What do service members do?

Have you ever thought that or asked that? Some may have one idea in their mind about what service members do and others have something totally different. I began college and studied aerospace science and meteorology to assist my education in becoming a commercial airline pilot. After obtaining my private pilots license and perusing my instrument rating, I became interested in the Marine Corps. Working for United Express I applied for an USMC officer slot. To my surprise the response was we don’t need any 21 year old males to join our program, we have a list a mile long of them.

One of the only ways to be more competitive to enter the Marine Corps during Desert Shield/Storm was to enlist in the Marine Corps. That’s what I did in 1993. I became “Private B” and worked my up to Corporal before applying for again for the officer program and being commissioned in 1996.

To my surprise there are a lot of people out there who think our services are made up of people who couldn’t find a job else where and then turned to the military. Wow, did that surprise me. Especially, when my radio operator (a Corporal) back in 1997 was a college graduate and decided to become a Marine to serve his country. Since Sept 11, many highly qualified Americans have joined to serve and today is the foundation of our great military service. Another example is a very successful NY stock trader who I served with. He had plenty of money and a great career, but after Sept 11, he felt compelled to make a difference and now he fought along with me in Afghani and



I guess I was taken back when recently a friend completed his basic military training and his girlfriend’s folks had the impression of “Is that all you’re going to do with your life?” Now our Americans of all ages are teaching Iraqi’s democracy. They are writing history instead of reading it. Yes, many are young but don’t mistake their youth for ignorance or that they were desperate in choosing a career. They are taking a civilization and showing them freedom. I couldn’t think of a greater role in history than that.

Semper Fi

For all those out there that answered the question:

“Is that all you’re going to do with your life?”

Capt B


  1. WW is just upset about that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy. He’s been wanting to join the military for years, but that gay thing is keeping him back.
    Additionally, WW felt betrayed when he found out that Brokeback Mountain wasn’t a documentary and actually contained actors.
    Should I start signing my comments, MSG CJ?

  2. Brokeback Mtn was a pretty good flick but there’s no doubt it was fiction. Unlike, say, the author of this blog who is a captain one day and a corporal the next. As for the DADT policy is this: Roughly 11,000 people have been discharged because of it, including 800 from essential jobs, along them being arabic language translators fired prior to 9/11.
    For reasons I can’t even guess at, homosexuals have a tendency to be good at language and coding skills. I think it’s one of many reasons why homosexuality has a genetic component. The U.S. military has chosen to keep homosexuals out of the military unless they show cowardice by hiding any evidence of it. That’s to the country’s detriment.
    But none of that has a single thing to do with my attitude toward your Liar-in-Chief and the pathetic wannabe who poses as a USMC captain on this board.

  3. Homosexuals, I prefer to call them Shiny Happy People, tend to be cunning linguists, eh? (slight snicker). Code breakers? Yet you can’t figure out that men were meant to be with women. Guess you missed that simple equation. When was the last time you were able to get another guy pregnant?
    For the record, the US Military hasn’t decided anything with respect to homosexuals signing up and serving. That was decided by politicians and signed into LAW!! The military is only enforcing the LAW. If you don’t like the LAW, you’re barking up the wrong tree here. If you don’t like DADT, go talk to your poster boy, Clinton. He’s the one that invented it.
    I know that hurts not being able to pin this one on Bush.
    SK, it’s really me.

  4. Hey idiot, if not for the cunning linguist Alan Turing, you’d be speaking German right now. And if the idiots at the Defense language school at Monterey, CA hadn’t done a witchhunt against ‘mos prior to 9/11, there’d have been enough people to decrypt the traffic captured by the NSA.
    Not that you care about your country.

  5. In any case, all of that is a side issue to what’s really going on here: This website is operated by a phony who claims to be a USMC captain in public, but who in private claims to be a USMC corporal. In public “Capt B” claims Iraq service; in private, his alter ago “Cpl M” admits never setting foot in Iraq and having an administrative MOS.
    Beyond that, this “Capt/Cpl” tells all kinds of other lies. The whole idea here is to take the USMC’s insignia, uniforms and heroism and put them in service of lies and politics. The other commenters here, if they even exist, are too stupid or venal to care. It’s the exact opposite of patriotism, and it’s against everything this country had ever stood for.
    When did you people start hating your own country, and why?

  6. Oh, and Capt/Cpl? Your most recent spam to my Yahoo mailbox took 4 clicks to remove. Four. Count ’em, four. Bring it on, idiot.

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