• 1,275 MW-29 percent of the pre-conflict level power increased.
  • 140 major water treatment facilities created
  • 104,680 subscribers to the Iraqi landline phone network were reconnected
  • 50 ships offload cargo at the port every month
  • The first passenger vessel test was completed July 16
  • More than 5,000 military and NGO flights processing 4,500 passengers have arrived at and departed from Baghdad International Airportsince July
  • USAID has rehabilitated 2,351 schools country-wide for the first term

The facts could go on and on about the accomplishments of your service members. The achievements accomplished under determination, hard work and perseverance. This is not the work of ignorant, unmotivated, American citizens. This is the work of a proud volunteer force. Few have what it takes. Never given, always earned! How do they do it? Click HERE to learn more!!!

Be proud of our brave, I am!

Smokes to ya!!

Capt B


  1. “Capt B” is a fraud. He/she/it has been posing as a USMC officer here, but has also been posting as a USMC enlisted man in private e-mails. On this blog (in public), the “captain” has been claiming all kinds of things. In private, as “Cpl M,” the poster has confessed to not having served in Iraq, and to having an administrative MOS.
    When confronted with the evidence, the “Captain” bobbed and weaved and dodged, as phonies and con-men always do. But the reality is the same: This site is not the product of any marine, but of a wannabe fraud who has a political ax to grind.
    He runs from the truth like a cockroach runs from the light. That’s bad enough, but to invoke the heroism of real marines who saved this country in 1943-1945? Call me sentimental, but I think that’s lower than low.
    I report: You decide.

  2. I have the utmost respect for our military. They sacrifice their lives for us and for freedom. I see young men & women with confidence. For all our military & their families and for our fallen heroes you are in my prayers.
    Capt B.-please ban WW from your site, he has been banned from other sites. We have had enough of his crapola. I want to read about our guys in Iraq not personal attacks on people. Capt you have a wonderful writing style & WW is taking away from that.

  3. The troops are a continued source of support for me as I think of them with pride as I go about my day-everyday. My continued personal thanks to you for everything you did in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the U.S.

  4. I hear everyday in emails and letters from the troops I support through AnySoldier. The things they are doing are amazing..…and their attitude!… their positive attitude makes me proud to be an American. Proud to come from a wonderful country that produces men and women of such quality. They are strong, dedicated and courageous …definitely my Heroes! Thank you Capt and all who serve.
    Semper Gratus!

  5. Capt.B
    I think the guy has it all wrong!!! I’m completely certain that you are one of the few and the proud…110% Marine!!! Though given some of your latest blogs…I’m beginning to think that you might actually be a rather ingenious Marine recruiter masquerading as an infantry officer…ha, ha, ha!!!
    But seriously, you know I’m proud of all our military and the sacrifices they make day in and day out so that we can enjoy our personal freedoms. Including the right to freedom of speech which allows angry ill-uniformed jerks the opportunity to spout ignorant bullshit…no matter how misinformed they may be!!!
    I, for one, am extremely grateful for all you have done and continue to do! Thanks for keeping it real!!!

  6. Sorry, but Capt/Cpl Gomer seems to be quite the wannabe.
    As for the rest of the cowards and bullsh!tters on this and so many other “milblogs,” here is how people with REAL courage react to incompetence and defeat in battle: They face their failures head on and they demand accountability.

  7. Capt B,
    Listen darlin’, I’ve just let a friend who is a psychiatrist look at WW’s comments and we discussed that this guy is getting worse. Watch your six and personally I am concerned about Lady B and your Baby B’s if this guy really is a psycho. I know you’re tough, big Marine, but maybe he is trying to locate you, and you don’t wear a kevlar in the States.

  8. All I have to say about WW is that he has his nerve calling anyone a coward or a bullshitter…as he continues to spout his boorish, ingnorant and unqualified opinion!!!
    We all know that you have signed your name on the dotted line and make the sacrificies to support our country and freedoms on a daily basis…as have a great many of my friends, family, and loved ones have done/continue to do.
    In all his rantings…I have yet to hear him mention that he or any of his have ever signed on the dotted line or volunteed to fight for our freedoms. Perhaps until that happens…and he can speak from experience…he should learn to keep his big trap shut!!!
    Either that or only speak about things he has actually has personally experienced!!!
    What a novel thought!!!

