If you haven’t heard about the “The Blog of War” book out, you must live under a rock!! This is the book Black five and SMASH gave to the wounded warriors at Walter Reed. Good stuff and reading for all ages.

You can get them at just about any book store OR for one marine’s viewers, you can go here

And use this password to down load it for FREE!!

Password: Blogwar

Semper Fi

Maj Pain

(Good through Oct 31)


  1. Major P, I bought this book the day it came out and it is excellent. I’ve recommended it to numerous people. But ladies. . .have a box of kleenex nearby as “The Fallen” and “Homecoming” sections will have you in tears.

  2. Don’t forget that if you go to and click the link to from that site (halfway down the “Where to Send” page), Anysoldier will receive some proceeds from your book order. You must link from the Anysoldier site for this to work.

  3. Waiting on Amazon (did the AnySolder connection)…ordered it last week! Heard of another book on A Soldiers Perspective that sounds very interesting too…about Ward 57 at Walter Reed..more tissues!

  4. Read the book last week. Loved it!
    First chapter alone I laughed, cried, got angry and felt prouder of our men and women in uniform than I ever thought possible.
    It is a must read!

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