The American people

You see after the


cartoonist (traitor) ran his cartoon of accusing the USMC of being murders; I kind of got a red ass.  Now after proof this looser is by himself we had put out our own ad in his paper and the American people, Marine supporters helped pay for it. Just to show the few idiots out there, you shouldn’t mess with what you don’t know about.

We couldn’t use the desired picture because, wouldn’t give me the rights to use it, commies! This one is of some warrior friends of mine! Better anyway!

If you send needed items to troops, print this off and include it in your next pkg. Let them know, we are thinking and support them while fighting the nations wars!!!

To all who donated, I say two powerful words, Thank You!

God Bless all who appears on the ad, I’ll have a cigar in your name!

Maj Pain


  1. Thank you Major. You are a terrific example of what a Marine should be, and make our country proud every time you put on that uniform.

  2. Is there any way to view the entire page?
    THANKS for heading this up. I wish it could hit a nationwide newspaper next time, but this is a GOOD beginning. 🙂

  3. Maj Pain – I’m about to ship off two boxes actually and WANT to print out that newspaper article but it seems to want an enormous amount of demographic info from me–and I’d rather not, thanks.
    Can’t you link the image off your blog, embed it into your post directly? You’ll probably answer “too late” for today’s shipment, but the Barfly Baking Brigade ( is sending packages out at least a couple of times a month, so I’ll include the newspaper ad printout in the next package if you make it available HERE 🙂
    Thanks! Not just for the article 😉

  4. Wow! Thanks ladies for sending on the copies. I emailed them to every Devil Dog on my list (each of mine has a best friend from childhood who followed them in). It was nice of you to do that.
    I can’t tell you how much it meant for folks to step up and make this happen. I get so ANGRY at the way our military is torn down in the MSM. It did my heart good to see that not everyone feels that way.

  5. You can right-click Major’s ad, save it as a jpeg pic and print it or email it as an attachment. At least that worked for me.
    Thanks, Major!!

  6. I’m gonna ask a silly question…that very last signature is “World Executive Order.” Ummm, is that an inside joke? Or some organization I’ve never heard of?
    btw, good job, Major.

  7. Sarah, you can download the picture to your computer by putting you cursor on the pic, click the right mouse button and choose “save image as”.
    Major – outstanding!

  8. Hoorah!

    The following advertisement appeared in Saturday’s issue of the Arizona Republic newspaper. The idea was born at One Marine’s View, and the operation was smoothly executed in USMC fashion with the help of readers and supporters.

  9. Thanks for posting the entire ad! I could not get the link to work. I’d appreciate your sending the ad by email also! I thought it was just awesome and was delighted to help in any small way we could!
    Sure wish we could tell if there were any letters to the editor over it!!

  10. Thanks for posting the entire ad! I could not get the link to work. I’d appreciate your sending the ad by email also! I thought it was just awesome and was delighted to help in any small way we could!
    Sure wish we could tell if there were any letters to the editor over it!!

  11. No, THANK YOU for all that you and our Marines do to protect us. It’s the brave men and woman like you and mine that Provide the Blanket of Freedom for all of us!!!!!
    Can you please send me the link by email as well?
    Semper Fi,
    A Proud Marine Fiance

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