To all of the service members who read this, you better have your trash in one bag come election time.  There is no greater obligation to help direct the very thing you fight to protect. I am not trying to persuade you who to vote for but how. Get with your chain of command and demand an absentee voting opportunity. There is one out there, go find it!! If you don’t like this or that about what ever branch you volunteered for, tuff, you volunteered, suck it up cupcake! But if you want a say in what your government does for you then get moving and do something about it. No bitching if you don’t vote. (and that goes for non military people as well)  That is all.



Cigar time!

“I can’t thank you guys enough for giving me the freedom to vote and I don’t want any of you all to miss that same opportunity to have your voices heard!”
Thank you so much!
A Rose By Any Other Name


  1. Hey Capt…maybe just my computer…but when I click on your Find out More about it takes me to a sign in for mail on yahoo…?

  2. One encouraging thing about the Iraqi people was how many risked life and limb to vote.We don’t have to do that except in some urban areas, and yet many don’t take the opportunity and bitch the loudest later.

  3. We are fortunate to be able to vote & yet many people choose not to vote. Educate yourself on the issues, the candidates, the school levies & your community. Get out there & vote and be a proud American. It is our right!

  4. A Reminder

    This is a reminder to any and all of my readers who are currently serving in the military and are stationed out of the country. Please, please dont forget to get your absentee ballots so your voices can be heard in the election in November! It&…

  5. Faced this a.m. with overwhelming paperwork, bickering staff & sustained lack of sleep, I paused – trying to be thankful I was employed – and took a moment to read ‘One Marine’s View’. Aye Capt, grateful I am to vote…and when the next fretful, well-protected, fully-ambulatory coworker began to whine, I smiled thinking (“suck it up cupcake”) chuckling out loud. Your reminders are ever a comfort, B-Marine.

  6. Thanks for the reminder. I sent the Marine!Goth all the paperwork in his last care package. I’ll remind him to get it filled out and returned. He’s got a 96 this weekend; he can spare a few minutes!
    He turned 18 the summer before his senior year in high school and was signed up for DEP when his first election came along. He said, “This is the only job I’ll ever have where I get to help elect my boss!” LOL

  7. Just read that service members wishing to vote in local elections can access the Federal Voting Assistance Program online for guidance. The Web site provides downloadable registration forms and state-by-state instructions for absentee voting. http://www.fvab.gov

  8. Voting is not just our right, but our responsibility and duty!
    I can guarantee that there are those who will vote for candidates that want to take America even farther from our founding principles, standards and values, and if we don’t vote, there will be changes most of us don’t want.
    Sick of lenient judges, panty-waist politicians, social experiments in our schools, higher taxes, etc.?
    Do your duty, and Vote!

  9. Right on Capt. B. I’ve added your site as a link on my own blog and check it a few times a week. Thanks for putting a truthful spin on what’s happening.

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