you for providing leadership. If you ever leave the USMC you should go to Congress, where Americans like you are needed.

  9. Congratulations Major! Your letters from Iraq and Afghanistan and AnySoldier postings were just the beginning…I wish you much continued success with this blog and all you do. Your insight and information given in a NSN way is always welcome! Definitely read and shared around these parts!

  10. texasdillo, thanks for the Spawar plug. I’ve heard it’s great but haven’t tried it yet. You’ve just suggested a great Christmas present for the deployed and their families!!!
    Congrats on the first year, Maj Pain! I hope you continue it until that 30 years is up, and maybe even beyond.
    Semper Gratus!

  11. It’s been a very impressive ride Major. There are many who owe you a thanks.
    Thanks for helping so many other Marines.
    Thanks for helping that little Afganie girl have her first Pepsi.
    Thanks for introducing us to the hand waiving Sgt (Scatterbrain) “You’ll never get it Sir… never!”
    Thanks for weathering the moonbats who have periodically tried to crap here.
    Thanks for your trip to the VA with those young Marines in lieu of NJP. Thanks for letting them renew their faith, instead of just hammering them.
    Thanks for slippin on the shower floor during that mortar attack then laughing about it with us.
    Thanks for sharing your dad’s story.
    Thanks for your visits to Walter Reed, and the video of you laughing when Smash tells the Hippies what they really are: “Cowards, Hypocrites, or Liars” I believe.
    Thanks for sharing the photo of you coming home and hugging those two adorable blonde cuties of yours.
    Thanks to your wife for her guts love and devotion.
    Thanks for your “Corps Values”.
    Thank you for reminding us what we owe this country, the flag and our troops.
    Thank you for your undying optomism and guts.
    Thanks for that cigar, and Major, thanks for the memories.
    Semper Fi.

  12. Hey GunnNutt,
    Spawar is great and easy to use. My son caught me on AOL IM late one night and said his card was useless and he needed help. He had what he needed the next day. For those interested in using Spawar I suggest only putting 25 dollars up front. Marines and soldiers just do not have time to call home much. When they do it is after waiting their turn which can take hours. After hearing that Anbar Marines were giving up sleep time to call home I told son to sleep first and call when he could.
    If you hear that Marines in FOBs are having great PX options do not believe it. Infantry needs socks, wipes, snacks, multi-tools, magazines, safety glasses(clear and shaded),drink mixes, DVDs, music CDs and more socks. I do not remember if I heard it here or from someone in Iraq. Some mudderfukers are sending useless junk to our troops. Like emptying the junk drawer into a box and sending that trash to our kids in Iraq. I would like to present them with a Major Pain boot up the ass.

  13. Here is a story I have waited to tell. Camp Scania, Iraq. Doctors, nurses, and chaplains have provided care to troops and Iraqi kids. The stories I have heard are heart rending. Some of the best medical people have gone to Iraq. I will single out one doctor because he extended twice. His name is Col. Bob Cosby. He is a man of faith. He has supported a Faith Chapel in Camp Scania, Iraq. The Chapel is where our troops can go to worship. I asked Bob what he needed for worship services. He said pens. So 600 pens are in Iraq with Camp Scania logo on them. A place for our troops to pray is almost as important as a phone call home.

  14. Ditto to everything Jim B said, great post!! Gee sounds like texasdillo could be related to Major P!! LOL Thanks for the info on Spawar, sounds like a great way to go.
    Not only do the PX’s not have all the guys need, there are some with NO PX, No Chow Hall, no hot food! Working on Xmas for their Battalion, but told them about anysoldier so hope they sign up, they need everything!

  15. My God, I’m among Saints right now. I don’t know what to do. I think I’ll just savor the moment.

  16. Has it really been that long? I have truely enjoyed your site, even when people walk in my office at work and ask if everything is ok because I am crying like a baby. Things are not ok, but we are blessed with people like you that try to make things better. You are a PATRIOT in ever sense of the word. I salute you sir.

  17. WOW!! I cannot believe that it has been a year already!! In any case, thank you Major for your hard work and dedication, your enthusiasm and patriotism, and your love of man and country. We could stand to have alot more like you around. You are the best.

  18. Happy Blogiversary MajorP! Seems like just yesterday it was “CaptB” kickn’ a$$ and takin’ names monkey stompn’all over Iraq…Holdn’ up a cold one to ya sir!

  19. Happy Anniversary Major Pain! Can’t believe it’s already been a year…and jimb gave us all a great recap on some of the highlights.
    Thank you for everything, from your humor to your honor to your grit to your dedication to providing us with NSN. Oh yeah and visions of you in a kilt. 😉
    Semper Gratus, Major.

  20. Having just read your initial posts, I now know why you inspire so many of your readers. I found your blog about a month before you returned to the states. And have been a LOYAL (don’t miss a day) reader since then. Thanks for all you do. We and your Marines need you now more than ever.
    Beth Lamm
    PS… timer just went off for the brownies I’m baking for a bunch of Marines in Iraq. Thanks for the inspiration.

  21. YAY!
    Happy Blogiversary, Major!
    “What a looooooooong, strange trip it’s been!”
    (it’s ok- I promise you can read Grateful Dead lyrics without absorbing acid or pot through the monitor screen.)

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