I wonder if we will get ambushed tonight. I wonder if the American people have forgotten about us. I wonder if that Iraqi kid knows I’m really trying to help him. I wonder what it will be like to have a real steak when I get home. I wonder if we will get another sand storm tonight.

I don’t care if we get attacked tonight, tomorrow or anytime. We are ready and are trained to kick their ass up and down the street and we will do it every day if they want to go that way. Matter of fact its them that are saying “ I wonder if we are going to get attacked again”, not us. The American people support us and care about us unlike the past wars and they show it by care packages and letters and those little ribbons on their cars. They know we are doing good things here, even those that say “we support you but not the war”……….whatever that means. That Iraqi kid can go to school now since we extracted the thugs that were using his house as a command post and his parents have jobs. Steak will taste even better when I get home because I’ve earned it. Sand storm??…………hell, we are in the middle of a desert; of course we will get another sand storm. There is no since in wondering. We know.


  1. OOHRAA Capt. B.
    Keep your head on a swivel and a growl in your throat!
    You hear “thank you for your service” a lot here, and I say that now too. But I’d also like to thank you for being you and taking this time and effort to help us all keep the fire lit on the homefront.

  2. Loved this post,G. You and all our service members never need worry about whether they are forgotten by the American people. The answer to that one is NEVER. Most of us know and remember who it is that keeps us free and we are grateful.

  3. You are not forgotten!
    Also Steak is only a treat when you don’t get it every day so the first grisly chop you get when you get home you will remember as the best and all that come after that and regular will be just average.
    Keep up the good work and thank you for protecting my family.

  4. Great post, Captain!
    I’m sure most of those kids will remember all of you Heroes, who have done everything to help them.
    Iraq will be very different in 15-20 years.
    Thank you, and God bless.

  5. We never forget all the great things our adopted Marines, Soldiers and Sailors are doing during their deployments. Constant prayers for their success and safe return home.

  6. It’s good to know that the Marines know we really do support them, regardless of asshat comments made by Hollywood blowholes, Mother Sheehan and the like.
    We know the truth- we know how many fantastic things are going on in Iraq and Afghanistan. It’s just a damn shame that the media would rather report about insurgent activity.

  7. You NEVER have to worry about American’s forgetting our military. That much I can guarantee you.
    I’ll never let that happen. My dad went thru that crap after Vietnam, and I’ll not see that treatment given to our troops ever again!
    Stay low,
    Love to you and all your buddies,
    Talismen (Lisa – from Iowa)

  8. Great post, Capt! It makes me proud all over again of our warriors and their commitment to their jobs. Our support for all you guys/gals will not fade.
    Semper Gratus!

  9. Chet Borowski wont’t forget.He is maintaining a website and a Coalition Memorial which includes besides ours, the coalition fallen as well as those who committed suicide upon their return.An article about him was in the Milwaukee Journal on Sunday. Columnist Jim Stingl called him to our attention. Unfortunately I can’t get on right now but here’s his

  10. Surprising how little things help. The idea of (that steak), the nod patients give toward the tiny worn flag on our (civilian) jackets, the active duty personnel who slow down to allow veterans to salute. The many-many who facilitate transitions of our Reserve and National Guard co-workers. The number of strangers who tell me (smile) about In our urban location I’ve many times seen the oh-so-urbane teens, acknowledge and show deference to their uniformed counterparts. Aye, a little respect, it helps.

  11. Capt B: Here’s one civilian, and a FNG to your excellent site, who remembers and is teaching his three sons to remember.
    Stay low and do what you need to do to protect your men and yourself! Remember that those of us here are proud of you and grateful for the work you’re doing.
    I’ll close with a Semper Fi on behalf of my brother-in-law, a former Marine.

  12. Dropped my son off at the airport this morning. He’s heading heading to Infantry training school in North Carolina. When the civillian security director saw us in line, he pulled us out and brought us to the front of the line where 50 people waited. He shook my son’s hand and said…loud enough for the whole line of people to hear, “thank you for what you do”. Then he let him cut the 50 in line and escorted him and his carry on bags to his gate. People are not forgetting you guys….JB

  13. I’ll always support you! Don’t ever think Americans have forgotten YOU. We love our men and women in uniform. Please know that you are thought about daily. We want you all home soon. I pray that you and all your comrads make it home soon for your real steak dinners.

  14. Hello Friend,
    I was there in 91 and all the gracious thoughts and encouraging word provided great support. But, what really got me through was this, I said this pray anytime my mind Wondered…..
    Our Father which art in Heaven …….

  15. I posted this over at Blackfive and hope you don’t mind the duplication but I want to be sure this message gets out–to Capt B and everyone else here who’s made this sacrifice:
    Don’t wonder, but more importantly, DON’T GIVE UP!
    Yes, far too many civilians in the US are utterly oblivious to the ONGOING daily trials and sacrifices being made by anyone–ANYONE–who has chosen to give up their freedom for better good of us all (uhh, that’d be YOU, Captain B, and every other single person who has taken the oath to protect MY freedom and right to live in a Free World).
    It outrages me–a civilian–when someone like you sits there wondering because the MSM is so fixated on ratings, broadcasting “news” of rapists, pedophiles and hate crimes instead of the ongoing battle YOU have been fighting against the RIF’s War On Peace. Yeah, they have their priorities totally skewed, don’t wonder. You got it right the first time you thought it.
    YOU are literally giving up your life to provide this gift of freedom to me. Thank you. A group of Baen Book “Barflies” and I have gathered to try to send home-baked goods and GREAT Baen Books to those in uniform, just to say “thank you” and no, you are NOT forgotten. Come to our Yahoo! group (see my blog for a link–don’t want to turn this blog into a spam center here) and enter yourself in the Barfly Baking Brigade’s database.
    While we are not baking any actual Barflies, we ARE currently burning CDs with all kinds of fabulous military SF and military suspense fiction to send off to some of our uniformed Barflies. We’ll make an extra for you (and include some fudge or cookies or maybe even Badass Coffee and cigars to keep you company while you’re reading). Yeah, some of us out here have NOT forgotten you…but it is hard to remember that when you see the news.
    Just turn it off. Click away from the site and keep your hands where we can see them. There. That wasn’t so hard, now was it?
    Oh, and did I remember to say THANK YOU for sacrificing days, weeks, months and YEARS of your life for me and the rest of the American civilian population just by agreeing to put on a uniform and take that oath you took? It was worth something to me and all the other civvies back here right from Day One. You are NOT forgotten and you *ARE* appreciated.
    Sarah R. Yoffa

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