1. WE ARE AT WAR???

    Have you forgotten?? Have you lost that burn in your gut when those Americans died Sept 11th? Have you turned your head when American warriors die for defending America? See a in your mug reminder HERE…

  2. I think people forget that those who died were not just numbers or statistics. They were human beings with lives and families and hopes and dreams. If you watched the five minute video,you watched and listened to the last five minutes of someone’s life-you could hear the panic in his voice. He wasn’t a number. He was someone’s daddy,someone’s husband, who was taken away from them by people who want to kill ALL of us. I know I can’t forget that day-none of us should. We should all still be mad as hell and stay that way til the job is done-America pulls together most when we realize there’s a common enemy that needs to be defeated. We cannot afford to forget that.

  3. No Sir Capt B, I have not forgotten that day, nor will I ever be able to. Unfortunately it wasn’t just the folks who died in those towers that day, but all of the soldiers that have died since fighting this war against those who hate us with such passion. It always seems so easy to forget and put it on the back burner, go on with daily life. I still feel violated and am so very grateful for all of the servicemen and women who are out there putting their lives on the lines daily to help prevent this from happening on our soil again. They should show those clips everyday to keep it fresh in people’s minds so they don’t forget. Keep them angry as hell for what was done to our country, and, for what is still being done to our young men and women who are so brave to fight and put their lives in jeopardy for all of us.

  4. I won’t forget 9/11, this has affected all of us so deeply. This is one of the reasons my son joined the Marines, thank you Marines for keeping us safe!

  5. I’m glad I have a separate office at work so I can have a little cry in private…little else to say…I haven’t forgotten, but we all need a graphic refresher now and then! Everyday…
    I’m glad they released the tapes of the 911 calls, although I know that is painful to the families of the lost…after 5 years I’m afraid for some 9/11 is becoming a ‘made for tv’ movie! They are removed from the pain of the moment and find it easier to ignore and excuse the attack on our country…and we just can’t do that!

  6. Get this- 1 out of five people asked couldnt tell you what year 9-11 happened. 20% didnt even know the date it happened……….WOW!

  7. Where I work every Sept 11th we hang a special American Flag that has all the victims names on it. I could never forget that day.

  8. How could anyone possibly NOT know the date it happened? That’s like asking “What color was George Washington’s white horse!”

  9. Wow, Capt B! Your comment startles even me and I’m not a big fan of what passes for education this day and age. I think there are some in this country who are unaware and uncaring of anything unless it happens to them.
    This vid broke my heart not just for the panic-striken people in the towers, but also for the poor dispatchers who must hear these voices for the rest of their lives.

  10. Hey Capt B/Cpl M/Gomer Pyle, did you notice that your Liar-in-Chief admitted the other day that Saddam had nothing to do with 9/11? Of course, he just couldn’t avoid tacking another lie onto that admission, which was to say that no one in his administration had ever made such a claim.
    And your Fuhrer also admitted there were no WMD in Iraq. So no WMD and no 9/11 ties to Saddam. Why did the Scumbag-in-Chief send people there? And why are you, “Captain,” blessing the idea of sending even more over there, and using the insignia, uniforms and heroism of the USMC to do it?

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