Accountability. Its important to have it. In the field or out and about in life. Since so many of our friends are fighting the scumbags in the War On Terrorism, it’s important to check up on them from time to time regardless what unit or armed forces they are from. Blackfive shot me an email about one such warrior.


Let me know if you have any ideas about what to do about the Marine in the message below.  The email is from a Marine First Sergeant.  Should I send it to Soldiers’ Angels?

I have received word through a colleague that a CWO2(4 times to the sandbox) with a stomach wound could use someone to talk with.  He has a wife who has spent the last 8 weeks with him at


.  He can’t eat and needs another operation, but has to be mentally and physically capable of doing the next surgery.
Can you put out the word in the


area for anyone that can do so, please stop in and give him some time?  His name is CWO2 Jason Forgash 8901 Wisconsin Ave.,Building 10 Ward 5 East Room 6,





Maybe the local MCL can drop by or something.  I guess he could use some cheering up.
Thanks for all you do with the internet.
Semper Fidelis

And, thanks again, for the ride on Friday night.  It might have been the long way, but at least some Doggie didn’t get you completely lost!



“Major Pain” (first email response)

Fwd his info to SA but for shits and grins perhaps I will swing by and kick him in the ass and cheer him up.

Stay safe brother,

Maj Pain

“Major Pain” (second email response, the next day)


Swung by this evening. He was drugged up pretty good and would be for the rest of the night. His mom and wife were there and we chatted for awhile. They both are doing good and are strong. There is a lot of support there for them and all service reps are pulling double duty for all wounded. He actually looked pretty good for his injuries. He’s tuff, I can tell and the docs are wondering how he is still alive since he nearly was cut in half. All in all I left him my email if he or the family needs anything and a USMC cap and Maximum magazine…………….go figure. Let me know if I can help otherwise, Maj Pain

Look people, I know your busy. Im busy, the neighbor is busy, hell the dog catcher has been in my neighborhood so much I think he moved next door he is so busy.  However, if I can find time to get my ass to a wounded warrior, so can you. Following up from the Walter Reed visit, they need you. You got problems, you are busy?? Try being busy with a shit ton rods sticking out of your head and leg as they heal. Try being busy with one arm! Try being busy with so many tubes sticking out of you, you think you’re a freaking machine!  Your not to busy to stop in and ask if they need anything. If you really think you are to busy, heads up your freaking unorganized! It’s a damn good thing they weren’t to busy to fight for you!!!

Semper Fi

Keep Attacking Warriors, you know who you are!


  1. Yes Sir! Card’s in the mail tomorrow. Busy working on Christmas for Marines among other things, but not too busy for this.
    Thanks for passing on the info

  2. OK, let’s say I get my sorry, unorganized, civilian self on a plane and fly the 1500 miles or whatever it is to DC. I get to Walter Reed with my civilian driver’s license and tell them that I want to visit some wounded soldiers. How far do you think I’d get? Heads up, Major! Civilians aren’t allowed in places like that. I once bought and delivered a laptop to a recouperating soldier and he couldn’t even let me help him carry it to his barracks room – and he was with me at the time!
    Maybe a lot of your readers think it is fun to be spoken to like a 17-year old recruit, but ever thought of giving your readers a bit of respect?

  3. So well Civ, that was your personal experience. I’m a civilian who has been to Walter Reed with cards and goodies many times and I’m planning to go to Bethesda next time I visit D.C. as well. I’m organized and I wish I was 17 years old 🙂

  4. I’ve also been to Walter Reed and have every intention of going again. There are also Veteran’s hospitals located in many places, that could use visits and/or help. Major my dear, the card will be sent. And if you can make me feel like I’m 17 again, I soooo owe you HUGS!

  5. Well, I can’t really afford to get to WR from St Louis but as noted in the comment thread, there *are* a lot of facilities elsewhere in the US where one can visit Yet Another Good Man Down. Right? I definitely get that the morale boost of a personal visit for this particular patient is something of a time-critical request. I’d also note it’s as much for him as for HIS morale-boosters (his wife and mother). If they feel less stressed, they’re stronger to help HIM prepare to get back up. But any fellow warriors stopping in would cheer him upm no question. So what *can* I do? Let’s see.
    At the very least, I think we can ALL spread the word to any who *are* in the neighborhood of Walter Reed that this need exists. I’ll post a link to this from my blog, FWIW. Cards as many have noted. Mostly, I think it’s the efforts that let him and his know “you are not forgotten” that would help–however you can manage that from wherever you are in your life and the world. Just do SOMETHING.

  6. Civ – I suppose I’m a bit confused by some of your comments. FIRST of all – the LAST thing I’ve ever known MAJ B to do is disrespect his readers.
    SECONDLY- in the time it took you to compose and post your comments you could have sent a card to a a patient at WR or any other military hospital IF you really were interested in letting them know you care.
    THIRDLY, while it may take a bit of time and energy to find a way to show your support to the military, that time and energy is NOTHING compared to what they and their families give whether they come home in good health or wounded. But, thanks for reading MAJ B’s blog. Perhaps it will shine some light your way on what’s really going on “out there!”

  7. Two Ideas:
    Purchase post cards,stamp them,pre-address them to:
    Any Recovering Soldier
    Walter Reed Army Med.Center
    6900 Georgia Ave. N.W.
    Washignton, D.C. 20307
    and then hand them out to those who want to say thank you to a warrior. I have been doing this,using anysoldier.com’s post cards with very much success. People want to say thank you and this gives them an opportunity to do so. This makes for a great Sunday School project church ladies….
    Call your local VA hospitals Volunteer Services Office and see how you can help. The local VA near my home in GA has a “wish list”. Anyone living in the ATL area here’s the number: 404-728-7728 Ask for David Worley or Brenda Pennington
    There is also a Veteran’s home right next to the hospital.
    Card is on the way to hero Forgash

  8. To all 17 year olds. You probably already understand what your Marines are doing for your country so take the time to educate a small percentage of grown ups (used lightly) about getting off their butts and not taking NO as an answer. As you know being young, determined and tuff, there are many ways to skin a cat. For all you “grown ups” that are unorganized and lazy, steal some energy from your 17 year old, your spouse would appreciate it
    Semper – OUT!

  9. I’m too far away to go myself (though one of these days I just might have to take an extended road trip). But I did indeed spread the word to a *civilian* who lives in Va. but will drive north to visit our recovering troops, especially if they need a little extra care and attention. No matter what she has going on, she will always make time to let them know they are loved and not forgotten.

  10. In order to visit Bethesda you need to report to the Marine Corps Liaison office first and get an escort to take you to visit any wounded Marines.Those are the rules for Bethesda..maybe Walter Reed is different. Have not had the opportunity to visit there yet. I send cards to the warriors at Bethesda and let them know I am nearby if they need anything…including a visit….won’t go unannounced.

  11. Personally? I like the gentle reminders. Now what was that sweet encouragement so oft repeated? Oh yes, “suck it up cupcake!” Thanks to this brave Marine, thanks to each and every one. FYI: cards into Walter Reed (and any active or vet facility) welcome year round.

  12. hey lets remember also that there are alot of troops returning , not just to the hospitals but to life as it is back state side and they to need to know we really are supportive of the time that they volunteered to go over there and put their body in harms way for our freedoms. I come across alot of these guys and gals it seems like alot lately and i always tell them how appreciative I am of their service , just a little something you can do even if you can’t make it to the va’s

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