Many warriors blogging in theater and in the states want to tell you like it is in their stories. However, they are bound to restrict their entries due to the “enemy” looking in as well. I had a couple of unique emails and comments in Iraq sent to my acnt from Iraqi’s…..or so they said they were. They were actually near the area I was stationed and attempting to obtain intel on our unit. Keep in mind the “blogger” in country may not be able to say everything and that’s for a very good reason. As well as a viewer, you have the obligation to restrict personnel information, names home town’s deployment dates etc that you may know about a particular service member. If you like, I have numerous scanners, filter programs for emails and comments ever since my last computer issue. Think, write, review and keep in mind operational security (OPSEC). Keep the specifics off the web. The life you save could be your own.

Keep Attacking

Capt B


  1. I was wondering when you were going to address this, Capt.
    Some of the mil.blogs I have seen quite frankly scared the hell out of me due to, in my humlbe opinion, way too much scoop. But if I had my way, there wouldn’t be any media in the zone anyway that wasn’t a military correspondent. Oh, well.
    Semper Fi.

  2. Don-
    Great point-many blab EVERYTHING they see. When in Afghani, numerous family members received threats on their families following a big mouthed reporter’s story. You don’t trust anyone.

  3. So you’re saying I shouldn’t tell everyone out there that the entire Marine Corps is redeploying to Oki in about a month? Oops, forgot that was only Murtha’s dream.
    Hookin’ and jabbin’!

  4. Sometimes I think these guys don’t realize how a little bit of seemingly unrevealing info here, and a little bit there, can add up to “I know who you’re with and where you are.”
    Some go as far as to post pics with titles like “Here is our entry (showing sign), here is our mess hall, here is the path to it, this is the way to…”. (this from Marines in Fallujah!) I want to give them a verbal smack up side the head!
    Maybe if everyone learned to think like a haji who is looking for info, it might help them to be more cautious about what they post.

  5. Yes, many would crap themselves if they saw everything on the AssHats computers we confiscate during raids. Who said it wasn’t personal??? When they have home addresses, its personal.

  6. The “captain,” who also might be a “corporal,” and who also might just be Gomer, or who might be a civilian wannabe or political operative, wants the so-called “milblogs” to stick to far right-wing politics, thank you so much. But his “OPSEC” message lends a certain, well, verisimilitude to the whole thing, huh? What a fraud.

  7. “But his “OPSEC” message lends a certain, well, verisimilitude to the whole thing, huh? What a fraud.”
    Sorry all, but I’m going to feed the troll.
    We’ve got “Fox News” right wing operatives kidnapped in Gaza somewhere. Jill Carrol, who I would consider to be “Fair and Balanced” was kidnapped.
    There is a pattern hear, someone, somewhere, is prepared to do harm to messengers carrying other than the Jihadi company line.
    WW thinks it is part of some vast right wing conspiracy. It’s not. Karl Rove did not order Fox News reporters kidnapped. He did not order Steven Vincent killed.
    They were carrying messages that the Friends of Willy Snout don’t want to hear. The Friends of Willy Snout are prepared to kill anyone who disagrees with them.

  8. Funny about conspiracies. The only crazy conspiracy theorists I see are only the right wing. We had the Liar-in-Chief saying that there was a conspiracy between Saddam Hussein, Iran and North Korea. Remember the “Axis of Evil?”
    Oh and al-Qaeda was in on it. You know, 9/11 being the reason to invade Iraq? And there were WMD, too! Oops, now even your Fuhrer admits that was all wrong. But, hey, we have to stay there anyway. For, um, what again?
    As for this conspiracy, there isn’t any. “Capt B” and “Cpl M” are the same guy. They run two websites that use the insignia, uniforms and heroes of the USMC to flog far right-wing politics. Or at least they show every sign of being the same guy. Neither one of them has ever explained how the so-called “captain” knew a bit of information (which he then misrepresented) that had been shared only between myself and the “Cpl M” in a private e-mail.
    Come on, “captain,” you phony. Out with it. You’ve already stated that you’re happy that I’m posting so you’ll make more money. Is that the only issue here or is there something else going on with you?

  9. “Keep the specifics off the web. The life you save could be your own.”
    Good post and good point, Capt B. Especially considering there are stalkers and obsessive people out there besides “the enemy”… scary!

  10. For my wayward puppy (Wiiily Wilson). Nut job you are talking about the post you put on my old blog. Your so delusional you don’t even take time to read what your typing or your so confused of who’s web site you visit and what msg you leave.
    I’ll break it down GERBER style for you and we will do this by the numbers.
    1) Go here and see all of your nut job comments on my old blog that became this one.
    2) Click on November (that’s a month) (that’s when I was in Iraq, beginning the blog) on the right hand legend. Go to post dated 20051104 and bingo, nut job extraordinaire “WW” surfaces. But here you put your name down as Wilson Kolb (and you call me a fraud) but your emails are the same…(Willy snout)……go figure!. Fraud!
    3) Now go to http://www.soldiersperspective.us/ and see Cpl M blog. Tada, nut job revelation again! Its two different people you psycho. Now everyone’s suspected thoughts of you being a over medicated, child porn lover, psycho, schizoid are confirmed. Snap out of one of your many personalities and go see how long you can hold your breath under water.
    I could give a monkeys ass if you comment here. But apparently you need to be governed like a child and micro managed. I haven’t banned you yet because you havent crossed the line. You’re getting close. Debating is one thing, being an asshole is another. You probably cant figure out the above instructions because you haven’t figured out how to update your own blog.
    All I can say is that your past internet usage has been sloppy and you have left enough info about yourself on Multiple Sclerosis forums, chat rooms and the like to bring yourself a lot of embarrassment and trouble including legal allegations & complaints. Be careful my little mutt, you are treading on ground you don’t want to go on. Last warning for you.
    PS-we are very close to being the same person, its somthing you will never understand OR GET TO EXPERIENCE. Its called being A MARINE!

  11. Amen,G-about time that sumbitch is put in his place. Sick to death of his shyte. Freedom of speech is one thing,but he needs to remember that freedom of speech also means we have the freedom to tell him he’s full of it and we’re not listening.(truthfully, I usually skip over his posts when I see it’s him…waste of my time) Hugs,bud! You have a good one!

  12. Capt. B, the US military units maintain plenty of websites giving information which is cleared. My son has been deployed to the Middle East twice and both times I got information about where he’d been and what he’d been doing from those websites, often complete with pictures. Once in awhile the CO’s letter would mention something he didn’t know yet and I would update him.
    Perhaps before milbloggers post they should check out their unit’s sites and see just what’s been cleared. Anxious families can refer friends and loved ones to the sites as well. It’s a good way to keep up without compromising OPSEC.
    And I should note my grateful thanks to those who keep those websites current!! (Some are more current and more useful than others, but it’s progress.)

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