You want to help ANYMARINE.COM??

Here are a couple of ways to help them and yourself.

1)      Get you butt over HERE and purchase a calendar!!!

2)      Bid on a Flag that was flown over a Marine base in Iraq (too late someone else beat you to it!!)

3)      Click HERE and add this search engine to you favorites. When you go to it is asks “Im supporting” and you can put in They reap benefits from all of you search engine maniacs out there.

4)      Other ways to help keep ANYMARINE.COM going HERE




  1. Support AnySoldier today!

    The folks at AnySoldier (AnyMarine, AnyAirman, AnySailor, AnyCoastGuardsman) perform a great service, making it easy for us to make contact with our men and women in the military who are deployed overseas. In Iraq and Afghanistan, and in other places…

  2. It is a duty and privilege to aid, encourage and exhort our troops in any way possible. The fine folks at provide a powerful tool which is easily employed to this purpose. Personally I believe that supporting their efforts is synonymous with supporting our troops. Use the service they provide, donate to them, link them with your Blog or Web Site, and put a link to them on your e-mail signature. Tell your friends. Make all these things a “mission priority.”

  3. Congratulations, Maj. B!
    I have always known you were going places – I loved getting letters from you and your XO from Afghanistan. And believe me, I still support Marty & I got a couple of tickets for your flag, but some other lucky person won the raffle. I’ve got some ideas for the next time they do a raffle (if I have time).

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