Walter Reed!

Whats that? You say your tired of the same old boring Friday night??? If you are in Washington DC/Va area, come join Black Five, Smash and me, Maj Pain in front of Walter Reed Friday night around 1900 (7pm). Hang out and actually witness the dull end of the gene pool across the street try to convince the drunk in the alley that we shouldn’t support the troops! I have a feeling things might get interesting.

Keep attacking!!

Semper Fi

Maj Pain!!


  1. NO FAIR! I flew in last Friday to join in the fun and festivities!
    Seriously – for those who’ve never made the trip on Friday nights – what are you waiting for? I’m hooked! Wish I lived closer and could go more often.

  2. I would pay cash money to see that,G. 🙂 I daresay nothing that exciting is going to happen around here tonight-too bad I live too far away or I’d be there.

  3. The Friday night regulars are a great group of people (including GunnNutt). Well, at least the ones on the corners are:) Meeting some of our guys who were/are residents at WR is something I will never forget. They are truly inspiring.
    However there were a couple of Marines (who can stay nameless) that never showed up. *ahem*

  4. Hey GunnNutt (or Maj) – if the Dietz family is at WR, please convey our deep pride for Danny and our heartfelt thanks for all the Dietz family has sacrificed for all of us. They are not alone in watching over him here in Denver’s Fort Logan cemetary.

  5. Major Pain, How is our ad fund doing? If an ad is too expensive, maybe we could use it as a fund for the Friday Night Regulars expenses should they get fined, etc. Thanks for going everyone; I’ll be with you in spirit.
    My prayers are with the Dietz family.

  6. hey – is this an every-friday-night thing????? can someone email me and let me know… i’d love to come, but am not familiar with the area, and all (and my mother worries HAHA) i’m in the baltimore area.
    damn. i have to work tonight or i might venture down just to see you Capt…er, i mean Major!!! {congrats!}

  7. A Marine at Heart, yes, this is every Friday. Hook up with GunnNutt (click on her name in the sidebar and it will take you to her site where you can email her, I think) and she can tell you how to get to WR from MD.
    I mean this with the gentlest tone, please don’t go there just to see the Major. Please go there to show your support for the wounded men and women who are currently healing at Walter Reed. Let them know that you are there for THEM. I LOVE Major B, but do this for the right reason, please.

  8. I loved taunting the “God Hates Fags” groups during the Freedom Walk. What they do is beyond despicable. Of course, there were hundreds of us, and only a dozen of them. Not everyone has fallen for their brand of bs; but they do subscribe to other brands, unfortunately.

  9. It was quite a night at WR with all four corners filled! It was great to see Maj. Pain, Smash, and Black Five. Matter of fact, Smash and Black Five needed a ride to Moulogne House (I always misspell it) and so I talked Taco’s Dad into driving us over there. It turned into quite an adventure, for the normal route was closed to traffic! Every turn we took was a dead end! Finally got there, but then got back to the corner too late to see the bus pull in. That is always a thrilling sight, too!
    To a “Marine at Heart,” we’d all love to have you join the group. We started going whenever we could, but there is a core group that have been there, rain or shine, since a year ago in March! What an absolutely wonderful, dedicated group of patriots they are.
    By the way, somebody whisper to Maj. Pain that he left his toy behind!
    For those of you in the DC area, please come to the rally on the Mall next Saturday to show support for the Troops! Here’s the announcement from the Free Republic site:
    The Support the Troops and Their Mission Rally will be held on Saturday, September 23 from noon to 3 p.m. at the Sylvan Theater on the grounds of the Washington Monument. The speakers will feature Gold Star and Blue Star family members, as well as veterans and other notables. The theme of the rally will be victory in the Global War on Terror.
    AND, of course, they will be at Walter Reed on Friday night!!
    Leta, we missed you tonight!

  10. The gays against the war forget that the enemy would hang them or shoot them or behead them for their orientation – – America may not allow them to marry, but at least we allow them the freedom to do the thing that they do.

  11. Taco’s Mama:
    I was absolutely miserable last night wanting to be there with you guys. I’d look at the clock and think, “they are arriving”. In a few minutes I’d think, “they are assembling the MOAB”. Next I’d think about seeing the Soldiers and/or their families come and go and the waving and honking. I couldn’t get anything done for thinking about what might be going on from minute to minute. Around 10:00 PM Eastern Time I imagined the bus coming back and seeing all of the troops and their families inside of it waving and smiling!
    WARNING!!!! For those of you who have never been to WR on a Friday night – if you have the chance to go – DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! The opportunity to show our troops how much they ARE supported is an honor and is habit forming! I’m hooked even though I live hundreds of miles away. It will change your life in only the best of ways! I can’t wait to make the trip again and again and again when/if possible.
    Thanks to all of those who are so diligent about occupying those 4 corners every Friday night!

  12. Thanks for the great report, Mama Taco!!!
    Here’s a suggestion for all who “pine” to be on the WR corner on Friday nights. There are wounded troops at hospitals throughout the US. Many of their families are staying at Ronald McDonald houses near the hospital (often far from their own homes). There are vets living in all VA hospitals who receive few visits from caring Americans. There are probably elderly vets in your own n’hood who could use a hand raking leaves, painting their house, etc.
    Absolutely don’t miss the WR corner if you’re ever in DC, but please channel your “Friday night pining”, your time and energy to action in your own ‘hood. Do it in honor of those arriving at WR. Then splease hare your stories here on the blog.
    It might not give you the same sense of camarderie as the corner at WR, but it sure will make a difference for a vet somewhere in the US.

  13. thanks Taco’s Mama!
    i will definitely get the info…
    i am in school this semester, and i have to check out my work schedule, as well as leave plenty of time to prepare for The Most Difficult Class On The Planet 😉 which has the first test coming up OHSOsoon. when i get my oct schedule, i think i will try and plan a little jaunt down to DC.
    love to all our military men & women who do so much for US!

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