  9. I usually don’t respond to posters like WW and won’t this time. For the rest of us, I’d advise just ignoring him and leave him to sit at his
    keyboard in his lonely stupidity.

  10. W.W. why do you come to this site and pretend to be mean? You are a good guy incognito. I have been to your site that helps disabled people with their financial problems. That is very special.There is something I’m not getting here. I don’t want to embarrass you (the results are what really count) but please send your doctor a link to this site and explain that you are W.W. and let him/her take it from there. Confinement for a short period, meds, therapy- what every he/she recommends. There is no shame in getting or needing help.Maybe after that you’ll come back to this site and be somewhat more respectful in your disagreements with many of us, instead of trying to bring out the worse in people and we can look forward to a more appropriate interchange of ideas.
    I repeated this from the previous post to be sure you’d see it. I believe you can improve with help.

  11. I’m not sick you all are. The Capt Cpl whatever is my friend but I just don’t like wearing dresses like he does. Im not afraid to tell you all Im from Seattle but like Boston. Yes, my last name is Wilson and my birthday is on Nov 30th. I have all kinds of secrets…….

  12. One other thing Capt B,
    Since I proved beyond any doubt that you are who you say you are to my friend the psychiatrist, he used the word “delusional” in association with WW. That’s very scary.

  13. Sam
    he isnt scary, he is gay (seriously). He is found on many gay/homo websites.
    “My loved one died, like Mrs. Schiavo, 13 days after the food and hydration was withdrawn. Making the decision to remove it was the hardest decision of my life. I cried like a baby when I made that call, but I knew it was what he wanted. Even if he hadn’t had a specific directive, I’d have made the same call because I knew what his wishes were.”

  14. Capt B is Cpl M, and they’re both Gomer Pyle. For all I know, all of the other alter egos here are his, too. Or, if not, then you are people who are stupid or venal or just blind. Whoever runs this website isn’t what he (or she or it) says. It’s a fraud, just like the Fuhrer who started the war it glorifies.
    All of which is weird enough, but to use the U.S. Marine Corps and its insignia, uniforms and heroes as the vehicle for this thing, well, that’s pretty low. No, that’s REALLY low. Think about it, chumps. Is that what you want to be signing on to?

  15. If you think about it, many of the positions available in the military are similar to civilian positions. There are doctors, nurses, lawyers, pilots, engineers of every kind, maintenance guys for anything and everything, construction, police, fireman, clergy, accountants, IT guys, cooks, and the list goes on. And don’t get me started on the level of skill and courage that it takes to be in the infantry. In many cases, I’m sure the military jobs are much harder than their civilian counterparts.
    “Is that all you’re going to do with your life?”
    When my cousin joined the Navy right out of high school, he was ‘just’ a communications guy. He was recently promoted from Command, Control, Communication & Computer Systems Directorate for his Command’s world wide operations for shipboard and shoreside systems. He lives on the Med Sea and travels the world for his job.
    I am extremely proud him (I was from the beginning), my other family members who served, and all of those past and present who dedicate their lives to us and our country. God bless them all.
    “Is that all you’re going to do with your life?”
    Got any better ideas?

  16. Capt B, you know that we’re all extremely proud of you and your fellow Marines, and will forever be grateful to and for you.
    Gang, I forgot to tell y’all that my young friend who left for Parris Island in January finished there with flying colors, went to Oceana & is now on his way to San Diego. He’s in hog heaven! Thanks to all who thought of him with encouragement! I’m really proud of him.

  17. I didn’t know who Michael Crook was until your comment, Capt/Cpl/Gomer or whatever. Looked at the website and it doesn’t seem to be active.

  18. You don’t play innocent very well, Michael. Which of your many websites did you attempt to open? The one in which you claimed you were dead? Your favored “forsake the soldiers” site? Maybe your “kill the cops” site? Or perhaps it was the one in which you admitted, after ruining the lives of your wives and daughter, you are gay? You were rejected by the Army – God bless the Army! You’ve had more websites taken down than I’ve probably had meals in my lifetime.
    Carry on.

  19. For those of you unfamiliar with Michael/WW, he is the one who sent a card to Joshua Sparling in Walter Reed saying, in a child’s handwriting, “Have a great time in the war and have a great time dieing [sic] in the war. DIE!”
    Michael posts under a large number of pseudonyms, but some of his psychotic characteristics are unique to him, rendering his identity unmistakable.

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