What’s that? You don’t know the history behind the flag raising at Iwo Jima?? Get ready for shivers up your back. The movie trailer will give you a couple minute movie history lesson of what happened back then and how the movie will give it credit!

One other thing…..as you watch the movie trailer, what things jump out at you that could be compared to and with Iraq and the warriors fighting there??

Semper Fi Marines!!

Click below for the movie trailer!



  1. … read the book and am very glad they are making a movie… Iwo was a slog for sure….
    … I had a Great Uncle with Mike Battery, 14th Artillery (4th MARDIV) who landed and fought there…. fought for six days and never had his field piece land…

  2. A few things jump out – our heroes today don’t feel they are heroes, and the enemy was hiding in ambush. (I’m non military so I don’t think it’s kosher to sandbag our boys!) There was also a little bit of political BS from what I could see.

  3. Dad was on many of those S. Pacific Islands….
    Personally I had the honor of talking to the author James Bradley and sharing photos of his father John Bradley (Navy Corpsman), Ira Hayes and Rene Gagnon which Mr. Bradley had not seen. They were from collection of Sam “Mr. Sam” Rayburn of Texas who was Speaker of the House during WWII (and many years before and after). The photos showed the “Flag Raisers” at a USO/Bond tour event with President Truman and Speaker Rayburn throwing out pitches at a Washington Senators BB Game. The men definitely looked very uncomfortable being the center of all the attention.
    The book was an interesting view of their lives and hope the movie is too!

  4. Outstanding Book. Will definitely see the movie.
    Yup, my Dad was on several Pacific islands too – along with four of his brothers (all Marines) – rooting out tunnels and caves, forward scout, whatever nightmarish tasks needed to be done by the littler guys, he did. Finally told us the horror (and showed us the pictures) of watching the Japanese families leaping to their death off that cliff. And my aunt who was also a Marine in WWII vividly remembers meeting the Iwo Jima flagraisers when they returned to the US and toured together.

  5. I watched the trailor right after 1) reading about the three Mouton brothers who are deploying to Iraq together with the Ironhorse Brigade from Ft. Hood, TX http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14909622/ and 2) after reading an email from one of my adopted Soldiers in Afghanistan telling about a pretty brutal day. Just one of many that have occurred recently and 3) addressing a box of cookies to ship to my nephew who is a Navy Corpsman deployed with the Marines “somewhere” in Iraq. He is so remote we have only gotten one 6 minute phone call since he arrived there in late July and 2 letters. No email.
    I know “heroes” is a moniker that many of our service personnel prefer not to wear. I’m OK with that because to me I’m not sure that’s a good enough word anyway.
    Thanks for the link to the trailor Maj. You all are so much more than heroes. You are the preservation of our future, our freedom, our lives as we know them and our dignity.

  6. Thanks MP. I had two uncles on the ground in the Pacific and my FIL was an engine gunner. It appears there’s finally a movie I’d like to see.

  7. Major,
    I have heard it before that guys don’t like to be called heroes. Can you help us civies with what you all do like? It is what you are to us, and our words just gush out sometimes. We love you!
    And, I’m with you Gunnutt, what do you say after Leta!

  8. I was on the Island during the 50th Anniv. Feb of 95. We had 700 Vets return to Iwo Jima. Great guys and the stories were beyond belief. Met Charles Lindberg there. Ended up taking him flying a year later. My favorite memory of my entire career in the Corps!!

  9. For the uninitiated here’s some background on that particularly nasty bit of fighting.
    Here’s a vid I found on youtube of the island taken from a helo during the 61 anniversary.

    This helps to keep things in some perspective when reading about the numbers of soldiers on both sides of this fight, totals involved and losses. It is a very small island. There was no room for maneuver. All battles were, by necessity, direct frontal assaults.
    Here’s the wikki on it.
    Many of the battles consisted of assaulting a position until it was taken, holding that position all night against constant counter attacks with the situation of nothing left but bayonets, e-tools and fighting knives in the hours before dawn and no let up in the fighting. Then sunrise, resupply, assault the next position and hold it until the next sunrise under the same conditions as the previous night, and the night before that, and before that..etc.

  10. Thanks for the reminder about this one, Major. I’d forgotten this was coming out. I’m looking forward to it!
    My Granpda was a WWII vet (but didn’t serve in the Pacific) and didn’t talk about any of it until he was losing his battle with lung cancer last fall. They were a great generation of men…as is the current generation serving with such honor and dignity!!!

  11. This looks like a GREAT movie! I’m ashamed to admit I had never thought much about the individuals who fought in prior wars. Like many others, I took so much for granted until the current situation was right in my face. Then I wised up to the fact that these young men of today are fighting for their country, just as in previous times. God bless ’em all! Maj. Pain, congrats on your 200,000th! And Taco, that’s really awesome about your post here! Leta, thank your soldier for all of us, please. I agree, these guys are much more than heroes!

  12. Read the book about a yr ago and alternated between getting chills and crying my eyes out. I’ll definitely be going to see this movie.
    Yesterday, I once again got infuriated with a newspaper article. It was about the number of deaths in Iraq equaling the number of deaths on 9/11. Ok…my question is…so what? When the number was minus one or two that a couple days ago, does that mean that their sacrifices didn’t matter as much??? After continuing to give a depressing rundown on the war, they proceeded to say “it’s doubtful that the WW2 generation had time to mourn such milestones.” Oh please. Tell that to my grandmothers and great-grandmother who read the casuality reports every day to make sure none of their boys were listed. God Bless America…Semper Fi!

  13. My boyfriend’s over in Iraq right now… so, watching ANY of these kinds of movies (Jarhead, Flags of Our Fathers etc.) is really hard for me. But, this was an amazing movie. It touched me and made me so proud of EVERYONE fighting for our country. Thanks to all the armed forces! I love you baby and I miss you!!

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